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Doors of the Bible, Part Five, the Narrow Door

I went to listen to a speaker recently. In her remarks she clearly endorsed the traditional views of the family and human sexuality. She backed up her presentation with statistics and personal experiences. 563 more words

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A Philosophy that Fascinates and Attracts

I picked up a book on Kindle yesterday. Spock’s World, by Diane Duane. A Star Trek novel from 1986, it’s said — so I’d heard — to deal with Vulcan society in great detail, examining their culture and philosophy to a greater extent than the TV show ever really did. 754 more words

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To Represent my Membership of the Human Community

Navel-gazing time. Just for fun, I assembled a few emblems of things I affiliate or identify with, both real and fictitious and some whose reality is debatable depending on your point of view and degree of scepticism/atheism. 2,792 more words

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Abortion laws are about control

Not surprisingly the S&R writers have been participating in an email conversation over the proliferation of extremist abortion laws: Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama specifically.

Someone suggested a post about the role of women in writing, passing, and supporting these laws, but, as a man, he didn’t know if he should take that on. 617 more words


Doors of the Bible, Part Four, Jesus, the Door of the Sheep

The first three doors of this series were from the Old Testament. Now we look at doors in the New Testament, starting with Jesus as the door of the sheep. 752 more words

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If you can't change places, change perspectives

The level of discontent in our society troubles me, especially when I see it surface in the people around me. I watch and listen as so many people bemoan busy schedules, too many chores, tight budgets, a desire to purchase things they don’t have… and the list goes on. 581 more words

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I'll Catch The Conscience

Content Advisory: This post is kinda sorta going to talk about suicide – but it’s in the context of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and I’m more here to talk about the meaning of a particular word than dwell on that subject itself. 3,147 more words

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