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Avoiding Disaster Post Release

Mistakes are made. That is a fact and it is something that you may deal with and do your best to mitigate against. If you hold responsibilities for your source control respositories and/or the developers who commit to those repositories (especially anyone with the power to release to production), then you will need to keep track of what is happening to those repos. 657 more words

Branching Strategy

Source Control and Release Strategy

Over the past few years, I have seen – and implemented – a number of Git strategies, attempting to get source control working for you, in a way that makes sense to everybody yet simple enough that even the most junior or process inept developers can follow and maintain. 904 more words

Branching Strategy

Foundations of Release Management

Goals, Success & Details that every Release process should include


The purpose of the following information is to provide the reader with a better understanding of the motivations and thoughts behind my general Release Management process. 1,207 more words


Release Management

Release Management, have the ability to think like:
– Developer (know how to code in something and actually deliver working software);
– Quality Assurance (make sure that appropriate testing is being performed); 64 more words


TFS Release Manager–Website Application Pool Start & Stop

Requirement is to copy the updated files of the website to the target environment (Production, Staging etc.) automatically using copy task in release manager.

It can be easily implemented by using the copy task which is internally a Robocopy operation. 341 more words

Release Management

Best 5 Release Management Tools

These days the software industry is going under transformation and lots of new tools and skills introduced in software development process. So, today we will talk about a similar process & tool which plays a vital role in Software development. Read more click here

Waterfall to Agile Testing - A Transition

This blog is targeted at those companies that aspire to advance their software development model from waterfall to agile.

When a company decides to transition from Waterfall to Agile testing, address the following questions: 2,048 more words

Project Management