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The danger of being trendy

Hm… This title might be a little more ominous than I originally anticipated. Oh well! Maybe the fear will translate into hardcore dedication to non-trendiness… 1,149 more words


She looked at him and saw herself. In uninhibited glory. And walked, with graceful assurance and an air of confidence that only ever comes from carrying the knowledge that you’re loved, absolutely – accepted. 22 more words


Eloquence, Logic and Spiritual Passion


Yes, those three elements: Eloquence, Logic and Spiritual Passion, combined were said to have made St. Augustine of Hippo one of the most significant thinkers of Church history. 365 more words

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It's never too late to be right

Going faster on a wrong road doesn’t make it right. Going slower doesn’t change the destination either. If the road is wrong, the destination cannot be right. 289 more words

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There is nothing more pathetic than watching a mixed theology church trying to be relevant.

There is a certain amount of cringeworthiness when watching a modern megachurch trying to make their services a place where people want to go.   163 more words


Anticipating getting stuck

This summer, I feel like I’m doing a WHOLE LOT of professional learning. And a good part of that has been through book clubs and the like… 468 more words