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Tears, Authenticity and Authority in Prayer

So you remember that I have been thinking about what it mans to live before the face of God. Now one of the ways that this happens is during prayer times at morning ad evening. 918 more words

The Creation Myth

If Creationism (the nudist escapade story in Soyinka’s words) is a fact then we can understandably say that it was not included in the plan of creation for mankind to be happy. 192 more words



The #BlackLivesMatter movement, The Black-ish sitcom and Busy Signals free up song are the most recent citing’s of the term “black” in booming proportions. The common theme in all the above is a cry for vindication amidst a world appearing overbearing to people of black pigmentation. 2,069 more words

The Vestiges of Gladiatorial Combat and the Eucharist

While I was in Brisbane, I went to the ‘Gladiator’ exhibition at the museum.

Part of the description of the life of a gladiator was a description of how a day at the coliseum might go. 883 more words

Reflections On The Death Of My Mum

It has been a nearly a month now since mum died. I’ve been able to think about the process a bit, which I share with you now. 891 more words

Religion and Society: Contemporary Challenges

Paper presented at the Seventh Round of Discussions held between the Shia Islam and the Catholic Christianity, Tehran, Nov. 9-10, 2010.

“Say: O’ People of the Book, let us rally to a common word binding on both of us, that we shall worship only God and associate nothing else with Him, nor shall any of us take on others as Lords instead of God.” 1,919 more words

A #ChaleWoteDistin... Culture, art,  religion... Strictly my opinions... 

Hey everyone, it has been a long long while… Too long😁😁😁 Yh I know I’m brown and I’ve promised a lot of stuff, they’d all come in due time. 1,508 more words

Religion And Society