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Three Theses Nailed On The Door Of Our Church

Every now and again, some kind of passion wells up in me, and out comes a stream of thoughts about what is important to me, and where I think some people have gone wrong. 1,014 more words

A Thought About Buying Equipment: A Chrysalis Reflects On Its State.

One of the things that has been a part of my life as a priest, is that my wish to ‘have a shed’ has been put on hold: until now! 923 more words

Eucharistic Living: From Bows and Arrows to Retirement

When we were growing up, we used to play ‘bows and arrows’. To get good arrows, we spent our pocket money to buy good, thin doweling, and to put proper flights on them. 1,068 more words

A Theological Idea About History

Often on Facebook I get a funny picture called ‘Anglican Church Memes’. I was already familiar with Richard Dawkins idea of ‘the selfish gene’. Here he claims that the unit of evolution is not at the level of the organism but at the level of the gene, and that each gene seeks to ensure its survival. 1,183 more words

Religion And Society

A Bit More on 'The Authority of The Bible' and how it 'Happens' to Us

I am reading Tim Costello’s new book ‘Faith’ during morning prayers. It is a great book in the tradition of those collections of ‘readings for each day.’ One story he tells is of a Lebanese Christian man, Milak, who is supporting refugees in his home and business. 1,025 more words

Lewis, "City of Refuge"

In December, Princeton University Press will release City of Refuge: Separatists and Utopian Town Planning by Michael J. Lewis (Williams College). The publisher’s description follows: 240 more words

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