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Yarrow Poultice

This poultice will soothe rashes and burns. Use it well.

Ingredients: a packed handful of fresh yarrow flowers or leaves or both, one drop of water, a Band-Aid, a soft cloth, and one drop of calendula essential oil. 47 more words


Easy Ginger Motion Sickness Treatment

This super-easy treatment will work well to save the day-and your stomach. Use it to soothe motion sickness and prevent throwing up on car trips, airplane rides, et cetera.  93 more words


Mint Tea for a Sick Stomach

This warm, minty tea will soothe a sickly stomach and with a couple cups, you might end up feeling much better and braver, ready to fight a vicious fever.  83 more words


Dock Plant for Stinging Nettle

Are you on a hike when you accidentally trample on some stinging nettle? Find a plant similar (or the same) to the picture below.

Ingredients: freshly plucked dock plant. 16 more words


Baking Soda Itch Reliever

Use this soothing itch paste to relieve nasty bites, itchy spots and more! 

Ingredients: 1/4 teaspoon baking soda (or meat tenderizer) and a little ice water. 30 more words


The patient journey

So you or your child feels the characteristics symptoms of asthma and you visit your doctor…but how do they find out if you have asthma? 773 more words


Danny Farquhar On The Steve Sandmeyer Show

(1090 The Fan) — Seattle Mariners reliever Danny Farquhar joined The Steve Sandmeyer Show to talk Spring Training from Peoria, Arizona.

The right-hander talked about the pitches he’s been working on as well as some of the atmosphere around the facility as pitchers and catchers reported over the weekend. 102 more words