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The drugs are wearing off these days, the fog of war is being lifted and I can see clearly. The rain clouds of my mind roll back and my sight is being reinstated, all fine and dandy I’m sure you will all agree. 333 more words


Evening Yoga Routine - with links!

Stress is overtaking my life. If deadlines weren’t enough we are now coming into exam season. I have a beautiful color coded exam timetable now on my bedroom wall but if anything it reminds me of how much I have left to do! 796 more words


Drown It Out

Just drown it out,

All the noise,

There is no reason for it.

Just close your eyes,

And say goodbye,

To all your fears right now. 16 more words


Sometimes, is it best to sit still and do nothing?

With Easter fast approaching (the traffic noticeably quiet this morning as I realised a lot of schools had already broken-up for Easter), I have been thinking about the importance of having a rest and a break. 653 more words


behind schedule

‎For once it’s not me. It’s not me who got the time wrong, left the house too late, stopped for tea when I shouldn’t have. We were on time, dare I say even a few minutes early, only to arrive and fond out they’re behind schedule. 425 more words

Polka Dot Ponderings

Hotel Bel-Air Spa by La Prairie

The Hotel Bel-Air is located in the beautiful Bel-Air in LA. The hotel has 105 stunning rooms. Already upon arrival at the hotel entrance, you start to wind down instantly. 376 more words

Pottery Barns - Sit Back and Relax in Style (Dream House Movie Room)

Looking for the joy of being at the movies at your own private space?

Pottery Barns now offers a unique home theater seating where you can sit beside your beloved family and watch a movie on your very own home theater system. 67 more words

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