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The TL:DR Bible: Leviticus 25-27

Chapter 25:

The writer introduces us to the concept of a Sabbath Year, which means the Israelites are to work the land for six years, and then let the land go fallow for the following year. 938 more words


Islam in Europe, the French curse

Mohammed Hifad is a Moroccan Amazigh intellectual. He has published several books and is at the origin of the religion of symmetry événementialisme which he offers to his people in place of monotheistic religions Foreign to North Africa. 143 more words


Ragtag Christianity: A Place for Everyone

A group of explorers on an alien planet discover what appears to be a giant human thumb resting on the opposite side of a canyon. Upon further inspection with their binoculars, they confirm it; the presence of a fingernail and the overall shape convinces them. 1,209 more words


The Sin of Injustice is No Excuse for the Sin of Racism

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For many young black Americans today, the pursuit of “social justice” has become their raison d’être (a French term meaning the sole reason for which a person or organization exists.) 824 more words

My Worldview

"The Cost of Following Jesus"

“The Cost of Following Jesus” < Click here to listen!

“Christ followers are willing to “throw off everything that hinders” them and place him first and foremost in their lives.”

Matthew 8, Luke 18, Hebrews 12


Just a Thought (about Treasure)

In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount he contrasts earthly and heavenly treasures (Matthew 6:19-24). Earthly treasure can be destroyed and stolen but heavenly treasure cannot. … 257 more words


Jesus on the Roof (Mark 2:1-12)

So this afternoon I saw this Tweet:

But what if we're the homeowner whose roof gets wrecked?

— Kelsey Lewis (@KelseyMLoo) August 30, 2016

The idea behind it is a riff on…

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