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The Relevance and Value of Scripture

I recorded a video putting forth a logical and rational way in which to view and understand scripture.



Time is a funny thing.

Its relevance changes.

Especially as you age.

Time slows.

Time passes.

Time escapes.

No matter we say…

time never freezes. 29 more words

Feel The Relevance

(Truthinator strikes again! Although recently retired, you can still find his stuff on Facebook.)

Will the Comic Book Craze go on forever?

I just loved this image

Let’s face it guys, it’s a question we have all asked ourselves. Whether it be while daydreaming, taking a shower, eating your breakfast or any other time for that matter. 1,075 more words



If you leave this world without the footprints of your invention on the sands of history, in all honesty, it is your fault and not the fault of your background, job, academic status, race,  environment or the country you hail from. 613 more words


Liminal Orthodoxy

clouds cover the strip of skin
called a throat
to unbolt lightning from the door of thunder

can be for some, stretching
beyond the limitations of muscular-appendage, 80 more words

Big Questions in History: History’s Relevance in Contemporary Society

Family history is an important entrée into wider historical interests for many people in our society. But historian Anna Clark asks if connecting to the past through personal experience shuts out other personal experiences? 1,990 more words


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