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5 Key takeaways in Application Release Automation (ARA)

You might have already come across this acronym; ARA (Application Release Automation). As part of DevOps practices, this is not only the process of automating the actual installation of an application (landscape), but also involves moving the application through the deployment pipeline (e.g. 692 more words

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Connect(); 2015 Twitter timeline

Find all of my tweets published during the keynote sessions of Microsoft Connect(); event on November 18th, 2015.

Tweets about @fokkoveegens #Connect2015

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Change you can believe in: why change isn't to be feared

How much does a single change cost you personally? Do you resist change because you’re inherently fearful of new things? Or do you embrace change and live for the excitement of the novel experience. 357 more words

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Do you lock the door when you go shopping?

Well do you? I don’t because I leave the door open for the dog to come and go and they are a more effective deterrent than a door-lock. 390 more words

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Calling scripts in RM2015 vNext style

I recently improved all of my powershell scripts for RM2015 vNext deployments by including a param() clause at the start of each script. Only to discover that when using PS/DSC actions in RM2015 (and 2013 for that matter) you… 271 more words


Forecasting: Building An Accurate Product Release Calendar

Let’s take a look at the Forecasting phase of the Product Release life-cycle. This phase is not usually mentioned in ITIL processes as a separate process or phases for release management, and it’s a significant difference between Product Release Management (PRC) and IT Release Management.   741 more words



A dacpac file is a Data Tier Application.  It is a collection of files that describe a database.  You can either create one directly from SSOX or they are created as a by product of the build process in Visual Studio. 155 more words

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