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The Right to Life

Death penalty or capital punishment is one of those things I am agnostic about. The debate over death penalty is perhaps as ancient as the punishment itself. 1,775 more words

Religion And Society

John Gottman's Latest Reseearch on Successful Marriage: Context and Being a Christian

I have been married twice. The first time, wanting to make it succeed, I got a book that I’d heard about on the radio called ‘A Couples Guide to Communication.’¬† by John Gottman and Cliff Notarius. 1,236 more words

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Lee, "Recognizing the Non-religious: Reimagining the Secular"

This month, Oxford University Press releases¬†“Recognizing the Non-religious: Reimagining the Secular” by Lois Lee (University College London). The publisher’s description follows:

In recent years, the extent to which contemporary societies are secular has come under scrutiny. 228 more words

Scholarship Roundup

The Shroud of Turin and Why Physicality Matters

Reflection 26-7-15

Recently a member of our congregation went to visit the Shroud of Turin at its ‘ten year showing’. Everyone knows now that it is a production of mediaeval times, but still, lots of people have gone to see it. 1,071 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux

Bendroth, "The Last Puritans"

In October, the University of North Carolina Press will release “The Last Puritans: Mainline Protestants and the Power of the Past,” by Margaret Bendroth (executive director of the Congregational Library and Archives in Boston). ¬† 199 more words

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Whe the Earth Is Swallowed Up By the Sun, There Will be Christ. In the Meantime, On Offer Every Sunday Morning at Eucharist

Did you know that our sun was destined to become a ‘red giant’? That’s the prediction for about 5 billion years into the future, for a star about the size of our sun. 1,151 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux