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Idrees AS (Enoch PBUH)

The fifth generation of Adam’s family
Forgot the teachings of the Lord.
So Allah sent a man from among them
To teach them of the Almighty God. 225 more words

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Over the last few decades the Star Wars films have been part of a burgeoning industry of ‘pop apologetics’ in Christian periodicals. The recurrent motifs of temptation, fall and redemption have led some to assume that Lucas’ vision of conflict in a galaxy, far, far away, relies on an intrinsically Christian anthropology. 2,195 more words


One Year Later, Are We Still Charlie?

As we pass the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris – the terrorist atrocity which prompted us to declare Je Suis Charlie… 1,954 more words

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Habil & Qabil (Cain & Abel)

Adam and Hawa bore two sets of twins
A boy and a girl in each there were.
Habil, Qabil and each one’s sister
Together they lived on Earth. 280 more words

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The Daily Toast: The Christian Case For Brexit, And Against The EU

There’s nothing Christian – or in any way moral – about throwing away our hard-won democracy in the drooling pursuit of European political union… 1,215 more words

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The following poem was written by me over 10 years ago. In that time I’ve had many ideas, hopes & desires of publishing it in a series of books for children. 335 more words

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The Daily Smackdown: Cynical Bishops Exploit Terrorism For Publicity

Who will condemn the bishops for exploiting our fear of terrorism in their grubby bid to preserve taxpayer funding of the BBC’s religious output? 1,131 more words

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