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We Have Your words - 2

سیکولر جمہوریت کا راستہ، پاکستان کے بچاؤ اور تعمیر کا راستہ
Photo from Muhammad Sarwar Boota’s Facebook page

Here are some more of your inspiring reasons for signing the… 1,097 more words

Support Action

We Have Your Words - 1

Lahore, January 16, 2015. Photo from Irfan Mufti

Since we published our first installment of ‘We have your Words‘ last week containing the first 30 comments on the… 1,238 more words


We Have Your Words

Yes, we have your reasons for signing the Secular Pakistan Petition at Change.org.

The Petition was started as one of the things we needed to do after the so-called blasphemy related burning-alive murders of… 906 more words

Religion-based Crimes

'But the point is how?' By Ghulam Mustafa Lakho

The following is Ghulam Mustafa Lakho’s comment on the petition for a secular Pakistan.

”Separate Religion from State!’ Yes, but the point is how? The ‘Secular Pakistan’ must come up with clear words by saying ‘NO TO THE STATE RELIGION’ of Pakistan. 383 more words

Human Rights Violations

Separate Religion from State. Declare Pakistan to be Secular - Petition

The Government
The Judiciary and
The Army of Pakistan!

To assure that incidents such as the tragedy of Peshawar and ongoing violence against minority populations do not continue to happen, and that the Taliban and other violent religious formations do not flourish in Pakistan, please acknowledge one of the root causes of it. 28 more words

Human Rights Violations