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Imma Call It "Relax Wax"

A couple years ago I found a recipe for a headache balm. I thought that was very interesting. You can rub this balm on your forehead to treat a headache. 116 more words

The Smartest Tree I've Ever Met

Humans have a lot to learn.

Our eyes can only see so many colors. Our ears can only hear a few select frequencies. In the grand scheme of things, we know next to nothing about life in the universe.  539 more words

Gigantic beanbag!

If you didn’t already know, comfort and relaxation are big on my agenda hence why I’m always posting stuff like the lamzac hangout chair or… 80 more words

Why keeping yourself calm actually matters ?

Getting a busy living is the way feel good but how much could you go without even relaxing ? This question has been on my mind currently . 518 more words


The best kind of Therapy - Wind Therapy!

I have been out on the main highway riding for a month now.  I cannot believe it has been that long. A month –really?  It is the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time.  655 more words

Layaw Negros: Chillax with Nature at Bantug Lake Ranch

Are you a nature lover? Do you feel relax when you are surrounded by greens? Do you like to unwind under the shade of a tree, with closed eyes and the only thing you hear is the singing birds and the sound of nature? 287 more words

Bacolod City

What Do You Do?

When you don’t feel like doing your work, what’s your go-to distraction?  My new Marketing Specialist, Jen, came in last week with this game and today was my first time opening it.   11 more words