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Small Museums and Issue-Based Exhibitions

I recently came across this question on Twitter and it got me thinking: Should small museums be spaces that create exhibits based on social issues even if their collections are not relevant? 652 more words

Environmental Issues

Did My Agent Call?

You have to understand I consider myself the Forest Gumpess of my Midwestern city. I say this because of the critical intersections of my life with the leaders of the city that, even though they are unknown to the vast majority, were still part of major movements at the time. 547 more words

Aging Wellness

The Importance of Being Somewhat Irrelavant

Everyone I ever know grew up wanting to be some kind of great person. At different points in my childhood, I wanted to be an astronaut, a race-car driver, President of the United States, and a soda pop entrepreneur. 354 more words


I Can Still Hear The Waves

Two years have passed since I started this new chapter of my life. Since I packed up my world as I knew it – my relationships, my jobs, my home, my community, every aspect of this world which I considered to be part my life. 591 more words



It is impossible to read or watch the news these days without being assaulted by stories of murder, terror, disasters, tragedy and everything else that is negative or hurtful.  32 more words


You Scratch My Back and I'll Scratch Yours

An exchange today on Facebook about a dog that wouldn’t come back when called got me thinking.

Not coming when called is not usually only about ‘training’ as such. 916 more words

PAWS For Thought

Surrounded by Gorse

We grew up with the mountains behind our backs. Yellow specks of colour shone out from a blanket of green. The stone quarry in those mountains saluted down upon our town. 187 more words