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Rowan Williams: Thinking Naively, Rigidly And Uncreatively About Europe

Et tu, Archiepiscopus?

Another day brings more disingenuous, pseudo-Christian piffle over at Reimagining Europe, this time from the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams (and his ghost/speechwriter Philip Waters). 1,335 more words

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Enter my religion.

“Mister, mau masuk Islam?” A 10-year-old boy named Izul asked me if I wanted to enter Islam, the religion he practices. This isn’t the first time I have been asked to join the religion nearly every person in Indonesia identifies with. 615 more words

Nonexistent Shared Christian Values Are No Justification For The EU's Existence

The latest feeble Christian case for remaining in the EU: “Let’s forge a meaningful common European identity based on the fluffiest and least well defined parts of our faith!” 1,644 more words

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Where Is The Serious Christian Case For Remaining In The European Union?

Friendship, cooperation and overblown claims about the EU keeping the peace in Europe do not amount to robust Christian arguments for staying shackled to the European Union… 1,592 more words

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The Feeble Christian Case For Remaining In The European Union

Nobody has yet made a convincing Christian case for the EU. That should tell us something.

If nothing else, the Church of England’s Reimagining Europe blog has served to highlight – with a few very worthy exceptions – the exceedingly low quality of Christian thinking when it comes to the EU referendum question, and Britain’s place in the world more broadly. 1,452 more words

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The Scientific Christian, Part 1: Begging the Question

I have been reading a book by Rev Dr Nick Hawkes, a pastor, writer and broadcaster living in Australia, who has four degrees, two in science and two in theology. 3,934 more words


Asad Shah, Murdered For Showing That Islam And The West Can Coexist

Islamist murderers are as much a threat to peaceful Muslims as they are to any other British citizen

The cold blooded murder of Muslim shopkeeper Asad Shah this week is further proof, if any was needed, that primitive, reactionary Islamist thugs are just as much a danger to law-abiding, patriotic British Muslims as they are to anyone else in this country. 515 more words

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