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A Child's Past Life Recall: Evidence of Reincarnation

REINCARNATION is “one of the most important issues faced by philosophy, religion and science that have very significant implications to the understanding of human life,” says the website… 581 more words

Reincarnation & Karma

Christmas just "a charade" while wars continue - Pope Francis

Pope Francis calls Christmas a ‘charade’ as the ‘world continues to wage war’ http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/20/pope-francis-calls-christmas-a-charade-as-the-worl/  By Maria Stainer – The Washington Times – Friday, November 20, 2015… 92 more words


Vatican insists that United Nations must work for nuclear disarmament

Holy See:  (Vatican Radio) The Holy See on Thursday said it was “incumbent”  upon  the  United  Nations  “to  redouble  its  efforts” to implement provisions of treaties which aim to reduce  further  the  role  of  nuclear  weapons in international security. 337 more words


Buddha: I Laugh and am Glad, for there is Liberty

BUDDHA never had any intention of establishing a religion 2500 years ago, at least not our sectarian kind.

Nonetheless, followers across Asia and India soon split his teachings into separate branches and sects, ruled by numerous lamas and monks. 2,415 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Pope Francis' US visit has triggered awareness of climate change as a moral issue

Why conservatives must fight climate change By Jerry Taylor  September 27, 2015 (CNN)Pope Francis’ visit to the United States has triggered an energetic debate about the morality of climate change. 307 more words


Climate change, nuclear weapons - threats to humanity - Pope Francis at UN

Pope Francis warns UN of threats from climate change, nuclear arms, war SEPTEMBER 25, 2015, BY CNNNEW YORK — Pope Francis, in his address at the United Nations on Friday, praise the Iran nuclear deal and warned that climate change and partisan conflicts threaten humanity. 156 more words


Pope Francis praises Iran nuclear deal, and calls for abolition of all nuclear weapons

At UN, Pope Francis Praises Iran Nuclear Deal, Haaaretz, 25 Sept 15 

Pope calls for a nuclear free world and also blasts the ‘selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity.’  222 more words