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The classical arguments for God - Part Four

One thing I like about the classical arguments for God is that they’re logically deduced from our everyday experience. And when one fully understand them (which no detractor I’ve heard so far actually does), we see that asking for evidence becomes a silly question because what could be more evident than that some things are changing.  937 more words



I pray everyday for a miracle.

Life can change in a minute in a negative way but at the same time could be in a positive way. 96 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Requests for the week of 04.15.2018

  • Pray for Willow Glen Bible Church staff & elders as we work toward a smooth transition together.
  • Pray for Dwell, PBCWG and all those who are grieving the changes.
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Religion And Spirituality

The classical arguments for God - Part Three

We’re now ready to talk about the importance of essence and existence. I’ve already mentioned this argument in “God is not a god.” I won’t repeat of lot of what was said there so read that post first if you  haven’t already. 996 more words


Prayer for a New Season

I don’t know about you, but I am weary of this Winter/Spring season. I live in Wisconsin and we have had ice and snow for the last few days. 342 more words



This morning when I woke

I lay abed half dreaming

As I often do

My mind still loose and open

Remembering my dreams

I placed my hands together… 148 more words

Unitarian Universalism