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This weekend we hit the pause button in our Advent preparation as we celebrate the third Sunday of advent which is also known as Gaudete Sunday. 520 more words


Life: morality, science, economics

Life can be simplified into something like this: (1) Purpose, (2) Effects of different courses of action, (3) Decisions.

So firstly through God’s word we continually grow in our understanding of what God wants for us and the people around us. 159 more words


"From the Pasture to the Palace"

“From the Pasture to the Palace” < Click here to listen!

“Our career and avocation, as Christians, involves being humble, even as our Chief Shepherd exemplified humility in all aspects of his birth, life, death and resurrection. 79 more words


Cardinal Dolan celebrates The Catholic Channel's 10 year anniversary with special guest Harry Connick Jr.

To celebrate 10 wonderful years of The Catholic Channel, we brought together some of the incredible people who helped shape the channel’s direction since its inception in 2006. 216 more words


The TL:DR Bible: 2 Kings 21-23

Chapter 21

Manasseh the tween king takes command of Judah and “screw you, dad, you’re not the boss of me!!!!” (Slams door.)

Yes, Manasseh rebels like every tween, but there’s no one around to slap down the little jackass and tell him to grow up, and so Manasseh rebuilds the high places and brings in Ba’al worship, and Asherah orgies (because horny teen despot),  and has a pantheon of gods, and builds altars to them in the Temple, sacrificed his son to Moloch, and got into Harry Potter and emo stuff and shopped at Hot Topic and pretended he was a wizard. 496 more words