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The Rose-Colored Glasses - Why I'm Not Really That Excited for WoW: Classic

There was another big, huge WoW announcement worth talking about that I have skipped out on so far.

WoW: Classic.

No one expected Blizzard to actually announce this. 1,116 more words


Deep-Diving the World of Azeroth and Its Battle

Back from Blizzcon and onto the grind!

So I got two more sessions in with the WoW: Battle for Azeroth demo on Saturday before the end of the con, doing the dungeon of Atal’Dakar as a tank and playing the Horde leveling area in Zandalar. 969 more words


Take Me Away To Planet Hype - 4 New Rumors/Finds That Get Me Excited for Blizzcon 2017

The hype is reaching an unsustainable peak level now!

This weekend saw numerous developments that have shaped the excitement we all seemingly have for Blizzcon and an 8.0 announcement. 727 more words


A Confession - I Have No Real Idea What The Expansion Will Be, and That Is Awesome

Before stepping into more speculative posts, since I leave for Blizzcon in 3 weeks (!) – I want to talk a bit about what it is that has me so absolutely excited for the new expansion reveal we all expect at Blizzcon. 1,893 more words


Sarah Walk shares title track from upcoming debut album

I’ve been charting Sarah Walk’s music since her first single and she is along (with Rosemary and Garlic), the musician I am most looking forward to releasing a debut album in 2017. 76 more words


What's coming in 2017/2018

As this year has gone on, the originally publishing schedule we had for the year has changed somewhat. But with so many books, it’s only to be expected! 609 more words


My Blizzcon Prediction for WoW 8.0 - Too Soon?

It’s tinfoil hat time, folks.

The Blizzcon schedule launched yesterday, and there is a clear indication that our assumption of a new expansion for World of Warcraft is totally, absolutely happening. 1,702 more words