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Fmr CNN correspondent Jeanne Meserve on a lesson for journalists to take from Hurricane Katrina: "You can only see what you see. There may be a very different situation over the hill or down the road. Go and seek it out."

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Jeanne Meserve, former CNN national security correspondent, joined host Brian Stelter. She described how she finally got national attention to the plight of Hurricane Katrina survivors and her historic reporting that she refers to as her “Paul Revere moment”. 2,030 more words


Sir Patrick Stewart OBE on if he would like to become an actual cable news anchor someday: “I would love to have a go. I would love to.”

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Sir Patrick Stewart OBE, Oscar-nominated and lead actor in the new Starz network sitcom, Blunt Talk, joined host… 1,252 more words


Jeanne Meserve returns to CNN on Sunday

Veteran correspondent Jeanne Meserve left CNN in late 2011, but she will be returning to the network tomorrow for an appearance on Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources to discuss Hurricane Katrina, ten years later. 83 more words


Michael Smerconish on Reliable Sources: “I see shades of Morton Downey Jr. in so much of the political environment today”

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, CNN’s Smerconish host and syndicated radio host, Michael Smerconish, joined host Brian Stelter. They discussed Morton Downey Jr.’s influence on the political environment & discourse, and even Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. 1,517 more words


Journalist Jackie Calmes: “…as much as FOX is valued by conservative voters...there is a really healthy strain of people who have now grown suspicious of FOX News”

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, The New York Times journalist and spring 2015 Joan Shorenstein Fellow, Jackie Calmes, joined host Brian Stelter… 1,181 more words


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Trump supporter Omarosa Manigault: “…it's so clear to me that Megyn Kelly has a bone to pick with Donald Trump. Everybody saw it. They're calling it 'hard-core journalism'. I call it very, very personal.”

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, former The Apprentice contestants, Omarosa Manigault and Katrina Campins, joined host Brian Stelter to discuss whether GOP presidential primary candidate Donald Trump has a “woman problem”, if… 1,628 more words