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Reflections on Same Sex Marriage

Yesterday, at the announcement of the results of the postal survey senator Penny Wong burst into tears. I joined in. I asked myself ‘Why did you do that Paul?” Back came the answer ‘Because you too know what it is like to walk around with secret shame.’ This is not the shame that others have attached to being gay, but the shame of somehow feeling like ‘the black sheep’: wanting to be valued, but somehow inheriting the unconscious sense of not being worthy. 858 more words

"Prayer-Work", Like 'Space-Time' Forges Sacramental Being-before-the -face-of-God"

This week has seen me out in the garden a lot. I have been mowing the lawns, and looking to see where the pipes for our garden’s watering system go, so that we can keep the garden alive, without wasting too much water, and without the continual moving of sprinklers. 854 more words

Can Someone Die to Save You at a Time You Didn't Exist?

The commonest statement I have heard since infancy is: “The Jew loves you that’s why he died to save you.” I asked them: “When did he die?” They answered: “Two thousand years ago.” Ah! 47 more words

Religion And Society

Refletions on Being At A Civil Marriage

Last Saturday I went to a wedding. Normally when I go to a wedding I am either presiding over the marriage, or I am at my own. 899 more words

Nature is god

Has religion contributed anything useful to civilization, asks Bertrand Russell? His own summative conclusion was that religion is a disease born out of fear and which has caused untold misery to the human race. 570 more words


Harvey Weinstein and Christian Manhood

The ‘outing’ of Harvey Weinstein in recent days has also brought forth a discussion about what is being called a ‘crisis of masculinity.’

I am wondering what this means. 1,352 more words

A story of Great Love

There was no existence before You –

Only darkness.

Incomparable, unfathomable,

enveloping, blinding,

selfish, hollow darkness.

Looking back, I see nothing there

but distress and despair. 131 more words