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Daily Devotional: Meditation as a Mean of Centering our Lives

Psalm 119:49-72.

What strikes me as I read this that as the Psalmist meditates before God, using “the law” as the focus for her or his meditation, it begins to put their whole life in perspective.   438 more words

Micah Royal

Road Trip to the Hunter Valley - Day One

I am writing this blog post from the study area of my hotel room in Potters Hotel Brewery Resort in the Hunter Valley.

So far the trip has been going wonderfully. 266 more words


Well, Bless Your Heart!

First of all a HUGE thank you to all of my new subscribers and supporters! You guys are the best!

Now, we’re all friends here, right? 832 more words


Yard Flow-ers

Today was a relaxing day. As I sat back and enjoyed my day off I was able to reflect and also appreciate the simple things in life. 24 more words


Simple Pleasures - #8 - A Whole Day Outside

Yesterday was Canada Day and I spent a magnificent 13 hours of it playing outdoors.

I spend plenty of time out in the woods and take a lot of lunchtime walks but other than the occasional camping trip it is so rare to spend an entire day outside the confines of four walls. 60 more words


Balancing Act

A magazine arrived in my mailbox today with a tagline something like “Keys to Finding Balance–it really is possible!” Another one I read last week discussed tips for “having it all”, since apparently this is a desire we still ascribe to. 216 more words


Cornell & Diehl - Old Grove

“Though often overlooked for the festive French Quarter, another of New Orleans’ gems lies between City Park Avenue and Bayou Metairie. It’s the Old Grove, home to ancient moss-covered oaks and many more of the city’s oldest trees. 1,017 more words

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