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Glenn Greenwald attacks CNN, on CNN

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who a few days ago attacked CNN International anchors John Vause and Isha Sesay for their ‘despicable’ interview with activist Yasser Louati, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday with host Brian Stelter, and he attacked CNN — on CNN. 225 more words


CNN launches a daily Reliable Sources newsletter

Slated to launch this afternoon, the Sunday media program Reliable Sources will now be daily — in the form of an e-mail newsletter, led by CNN host Brian Stelter and senior media/politics reporter, Dylan Byers, to keep you up on “the latest in media.” 38 more words


CNN host speaks to journalism students, faculty about his success (3/25/15)

Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” has found success by doing what other people haven’t.

Stelter began his post-college career at The New York Times after gaining the newspaper’s attention by running TVNewser, a blog about the television news industry. 491 more words

The BG News

Brian Stelter shows off the virtual reality live stream on CNN

Following CNN’s decision to live stream the Democratic debate in virtual reality, the network was hyping this new technology on a segment this afternoon on CNN Newsroom. 106 more words


JRM 215 #5

I think all news programs should’ve been produced via journalism as dialogue. This simple term means that reporters/news programs tell the stories that really matter to the people, and answer the general population’s questions about things they want to know and their interests. 197 more words

Aniki Tabloids: A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Taiga Aisaka.

Aniki Tabloids: All of the accuracy of a tabloid, none of the pretense.

Back again, with my “Reliable Sources” (Patent Pending[1]) who tell me that Ms. 130 more words


On CNN's Reliable Sources: Glenn Thrush on the love affair between the media & Donald Trump: "…I don't know if it's over."

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, The New York Times Magazine political columnist, Ana Marie Cox, and Politico’s chief political correspondent, Glenn Thrush, joined host… 2,110 more words