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  The “forbidden life” of those caring for abandoned animals in Fukushima

Hero rescues pets from Fukushima nuclear wasteland

The 3/11 kitten that wasn’t   The “forbidden life” of those caring for abandoned animals in Fukushima, Beyond Nuclear , By Linda Pentz Gunter, 20 March 18    416 more words


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is urging nations not to damage Iran's 2015 nuclear agreement

UN Chief Warns Against Endangering Iran Nuclear Deal  https://www.rferl.org/a/un-chief-guterres-warns-against-endanger-iranian-nuclear-deal-unrelated-issues-ballistic-missile/28982016.html  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is urging nations not to damage Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers because of concerns they may have with Iran’s nonnuclear military activities in the Middle East. 269 more words


Proof of Reincarnation in Science and Religion

REINCARNATION is “one of the most important issues faced by philosophy, religion and science that have very significant implications to the understanding of human life,” the… 761 more words

Reincarnation & Karma

Animal Souls, the Heart of Good

BETWEEN humanity and Nature, in a perfect world, mutual peace and harmony ought to always reign.

Mutual respect and universal compassion would be an accepted norm between humans and all beings in nature. 903 more words

Reincarnation & Karma

The Real Jesus: Christmas Unwrapped

NEITHER the media nor the churches seem to know anything about the real Jesus, so we decided to enter the fray as self-proclaimed truth-seekers, based upon ancient mystical and mythical teachings and traditions. 1,010 more words


6 Australian religious anti-war protesters may face 7 years gaol for peaceful Pine Gap protest

An American Spy Base Hidden in Australia’s Outback, NYT By JACKIE DENT NOV. 23, 2017    The trials — and the Australian government’s uncompromising prosecution of the protesters — has put a spotlight on a facility that the United States would prefer remain in the shadows. 860 more words


Pope Francis strongly criticises climate change deniers - speaks up for science

Pope Francis rebukes ‘perverse’ climate change deniers over rejection of science behind global warming
Pontiff encourages policymakers to accelerate their efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions at Bonn summit I… 184 more words