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Part of a fascinating Twitter revolution to say the least, trending topic #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen has blown up in terms of support and attention.

As some of you may not know, Saudi Arabian women are not allowed to do a number of mundane activities without the accompaniment and/or approval of a man. 60 more words


Muslim Oppression in France

Recently in France (and certainly not in France alone) there has arisen an onslaught of discrimination against Muslims. Since France has one of the highest populations of Muslim citizens in the European Union, there is a lot of room for hate and violence, as illustrated by the recent events that have graced the news. 445 more words


Banning The Burqa And Burkini Is Not The Correct Liberal Response To Conservative Islam

In a liberal democracy, government has no business dictating what clothing is or is not acceptable to wear – and banning the burqa or burkini only further delays the long-overdue day of reckoning between conservative Islam and modern Muslim women… 1,732 more words

UK Current Affairs

The Scientific Christian, Part 3: The Spin Doctor

We have seen that Rev Dr Nick Hawkes, author of Who Ordered the Universe? is a master of the begged question, and we have seen that he is quite adept at quote-mining. 2,779 more words


The Pope Is Dangerously Naive To Absolve Islam Of Responsibility For The Islamist Murder Of A Catholic Priest

Islamist terror alone cannot defeat Western civilisation. Only we have the power to do that – and some of us are doing our darnedest to try… 1,694 more words


Not All Muslims

After the appalling terrorist murder of a Catholic priest committed in the name of Islamic State, a moving gesture of interfaith solidarity by French Muslims should be acknowledged and applauded… 1,245 more words


Music For The Day

A flawed, beautiful 20th century masterpiece

Is there a more beautiful 20th century chorale than “Almighty Father”, the hushed invocation from Leonard Bernstein’s Mass… 261 more words