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Two New Blog Projects

I’ve been writing this blog for just over five years now, and if I say so myself, I’ve covered a fair bit of ground: what started off as a way of exploring some of the more obscure corners of the Bible has started to encompass thoughts on disability and arts and politics and justice and current affairs and the environment and mental health and goodness knows what else. 378 more words


The TL:DR Bible: Matthew 13

Chapter 13:

Jesus is teaching to a large crowd.

“A farmer went out to plant seed. He threw some seed and some of it landed on the ground and the birds ate it. 423 more words



Love is easy. This is one of the big lies that destroys marriages, but it also destroys churches and personal friendships. When love gets hard, too many people “bail out” on marriages, churches and friendships. 2,061 more words

Bible Teaching

How I Learned My Worth Isn't Measured By Checkmarks


When I was a teenager, if someone asked me about Mormonism, about what differentiated it from other faiths, I usually listed off a few outward expressions of what made our church stand apart: 1,367 more words


God Does Not Punish

I would like to talk about illness as God’s guidance. Some people believe that God punishes people when he or she goes against him. Information about God’s punishment is rampant in the Judeo-Christian holy books. 358 more words


Presidents and Pulpits

A response to the election of Susan Frederick-Gray as the next president of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

I am excited that the Unitarian Universalist Association has elected  887 more words


"Religion Gets Up God’s Nose" June 27, 2017

“Religion Gets Up God’s Nose” < Click here to listen!

“Join Greg as he rehearses Jeremiah’s sermon (Jeremiah 7:1-11) given as people were going “to” temple (church). 110 more words