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Church Of England Parliamentary Team Revel In Their Antidemocratic Role

The Church of England’s Parliamentary Team have taken to joking on Twitter about the various ways in which they subvert British democracy. But there’s nothing funny about these modern-day theocrats… 1,074 more words


First Woman Bishop In The House Of Lords, Same Rotten Old Theocracy

Don’t cheer for Rachel Treweek as she takes up her unelected, theocratic position in the House of Lords. Chase her – and all of her fellow Lords Spiritual – out of Parliament and back to the pulpits where they belong… 1,463 more words


Live, Learn, Grow

Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, began sundown Tuesday and ended at sundown Wednesday. It is a time of abstinence from Physical pleasures(food, drink, sexual relations) and reflection. 256 more words


The best they can be

I hope to bring my children up knowing that NO MATTER WHAT they become when they grow up, they should aspire to be the BEST at it!

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On wearing the veil

This post is in response to the people who have asked me why I began wearing niqaab practically out of the blue.

I hope this post brings to the fore that not all Muslim women are ‘forced’ to cover up and not all Muslim men are oppressors!

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Ten Years Ago Today, In London

In an age when our politics feels depressingly small and our politicians often seem ineffectual and powerless in the face of events and forces beyond their control, it seems we cannot rely on our elected leaders to grapple with the weighty issues of our time, or to present a clear vision of the country and world we should be striving to build. 1,453 more words

United Kingdom

A Novel: The Murder Glass

First three chapters….

North America

Chapter 1

I was sitting on the leather couch, the one I always gravitate to when visiting Tom’s house. I was just settling in, as if a stranger to the group, to observe a few of my dearest friends whom I have known, for all intents and purposes, all of my waking days. 5,871 more words