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Religious groups lobby at UN on nuclear weapons ban

Faith groups state nuclear weapons ‘incompatible with values of faith traditions’ at UN General Assembly First CommitteeFifth joint statement highlighting moral and humanitarian aspects of nuclear weapons, 191 more words


The inherently immoral nuclear industry and its radioactive trash problem

There’s been the usual evasion and wilful dishonesty on the part of both EdF and the Government as to exactly how the costs of managing that waste over the projected 30-year lifetime of Hinkley Point will be paid for. 979 more words


The tragic illusion of nuclear deterrence - the Vatican

Vatican Radio , 26 Sept 16 The Vatican told the United Nations on Monday “nuclear arms offer a false sense of security, and that the uneasy peace promised by nuclear deterrence is a tragic illusion.” 89 more words

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Pope encourages revival of negotiations over contentious nuclear situation on Koren Peninsula

Pope concerned over North Korea’s nuclear testing, Crux, Inés San Martín

September 27, 2016 VATICAN CORRESPONDENT   The United States has flown nuclear-capable supersonic bombers over ally South Korea in a show of force meant to cow North Korea after its fifth nuclear test and also to settle rattled nerves in the South. 385 more words

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Catholic churches and other religions taking action against climate change, switching to green energy

Churches put their faith in green energy, Ft.com , Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent, 1 Sept 16  Wind and solar farms have always had faithful adherents in the environmental movement but now more than 3,500 churches have turned their back on fossil fuels to embrace renewable energy. 374 more words


Reincarnation: Compelled from Within to Believe

REINCARNATION is “one of the most important issues faced by philosophy, religion and science that have very significant implications to the understanding of human life,” the… 761 more words

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USA's African Methodist Episcopal church speaks out on climate change

World can’t afford to silence us’: black church leaders address climate

One of the largest and oldest black churches in the US warns that black people are disproportionally harmed by global warming and fossil fuel pollution, 341 more words

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