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Science. Can someone who just describes be useful? Why science must become religion once more…

Science is not meant to be a tool to understand the world. This is the work of philosophy. Science is thought to be a way to describe the world. 234 more words


Not in Defence of Stoning

Mustela nivalis

Right from the start I will say this: I consider stoning to be a form of torture and that therefore its practice should be outlawed. 1,988 more words

Culture War

Why Libertarianism Needs God

Mustela nivalis

I believe that the reason why libertarianism isn’t getting anywhere is that it has nothing to counter the power of utopia. It quite rightly doesn’t have a utopia of its own, but without anything of at least equal leverage, libertarianism will always fail. 1,229 more words


Get Off Your Knees, Gov. Pence! (You’re Not In A Gay Bathhouse)

Ilana Mercer

Pretend the U.S. is as free as the Founding Fathers intended it to be. In this authentically (and classically) liberal America, no one can tell free men and women what to do with their property, namely their bodies, their abodes and their businesses. 865 more words


Holy Week. A week for atheists!

Holy Week is coming.

The perfect opportunity for atheists around the world to talk and discuss intensly (and by far more than faithful people) about something they do not even believe it… exists!

Yes, “logic” can be illogical…



Speaking of divine dead

Here’s someone who became one today and started a new journey.

Leonard Nimoy passed away today, at 83 years old. He would have been 84 next month, on March 26th. 306 more words

Polytheism (general)

If you narrow it, you miss it

There’s been some online discussion on multiple aspects of reconstructed or revived forms of ancient polytheism. It started with Galina Krasskova’s piece on modern Heathenry… 1,228 more words

Religio Romana