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The Church Of England's Tantrum Over The EU Referendum Result Is Insulting To Brexit-Supporting Christians

Nearly a month after Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union, swathes of the Church’s leadership are stuck in furious denial

This blog had… 1,016 more words

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Brexit: One Good Bishop Admits Voting To Leave The European Union

A bishop the Church of England should be proud of (but won’t be)

Mark Rylands, Bishop of Shrewsbury, is one of the very few Christian leaders to come down on the right side of the EU referendum debate, having admitted in a letter to the Church Times that he voted Leave on 23 June. 1,079 more words

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The EU Referendum, From The Perspective Of A Eurosceptic Christian

This EU referendum campaign has been both depressing and insulting for many eurosceptic Christians

Adrian Hilton of the Archbishop Cranmer blog aptly sums up weariness of participating in this EU referendum debate as a eurosceptic Christian… 1,416 more words

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The European Union Does Not Promote The Neighbourliness Preached By Jesus

As yet another bishop declares his support for keeping Britain in the EU, the last gasp strategy of the intellectually and morally defeated┬áRemain campaign starts to become clear… 987 more words

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The Scientific Christian, Part 2: Peanuts to Space

Oh no not again [1]

I’m reviewing Who Ordered the Universe? by Nick Hawkes. I must apologise to readers who prefer their book reviews short and pithy: the Reverend Doctor manages to cram an inordinate number of dubious statements into every paragraph, and I’m finding it hard not to respond to all of them. 3,493 more words


Britain's Religious Leaders Squander Their Moral Authority By Supporting The EU And Forsaking Democracy

Another day, another insidious, arrogant attempt by religious leaders to suggest that God is a paid-up member of the Remain campaign

Read this portentous intervention in the EU referendum debate and tell me it isn’t the most… 1,375 more words

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