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Fossil fuel lobby rattled by the rapid rise of the divestment movement

the long-term prospects for the fossil fuel industry look uncertain at the very least. But don’t take my word for it, thepresident of the World Bank… 724 more words


Quakers take a principled stand on ethical investment: no uranium, no coal

Quakers to pull funds from Australia’s four major banks, citing ethical concerns http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/jan/18/quakers-pull-funds-australia-four-major-banks-ethical-concerns Religious group says it can no longer support investment and lending practises lacking ‘clear ethical policies’.  130 more words


Ethics , religion and climate change

Climate Change and Intergenerational Ethics, St Louis post Dispatch  January 14, 2015  •  Kate Lovelady Humanism, despite its name, is concerned not only with humanity. People exist in and only because of a fantastically complex natural system, and therefore humanists believe that an essential part of living ethically is living in a way that is sustainable for future generations as well as for other species. 519 more words


Pope Francis says we are primarily responsible for climate change

‘Man has gone too far': Pope Francis says we are primarily responsible for climate change, SMH, January 16, 2015 Lindsay Murdoch “…..Wading into the climate change debate on board the papal plane, the Pope told journalists he hoped negotiators at the next round of climate change talks in Paris in November would take a courageous stand to protect the environment. 125 more words

Climate Change

Pope Francis to be a formidable force in the battle against climate change

he has been invited by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, to address the general assembly of the UN on the issue.

Climate-change encyclical may lay ground for UN progress  754 more words