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The Dinner Table Conversation.....

So, we have all been there.  We finally get to sit and have dinner together at the actual table with an authentic home-cooked meal.  For whatever reason, the stars have aligned and there are no sports, no extracurricular classes, no nighttime activities at school, no interruptions and we can sit down and host a living, breathing conversation with our children at the table.   698 more words

So, history keeps repeating itself......

…….and the theory behind the repetition of events and actions is this – until you learn the lesson, you will continually find yourself inside it.  This is speaking directly to one’s personal life, of course – relationships that don’t work out, jobs that don’t suit, etc.   401 more words


Henry at the Museum

I can’t stress enough the importance of  relevance in teaching and learning. As an educator I know it can be hard to make every lesson something that interests every student. 182 more words

Building Confident Learners

First Detailed Report on US #Orchestras' Education and Outreach Work

Study Finds Growth in Number of EdCE Program Participants, Diversity of Participants, School and Community Partnerships, and More. Almost Two Thirds of Participants Took Part in EdCE Programming Free of Charge, and 85% of all EdCE Sessions Took Place Outside of the Concert Hall. 914 more words


The Magic Frame: Photographers & Editors

W. Eugene Smith was a great photographer. I doubt that there will be many people who will disagree with this statement.

It seems, however, that he was a lousy editor of his own photographs in the sense that, he often chose the worst pictures to include in a photo essay. 291 more words


Making the arts a national asset

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

While the arts are still conventionally dismissed with nonchalance, it would be parochial of us to neglect its gaining favour and relevance with . 662 more words

Money Matters