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My Need to Surrender Myself, and Some Defences Against It.

On holidays in Greece I met another priest. Being both professionally religious, I ask myself ‘I wonder what kind of priest he will be?’ Well it didn’t take me long to find out. 1,100 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux

Baker and Smith, “American Secularism”

In September, the New York University Press will release “American Secularism: Cultural Contours of Nonreligious Belief Systems,” by Joseph O. Baker (East Tennessee State University) and Buster G. 250 more words

Scholarship Roundup

A Response to Christians Who Want To Know 'What To Do', Now That Gays Have Full Civil Rights

First of all, people who self-identify as Christians in the United States, and who weren’t civil rights supporters in this recent dustup, should recognize that the days of being able to impose their religion on non-consenting adults, are ending. 485 more words


Having Fun In Church and Dying in the Faith of Christ: What I Learned from Richard Feynman

I was watching a documentary about the development of Quantum physics recently. One of the big developments in this field came from Richard Feynman. He was responsible for developing pictures called ‘Feynman Diagrams’ which showed what the results of sub-atomic particle collisions would be. 1,217 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux

Mormon's Address the Messy Facts of Their Church History, Theology

By Peggy Fletcher Stack for Religion News Service  Peggy is a writer for the Salt Lake Tribune  Updated 3/9/14

SALT LAKE CITY — Mormonism begins with a simple story of heavenly manifestations. 1,974 more words