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Teaching Religion as a Skeptic, or How to Defend God

I teach religion. That someone who no longer practices religion teaches it seems an irony at one level, and more than a few students have been confused when I tell them I’m a skeptic. 920 more words

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Jesus was Adopted

If God can get a virgin pregnant, two gay dads should not be a problem. This guy’s nativity has drawn the ire of a Catholic bishop. 9 more words

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Why religion is important!

Do you believe religion is outdated?

Think again!

Harmonia Philosophica analyzes in a few pages not only why religion is important today, but why it is of the uttermost importance ESPECIALLY today! 41 more words

Modern Civilization

Trump isn't the first guy who knows more than Jesus.

This was supposed to be shocking:

Trump voter panelist: “If Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and told me Trump is with Russia, I would tell him, ‘Hold on a second.

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Roy Moore is not an Evangelical

The title is more straightforward than my normal parallelisms, and that’s because I’m still tired of words. The current POTUS uses too many of them (mostly nonsensical or outrageous), and the machine tasked with defending, explaining, condemning and following him uses exponentially more. 783 more words

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Not Gonna Bow to Your Idol

Continuing the PRRI information, I was very curious about the “Unaffiliated” category in American religion, which is second only to the aggregate White Christian sectors: Evangelical (17%); Mainline Protestant (13%), and; Catholic (11%). 267 more words

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Y'all Need More Babies

Been trying to get to this for a while. PRRI released their American Values Report from 2016 recently, and I’ll have a few observations to make. 116 more words

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