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Hello… How’s 2017 treating you guys? Anyway this is a true life story… It’s an account of an unexplainable event that happened in Senior high school… 1,051 more words

On Recent Events And Apocalyptic Thinking

When ‘Brexit’ was happening, and now Mr. Trump is sure to become ‘President Trump’ I noticed a lot of posts on Facebook, and I put one up too thinking that ‘We live in Apocalyptic times.’ … 1,148 more words

Resilience, and Re-focusing on God

When we were doing our course on ‘resilience’ they t0ld us the story of how roger Federer seems so unflappable. They measured his heart rate. During a contested point, it was very high, but between points, it went back to being very low. 693 more words

A Throwback Christmas 🎄....

hi 🙋…. Yh I know it’s been a long time 😁

well I had back to back examinations and I’m finally done (to be honest I finished long ago but laziness has been flirting with me 😆😆) 1,360 more words

What Child is This?, or, On the Rise of "Baby Jesus"

The renaissance was a time of dramatic shifts in the culture of western Christendom. It was a time of origins, when former patterns of thought and culture faded into the background and modern values began to  appear. 748 more words


Faith, Conversion, And Swapping Razor Blades

Reflection 8-12-16

If I had my way, I would shave with a single blade, cut throat razor, that I would every day. That way I would know that I am getting a very sharp razor every time. 1,050 more words

Daily Prompt: Sacred

via Daily Prompt: Sacred

The second year of A-Level Sociology includes the topic of religion, from which I have used a quote in my first published post. 84 more words