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They Have Gathered Themselves Against Christ

From an eyewitness account of a recent attendee at the 2015 Parliament of he World’s Religions:

“They are not afraid to say that “an orthodox Bible believing Christian does not fit in our world nor will they be tolerated.” It was in our face.” 8 more words

One World Religion

Old Testament: Not for the faint-hearted. (An easy interpretation)

Many people talk against the Old Testament.

Especially atheists believe that this book shows the inhumane face of Christianism and refer to the Old Testament with every opportunity to show that they are right in hating Christianism. 528 more words

Religion Philosophy

Yes, I am a Christian. And I do not tell you why! [Unless you insist…]

Yes, I am a Christian. And I do not tell you why!


…you tell me that Chirstianism killed a lot of people.

So I will ask you if Christ taught murder. 617 more words

Religion Philosophy

I am a Christian. Not a "Christian".

Every time I talk with an atheist about religion I receive a lot of anger. Anger which is based on the “evils done by religion” throughout the centuries. 220 more words


Understanding God...

“Barlaam interpreting his apophatic theology as intellectual dialectic, and Gregory seeing it as concerned with the ineffable experience of God” (1) …

Western logic can understand God… 21 more words

Religion Philosophy

Done and published!

After working on it for months, I finally finished a brief overview of the main topics of modern Roman polytheism, to be found in the top menu of this blog. 62 more words

Religio Romana

Nietzsche and irrationality as the only possible religion!

Nietzsche believed in the irrationality of life. Something which has led many people against religion. But on the same time many of these people accuse religion of being… irrational. 63 more words