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Climbing the Star-Studded Mountain to Relevance

The Sound of Music is one of those iconic musicals. Chances are, if you pulled a random person off the street who didn’t have much interest in musicals, the first musical they would think of would be this Julie Andrews classic. 326 more words

Making the relevance clear

On Friday morning we (the HPSS assessment team) supported our staff to develop their curriculum rubrics. The idea here is that there is clarity from the learning goals of the module through to the individual aspects of our learning design model which formulate the learning objectives to be assessed. 584 more words


On the historical relevance of my work

Recently, my thoughts have been plagued by incessant worrying about the relevance of my work. For quite some time, even before I decided on a specific project for my dissertation, I’ve had some vague notion that in studying the influence of medieval Islamic scientific thought on the development of science in Europe I would be able to connect this historical period to the contemporary so-called crisis between ‘Islam’ and ‘the West.’ This notion became somewhat clearer as I began to recast (in my own mind) the history of the Arabic-Latin translations of the twelfth-century as part of a much larger phenomenon of cross-cultural scholarly circulation and exchange. 517 more words


Facebook: Finally Real

Facebook has long been criticised as a “superficial platform” where the “friendships” between a large proportion of users are defined merely by the click of a button without the old-school, deep-rooted bonding of time and activity together. 280 more words

Marketing & Communications

The Filter Bubble: Invisible Algorithmic Editing of the Web [VIDEO 9:00]

What’s the difference between personalization of our Internet experience and manipulation of our access to different kinds of information? In this revealing TED Talk, Eli Pariser discusses how search engines and social networks tailor our access to web resources using relevance algorithms based on our unique, individual web histories. 73 more words

Words Shakespeare Coined That Are Still Used Today

Hey everyone. Instead of just writing all about Shakespeare and some of the words he coined in his writings, I decided to go interview some people and then post it here for all of you to listen to! 60 more words