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About Guns in the US and New Age Thinking: A Sensible Christian Approach

Last week in ‘The Age’ I read the best article that I have read so far on Gun culture in America. It was by Aubrey Perry. 955 more words

How TV Shows Learn From Church About Ritual

The other week I was at home watching Anh Do’s ‘Brush With Fame’, as he spoke with, and painted the portrait of Samuel Johnson. Samuel Johnson is as TV star, but he has had huge amounts of tragedy in his own life, and is no also a campaigner against cancer. 849 more words

A Mystical Experience:Making French Onion Soup

The other day, my wife came home and said “ I went to a café for lunch. We had French Onion Soup, but it was terrible. 815 more words

How I Also Am Prone To Using Clichés

Recently I found out that I am as much subject to using clichés as anyone else.

Listen to this. I was speaking to my sister who was telling me about her recent experiences in their gospel reflection group. 839 more words

Three words that reach the heart

Today is sunday which means my favourite day to post. I want to get over all the anger and frustration with what God should or should not have done in my life. 393 more words


Another Cliché: "I can be moral without being Christian"

I can’t stop thinking about clichés!

Here is another one. Philip Adams uses it a lot, but he is not the only one. This cliché is ‘It is possible to live a moral life, or to have a good ‘morality’ without being religious at all. 733 more words


They fooled you; fooled you all

—- took the jobs of the civil servants

and attached to them hefty payments.

We call ‘em salaries

but they’re a way to appease the crazies; 262 more words