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Evangelical by Definition, not Practice

I cannot tell if evangelicals are having an identity crisis, or if they are just victims of definitional confusion. For the longest time, I argued the latter, even recently, but I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that there is probably a third possibility (more on that another time). 682 more words

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We Wholeheartedly Reject Truth-telling: Trump, Marketing and the Megachurch

This sign is in the offices of Oklahoma’s largest church: Life.Church, formerly known as Lifechurch.tv, formerly known as Life Church, or Lifechurch. I can’t remember, and it doesn’t matter. 963 more words

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Unethical f***ing science!

Swearing is actually a sign of more intelligence – not less – say scientists. (source)

In a controversial move, a senior US scientific committee has given the green light to one of the most contentious forms of genome editing: where genetic changes made to human embryos will then be inherited by following generations. 330 more words

On Poetry and Pedophiles and Meaning

If I could write poetry—and if poetry mattered culturally beyond trite pop music—I’d start with a poem called “Everything is Shitty and I don’t Think Words Matter Anymore.” You can almost feel the essential poetic elements oozing out of that one, right? 1,208 more words

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Teaching Religion as a Skeptic, or How to Defend God

I teach religion. That someone who no longer practices religion teaches it seems an irony at one level, and more than a few students have been confused when I tell them I’m a skeptic. 920 more words

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Jesus was Adopted

If God can get a virgin pregnant, two gay dads should not be a problem. This guy’s nativity has drawn the ire of a Catholic bishop. 9 more words

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Why religion is important!

Do you believe religion is outdated?

Think again!

Harmonia Philosophica analyzes in a few pages not only why religion is important today, but why it is of the uttermost importance ESPECIALLY today! 41 more words