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Christianity’s Relevance in the 21st Century

Christianity is on the decline in the United States and has diminished in Europe. Our current era is often referred to as “Post-Christian” society suggesting that Christian teachings no longer apply. 1,829 more words


Chapter 10.

Ref. updates on unreasonable women + me


Part 1

Just a small update on what the Chapter 9 client did… twisted the story and put the blame on the staff (Here I thought blaming the staff for the system was enough… I didn’t know you wanted an innocent sheep to cover your black tracks). 517 more words


Wishes-to-Outcomes Part 2: Involving Students in the Process

If you’ve taught for any length of time, you’ve likely expressed things that you wish your students could do, and if so, undoubtedly expressed them in frustration. 1,220 more words

Join The Crowd: Redefining 'Community' in Transition

Yes, I get it. Everyone wants to be a part of the crowd. Whether it’s the latest Smartphone game or new Netflix series that create conversation or attention, everyone wants to feel “with it” and relevant. 499 more words


“It’s tough doing business with people you don’t know” - Tony Soprano

Social networking in the digital age!

There was a time not long ago we business types used to go to networking events of all sorts to get to know someone new who may just be the right person to business with. 529 more words

Nick Purewal

Which Sources Should We Trust?

The Craft of Research by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb and Joseph M. Williams includes a discussion of evaluating sources for their relevance and reliability, an issue in the front of the minds of new research explorers everywhere. 168 more words


Clark Baker's New EM Lab, Viral Forensics, Is Magic; It Disappeared

In my previous post I mentioned that Mr. Baker had just opened a laboratory to supposedly analyze blood with an Electron Microscope. I even supplied a link to his website for the lab he named… 592 more words