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White House Correspondent April Ryan Tells CNN News Organizations Have Police "On Speed Dial" For Death Threats

UPDATE, with video April Ryan, the White House correspondent who asked President Donald Trump if he is a racist, told CNN today that news organizations in the age of Trump have “the FBI and local police on speed dial” for death threats against reporters. 429 more words

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My name is... and I might be addicted to Social Media?

Chances are, I am probably not addicted to social media… but I do meet many characteristics of someone who could be. I use social media to socialize primarily, in order to keep up and stay “in the know”, and also to… 459 more words

Tamara Holder Blasts Rupert Murdoch Over Fox Sex Scandals: 'He Ruined My Life'

Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of Fox News, lit a fuse last week when he dismissed sexual harassment at his right-wing network as “a bit of flirting, you know?” 953 more words

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Ex-Fox News Analyst Tamara Holder Blasts Rupert Murdoch As "Liar Or Delusional", Says "Lives Destroyed"

Tamara Holder, the former Fox News contributor who received a financial settlement with the company after disclosing sexual misconduct, broke her silence today and said that Rupert Murdoch is “a liar or he’s delusional and old and needs to get out.” 727 more words

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CNN turns its LATEST major 'Trump-Russia collusion' FAIL into an attack on the prez (Video)

(National SentinelShifting Blame: CNN‘s “Reliable Sources” program, which is hosted by Brian Stelter, portrays itself as one that provides “the story behind the story, how the media really works, and how the news really gets made.” 529 more words

Is CNN Too Fair to Trump?

Carl Bernstein still carries lots of street cred in journalism, so forgive his mixed metaphors in pursuit of truth.

He spoke Sunday of the escalating attacks by amateur… 1,150 more words


Media criticism also used to be a thing

It is not anymore.

American Journalism Review was the poor cousin of Columbia Journalism Review, but it is no longer an active thing.

CNN still has its Reliable Sources, but it is to media criticism as expired junk food found in a dumpster is to nutrition. 186 more words

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