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Can we be too real? Find out!!!

You ever feel some way about someone? Like let’s just say that there’s someone you really like.. however you’re nervous to say something to them aside from a typical frozen hi that you can barely muster, so while you sit there wishing you would say something to them… then maybe you do or don’t and end up feeling sad for one reason or another… either you said nothing and the person met someone who final did, or you did,d they weren’t interested. 43 more words

Life And Motivation


People ask me all the time

I tell them I’m fine

(They don’t want to really know any deeper

They don’t want to know the inner demons) 163 more words


untangle thoughts

let loose threads


return wholeness of mind 49 more words


Daily Ramblings - Spiritual Saturday - Lessons When Things Go Wrong

“When something appears to go wrong, look for the lesson in it for you instead of finding fault with anyone else or even yourself.”—Harold Klemp… 546 more words

Spiritual Saturday

Benefits Of Reading

Currently, my husband and I are looking for a house to buy in the local community, but it’s looking like right now is not a good time for us to buy. 923 more words


I Try Yin Yoga For A Week

Yoga has always been something that I’ve been interested in. I just never really cared enough to start. But I have been in this “positive mind, positive life” kind of mood and I’ve been wanting to try so many new things. 307 more words


5 great ways to spend quality at home

I once read that home is the base where everything begins. It’s a place of relaxation and utter peace where we are able to simply unwind and rest after an entire week of work. 1,256 more words

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