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Influencer marketing

Recently I read a lot about celebrities, how they build their personal brands and what makes them so appealing. All this shine and fabolous lifestyles are attractive, but they need to form an image about themelves and need to convice their audience that that’s really who they are. 315 more words

Social Media

the back burner

The world is in flux right now and that’s putting it mildly. And if I’m to be honest, it’s been on my mind. And while I’ve been working on a lot of scripts and ideas and stories, I’m having trouble working on them because my mind drifts towards what’s going on in the world now. 429 more words


How do you learn to cook?

I recently attended the ECIS (Educational Collaborative for International Schools) Educators Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the theme, Cultivating Curiosity.

The theme of cultivating curiosity reminded me of one of… 313 more words


Combatting fear with subversive tactics

This week, our multilingual liaison asked if students were reporting incidents of harassment or expressing fear. How were we dealing with that in our classrooms. 242 more words


My Write India Journey

There was always a distant thought in my mind the thought that I would someday write. A passionate reader since childhood, stories were my best friends who never lied to me, who never betrayed me, who were comfort to me on days that were bleak and days that were joyous. 1,378 more words