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The contribution of the Holy Inquisition to civilization (no it is not a joke)

This is a re-post of an article of Theodotus blog (translation posted here)

To defend and justify the Holy Inquisition is the exact opposite of Political Correctness. 322 more words


Maybe you should reconsider

Not everyone is the same and some things aren’t made for everyone. This should be a no-brainer, but it normally proves to be too complicated for people who insist on one of several things: 1) that they have a solution that fits all, no matter what; 2) that everything would be fine if everyone was like them or fell in line; and 3) that they want to be something, even if it’s not really their thing. 1,568 more words

Polytheism (general)

Zooplankton. Light. Dark. Sun. Moon. Nothing.

The daily rising and setting of the sun propels what is thought to be the world’s largest migration: Tiny zooplankton move from the near-surface waters — where they spend the night feeding — down into deeper, darker waters during the day to avoid predators that rely on sight for finding a meal. 272 more words


Decline in religion, decline in morality.

Religious decline does not equal moral decline, says researcher. [1]

How original.

Stupid prejudiced science reaches to stupid prejudiced conclusions.

We must be careful to compare things with the same standards. 84 more words

Science Dogmatism

An eastern birthday

For those of you who know me or at least have been reading this blog for some time now, it’s no secret that I lean very much towards Buddhist philosophy, especially the Madhyamaka school. 1,836 more words

Religio Romana

Religion as a PREREQUISITE for Science!

Is religiosity related to being a good scientist?

With so many scientists being religious, everyone agrees that religiosity is not an obstacle for scientists. But I go one step further, by saying that religiosity is actually a kind of prerequisite for science. 236 more words