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Christ coming again. Now. Tomorrow. Every day. Literally.

Christ came to Earth 2,000 years ago. He said he would come again.

Some wait for that to happen. Others laugh at a promise that they see it will not be fulfilled. 104 more words


Monuments to Whiteness?

James Woods, the actor who was once a well-respected if creepy addition to many films and television programs, has helped me figure out how to talk about “white culture,” or as the fascists and crypto-fascists would have it, White European heritage. 1,010 more words


Unwanted preservation

Another still wanted to call himself Mercury, the inventor of all theft and all deceit, to whom greedy men offer sacrifices, as if he was the god of profit, forming heaps of rocks when passing through crossroads. 294 more words


Dropping the moral criterion

How can it be a god if it’s not perfect? How can it be worshipped if it’s not good? These are questions that I’m occasionally confronted with and not just by Christians. 2,272 more words

Polytheism (general)

Pastoral Conversion

First thing this morning, I saw Jonathan Merritt’s interview with Eugene Peterson, the headline of which was subtle:

Eugene Peterson on changing his mind about same-sex issues and marriage… 835 more words

Religion - General


As a former pastor, I still have visceral responses to pastors who behave in ways that make it impossible for them to exercise moral or pastoral authority. 193 more words


On Robert Jeffress's Unrequited Love for Donald Trump

I’ve watched Robert Jeffress fawn over the President since his inauguration sermon—which he references in patently self-congratulatory ways throughout this video—but this speech from last night’s Celebrate Freedom Rally at the Kennedy Center finally reveals what’s been going on all along. 554 more words