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Twitter has updated its timeline so that top tweets no longer display in chronological order, but by relevance to the user. 452 more words

Patronising: that's where you talk down to someone.

The other day, I saw a petrol tanker. It had a sentence painted on the side that said, as far as I can recall:

We take the petrol to the pump so you don’t have to go to the refinery to collect it.

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Tweeting Public History: Successes and Pitfalls

This course has brought me into the world of Twitter for the first time. Though I’ve carefully avoided Twitter for years, as soon as I started following some of my favorite museums and public history institutions, I grew impressed as I scrolled through their feeds, learning about the institutions and what they have to share. 976 more words


ReThinking AIDS is a Cult, just like Scientology

The past several years have brought many documentaries about Sceintology as well as books by previous Scientologists. They all tell the same tale about Scientology and show it to be a cult. 752 more words


Election News 2016: 'The Invisible Party'

A New Political Party have entered the race for Government.


Fears are growing in Dáil Éireann today. An exciting new Party have rolled out snippets of their Government Manifesto. 411 more words


Non Governmental Statement

Gandon House proudly introduce curved metal bars to safely place their lack of morals in.

These new Anti Conscience Devices ensure the closure of the once uncomfortable outdoor homeless hostel, which on occasion sheltered those who enjoy sleeping rough. 22 more words


February 5th, 2016

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