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Not a Wasted Weekend After All

Tonight, I am drinking inferior wine from the bottle because it’s in the fridge and I feel like it. I’ve chucked frozen chips in the oven for dinner because it’s the easiest option, and I’m lazy and don’t have a car to drive the supermarket. 226 more words


Life Loves You

Stop struggling.
It doesn’t mean you grow complacent
or apathetic,
on the contrary!
The energy you were investing
in fighting with this moment
now can be directed where it is most needed– 81 more words


the most important love is loving YOU

You can read about nurturing yourself, think about it and plan to do it, but is it truly possible to give yourself daily compassion?  It sure is – and it starts with identifying what self- care means to you ~Amy Taylor Kabbaz~ 99 more words


Why sewing is good for my health

A light-hearted look at health via needle and thread.   

Health isn’t just about eating the right food and exercising. It’s about living in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and nurturing ourselves on all those levels, regularly. 832 more words

Healthy Living

Daydreamer: Flames by mpn

Daydreamer: Flames by mpn

Flames invite daydreams
photography by mimulux patricia no – mpn

The solution may not be here yet but...

I am feeling a little stressed. My son has the chicken pox. He got it in kindergarten where, apparently, another little boy had it two weeks ago. 87 more words

Good Feelings Diary