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WOW #20


I just knew that, sooner or later, my love of language and my general disdain for organized religion would crash into each other, and cause me grief. 437 more words


The Boy Scouts of America: “Duty to God” and citizenship

Note: This long blog post is not meant in anyway to slam the BSA and its membership past and present. It is with respect and hope for the organization and its membership that I took time to gather facts and form my arguments here. 2,843 more words


Seen God Lately??

and Signs Of God’s Presence In Your Everyday Life….

In our furious world, we are all set to deadline some thing or somewhere. There’s little time to stop and think about much more than work and family. 647 more words

A Delightful Curse on a Lead Scroll

Only a historical novelist would use the word “delightful” to describe a curse inscribed on a rolled thin sheet of lead. Well, maybe an archaeologist or historian might know what I mean. 814 more words