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Role of Physics and CT in Everyday Life

By: Steve Bonomo

What role do physics and computational thinking (CT) play in our everyday lives? In working on the ACTMA project, this is a question that has repeatedly come to the forefront of our team’s planning and activity creation process. 191 more words


Making a difference is hard work!

Ok, financial services community – I’m admitting something…I really stunk at math in school. There…I said it out loud. If Mr. Grimes at Fort Zumwalt North High School in O’Fallon, Missouri had not graded on a curve in 10th grade, I likely would have failed geometry. 669 more words


What makes history stick

When I was in high school, I found history pretty dull. We spent a lot of time listening to lectures, watching filmstrips, taking notes, and regurgitating facts onto tests. 560 more words

Front Lines

(#360) Embrace Life’s Fragility

A reminder to appreciate.

Attending the screening premier last week reminded me of life’s fragility. In a good way.

Embracing the fragility recognizes that this part of the journey is limited.  342 more words


The triumph of the ordinary

In many ways I am the stereotypical amateur photographer.

An older white male. A collector of camera equipment.  Compensated sufficiently elsewhere that I never have to rely on my photography to generate an income. 774 more words


London Crucifixion - bringing the past to life or locking it in the past?

The iconic London location of Trafalgar Square was host to another set of iconic symbols yesterday (14th April) as the Wintershall Players performed a 90 minute ‘re-enactment’ of the crucifixion of Jesus. 1,839 more words

Reception Of The Bible