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Charity MÓD relay

Okay. Confessions of an over-eager plodder (Part 276) and if you laugh at me for this, I will batter you the next time I see you. 489 more words


I'm a Ragnarian!

Monday: 10m interval (6 x 1m repeats @ 7:13/p)

Tuesday: Crossfit, 9.5m easy 9:20/pace

Wednesday: Rest


It’s over, but I keep replaying the 30+ hour trip like a favorite movie. 1,119 more words

The Trail Mixers take on Ragnar Trail Cascades

I wasn’t sure how the race weekend would play out — after all, while my teammates and everyone else would be running and tackling elevation climbing, I’d just be captaining, race volunteering and walking. 739 more words


How I Prepared for Hood to Coast

My last blog entry was probably one of the most brutally honest pieces I have written in awhile, and I’m so grateful that I had the guts to just say what I freaking needed to say: that running has burned me out tremendously on emotional, physical, and mental levels… 1,457 more words

Race Training

The Race to Kinvara

And so begins my recollection of my adventure in Ireland. I kept meaning to post this sooner but I kept having thoughts of OOO I forgot that…so here is my summary! 2,004 more words

Running Adventures

Insecure Runners with Tiny Hands

Three weeks ago, I announced I was looking for a Hood to Coast team. It was one month until the start of the “Mother of All Relays,” roughly the same time every year when I start searching for a Hood to Coast team. 783 more words


Race Recap: 100 on 100 Relay

This is going to be a long one, my friends, so buckle up and settle in! TL;DR, it was hot, we were on track to finish, but ended up with a DNF due to lightning storms. 2,015 more words