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PornHub VI: The Game is On

It’s finally time. After five reviews and a significant amount of emotional scarring, we have almost reached the end of my crusade through the underworld of pornography. 1,887 more words


Rules for the Consumption of a Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas, everyone! We take a break from our regular broadcasting to bring you this message.

As a die-hard fan of the roast dinner, I believe that there are some traditions that ought to be preserved for all of time. 227 more words


PornHub V: Ho Ho Holy Crap

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah , one and all! It’s that magical time of year when tinsel drips from every surface, you can’t move a centimetre in any direction without being assaulted by relatives, Michael Bublé has come out of his cryogenic freezer, and sex is everywhere. 926 more words


PornHub IV: The British Are Coming!

God Save the Queen, etc.!

If you’re still reading this blog (and frankly, after the things I’ve been writing, I confess myself surprised), then welcome back to another week of confused asexual ramblings! 751 more words


PornHub III: Revenge of Ashoka

Damn, Chesca! Back at it again with the inappropriate essay content! By popular request, this instalment features the realms of fantasy, in… Cosplay Porn. I sincerely hope that it is as ridiculous as it sounds. 802 more words


PornHub II: The Nurses Strike Back

After the dubious success of my first venture into PornHub, it’s time to trek into the insofar unexplored wilderness of the allosexual fantasy. By request, today’s topic is: nurse roleplay. 660 more words


PornHub: A Study in Babysitting

It’s time to admit it: I’ve never watched porn before. I’m asexual. I don’t do sex. From basically being told that it was evil when I was younger to being straight-up terrified of watching it as I got older, it’s safe to say it’s something that I just never got round to. 693 more words