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Michael Amsberry says music is for relaxing.

They say music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Sometimes music defines our mood. There are times that we need space from work, loads of problems and we just want to get away from it. 39 more words



Cuội tuần vui vẻ :3. Nice weekend. Treat yourself

Just Breathe

So this week was hectic. I have told myself over the past few months that I needed to find a way to just relax. So what did I do? 436 more words



As I pause for a moment to take things in
Realize where I am at
The buzzing of the cars and the constant chatter on the street… 127 more words


An Italian girl goes to a Korean nail salon in America

Nails are always nails everywhere, but what I have discovered here in New Paltz is that a manicure can differ from country to country!
The desperate boys that are going to skip this post because it is related to something “typically” female do not have to worry! 346 more words

New Paltz

t g i f f

I will let you ponder the first f’s meaning. The second still stands for Friday- at last! Long weekend! Things are going to be alright! *exhale* Long week, friends. 13 more words


Saw you somewhere

James ‘hey I feel I have seen you somewhere’

Sarah turns her face and looks at him with strange expression

James ‘how are you doing Louisa’ 243 more words