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Although polygamy was practiced in the Old Testament, it doesn’t mean that God authorized it. In fact, in the beginning, God designed man and woman to be one flesh, He only made one wife for Adam, who was Eve . 500 more words

Religion And Ethics

Secret radiation experiments carried out on people

Some of the classified government experiments included:

* Exposing more than 100 Alaskan villagers to radioactive iodine during the 1960s.

* Feeding 49 retarded and institutionalised teenagers radioactive iron and calcium in their cereal during the years 1946-1954. 2,586 more words


The message of Mahatma Ghandi is relevant today

Ecological Meltdown And Nuclear Conflict: The Relevance Of Gandhi In The Modern World By Colin Todhunter Global Research, January 03, 2016    ………. Gandhi was ahead of his time. 387 more words


Rejecting nuclear power, Catholic Church in South Africa calls for a referendum

South Africa’s Catholic Church Rejects Nuclear Procurement Plans, Calls For Referendum, IBT  BY MORGAN WINSOR @MORGANWINSOR ON 12/29/15 The Catholic Church in South Africa urged the government Tuesday to suspend its nuclear power procurement plans until a referendum on the issue is held. 340 more words

Religion And Ethics

Call for religious role in combatting global warming

Why battling climate change requires a spiritual rebirth, The Gazette By: Matthew Fox November 30, 2015 On Monday (Nov. 30) representatives from 195 nations will gather in Paris to grapple with the greatest moral issue of our time — the war against Mother Earth. 408 more words

Climate Change

Pope and Muslim leaders in call for climate action

Pope Francis says failure of climate summit would be catastrophic, Guardian 26 Nov 15 
Pope meets Muslim and other religious leaders in Nairobi to call for success at the Paris summit and for greater environmental protections in Africa.  309 more words


A Child's Past Life Recall: Evidence of Reincarnation

REINCARNATION is “one of the most important issues faced by philosophy, religion and science that have very significant implications to the understanding of human life,” says the website… 581 more words

Reincarnation & Karma