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God, Are You There?

Connecting With God, Part 2

At any given time, I believe, each of us is either moving toward or away from our Creator. The trajectory of my life… 934 more words


Isn't it the Same?

I form a cross

I join my hands

I bow down or

I get on bended knees

I wear a veil

I wear a dress… 115 more words

Creative Writing

"Allah does not burden a soul beyond that which it can bear"

Why did I cry so much my make-up started to run?

Why did I cry so much my eyes swelled up?

Why did I cry so much my mind started spiralling? 34 more words


The Hunted, Atheist Monk -- a poem

Those fields.

How I long to touch my native soil.
I want to grab the dirt and hold it in my cracked hands.

But they have taken it from me. 120 more words

Gaming With God: Overcoming Our Demons

The latest RPG I have been playing through has been Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World.

I just reviewed this game over at… 756 more words


What the Hell Is Wrong With People?

“If You Want to Know What a Man’s Like, Look at How He Treats His Inferiors”

One of the greatest theological debates that reveals the most about God’s character is how he punishes those worthy of punishment. 1,552 more words