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Ranking for Organic Search - Part 2 Relevant Content

Now that you have built or revised your site to optimize the site’s structure to enable the search engines to easily and rapidly index and understand your site and its purpose, now it is time to populate it with relevant content.  2,011 more words

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LOL: Why Writing Humour is Important

There are many things I love in this world: food, sleep, books, breathing… (to name a few). But nothing at all can compare with laughing, and making people laugh. 972 more words


PornHub, The Thrilling Conclusion: So What Does This Actually Mean?

Fun fact #1: The literal meaning of the word “pornography” is “to write of harlots”. Never say I never taught you anything!

Over the past six weeks, I’ve trawled – like an arctic explorer – through the depths of internet hell, also known as PornHub. 2,196 more words


A Guide to Celebrating New Year's Eve

Yes – another post this week! I’m spoiling you all. Well, since it’s that weird liminal space between various holidays, I’m treating you all. Enjoy it while it lasts! 1,610 more words


PornHub VI: The Game is On

It’s finally time. After five reviews and a significant amount of emotional scarring, we have almost reached the end of my crusade through the underworld of pornography. 1,887 more words


Rules for the Consumption of a Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas, everyone! We take a break from our regular broadcasting to bring you this message.

As a die-hard fan of the roast dinner, I believe that there are some traditions that ought to be preserved for all of time. 227 more words


PornHub V: Ho Ho Holy Crap

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah , one and all! It’s that magical time of year when tinsel drips from every surface, you can’t move a centimetre in any direction without being assaulted by relatives, Michael Bublé has come out of his cryogenic freezer, and sex is everywhere. 926 more words