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If Jesus had been a Positive Psychologist: Sermon on the Mount PART 2

It’s easy to┬áimagine that the great religious leaders or philosophers of the past would–if they had their time again– have exactly the same wisdom to share with us in our age. 538 more words


The Things We Do Under the Guise of "Family"

By pure coincidence, I posted a quote about how it’s none of our business what people think of us… on the exact day I discovered that some people were talking about me behind my back. 939 more words


Submissions Closed!

Hello everyone!

Submissions are now closed. And God is amazing!

I was beginning to worry that we wouldn’t have enough submissions to go on with the anthology. 180 more words

A Deeper Consciousness: Spiritual Vortex

In my quest to realize a deeper consciousness I spent time recently in the expanding power of a spiritual vortex. After a fairly strenuous hike I arrived atop a large rock surface that I had been directed to by a group of pilgrims who appeared to have benefited greatly from the visit judging by their peaceful countenances and welcoming gazes. 179 more words


Relics - 11 - St Mary Magdalene

Above is a reliquary showing a bone fragment (ex ossibus) of Saint Mary Magdalene, the prostitute who had seven demons cast out of her and became a penitent and the apostle to the Apostles. 25 more words


An Upper Room Experience

I was thinking about the disciples who were waiting in the upper room for the promise of the Comforter. And when the Holy Spirit came, they were all filled, anointed, empowered to speak with boldness. 157 more words