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More 'lies' from O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is a serial liar, according to one of his former colleagues at Fox News Channel.

OK, that doesn’t surprise a lot of folks. What’s a bit surprising to me is that the allegation of lying comes from Eric Burns, who was a host of “Fox News Watch” for a decade until 2008, when the network let him go. 377 more words

Iraq War

Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to Brian Stelter on CNN's Reliable Sources: "... you have ABC, CBS, and NBC not devoting one minute to the most significant trade agreement in the history of the USA"

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), joined anchor Brian Stelter to discuss his concerns with the media’s campaign coverage and how breaking news stories should look.  2,013 more words


Bob Schieffer to Brian Stelter on CNN's Reliable Sources: "...getting accurate information, Brian, is harder now than it's ever been... "

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, CBS anchor, Bob Schieffer, joined anchor Brian Stelter to discuss ending his legendary 45+ year journalistic career and how he’s made a practice of not discussing his competitors including George Stephanopolus and Brian Williams.  2,759 more words


George Stephanopoulos should know better

Many bemoan the revolving door in government/media circles.  For a while you’re a politician; then you get a job as a lobbyist, retaining your politicians’ access; then you’re a candidate again.   711 more words


Peter Schweizer to CNN's Reliable Sources' Brian Stelter: "I was absolutely dumbfounded. I never would have imagined that those donations had existed"

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Peter Schweizer, conservative author of Clinton Cash (2015), joined anchor, Brian Stelter, to discuss the revelation that George Stephanopoulos of ABC News has donated to the Clinton Global Initiative. 3,489 more words

Reliable Sources

Advice On The Basics Of Forex Market Trading

Choosing to enter the Forex market could prove to be a very wise decision for you. However, if you are not sufficiently prepared you stand not just to fail but to quite possibly lose a significant amount of money. 309 more words


Brian Stelter wants a new beat

Who wants to be a media correspondent and cover media news? Apparently, not Brian Stelter, (who, by the way, is the network’s media correspondent). There is plenty of media news going on today (hello, the Turner Broadcasting upfront), and is our Reliable Sources anchor there? 60 more words