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Book Review: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

What an excellent story!

First, I’m really impressed that Children of Blood and Bone is a debut novel. It’s polished, tightly paced and very well written (with a bonus gorgeous cover!). 655 more words


The Scientific Christian, Part 4: Have You Stopped Torturing Dinosaurs Yet?

I promised myself that I’d finish my review of Nick Hawkes’ Who Ordered the Universe?, and, after a very long delay, I’m finally getting round to it! 4,645 more words


One Life

Okay, I’m on a mission. The missus is in the kitchen cooking the tea, and I’ve set myself the challenge of writing a blog post by the time it’s ready. 481 more words


Review: Ravan and Eddie by Kiran Nagarkar

A few weeks ago, while reviewing my year in books, I was horrified to see that I’d read next to no Indian fiction or non-fiction. Granted, I’m primarily a reader of fantasy fiction (and historical romances), neither of which genres seems to have a lot of active, current Indian writers*. 1,345 more words


On the Origin of Morphic Resonance

Or The Preservation of Favoured Hypotheses

Have you ever wondered how Rupert Sheldrake came up with the idea of morphic resonance? No, I haven’t really either, but I happened across this… 3,072 more words



*readers note*- this is what I see common in Afghan American households between sons and daughters and its a little long sorry!

Like most Afghan Americans I was born and raised in America with American standards embedded in my head among with my culture background. 794 more words

Dàir na Coille: New Souls Coming In The Darkness

Dàir na Coille: New Souls Coming In The Darkness
By Brian Walsh (orriginally published in “The Hearth” emagazine, 2005)

We are deep in the season of darkness now.  1,463 more words

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