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Why DAESH is a Better Name than ISIS/ISIL

You have been hearing it all over but have no idea what it stands for, it’s another name for ISIS, but the terrorists are not too fond of the name, and even threaten to cut off the tongue of whoever uses it to identify them. 15 more words

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Blindfolded Muslim Man: 'Hug Me if You Trust Me'

Near mourning sight at Place de la Republique in Paris an unknown man drew much attention by blindfolding himself and putting out two signs reading “I’m a Muslim, but I’m told that I’m a terrorist” and “I trust you, do you trust me? If yes, hug me.”

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The Nikola Tesla Interview Hidden for 116 Years

In 1899 the journalist John Smith made a rare interview with Nikola Tesla which has never been published until now. Below a few highlights:

Journalist: 865 more words

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The identity of Atticus C.

I think about work too much. I’m never content when things are going perfectly well. I’m restless. I’m always looking for the next thing. I can’t stop taking on projects. 423 more words


Consciousness, Capitalism, Politics, & Prayer: When God Became a Rival to the Market


Isaiah E. Jones

*Coming Soon!

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Acceptance. Of evil. Of death.

Cannot rid the galaxy of a killer without becoming a killer.

Unless you accept your death.

One cannot fight the evil without doing evil.

Unless He accepts it… 8 more words

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Quippy on a Roll


When petty disputes — trigger words, plastic bags, cigarette butts — cast long shadows, it’s a sure sign the sun is setting. 

We send armies to bring freedom to other people … and kill anyone who resists.   522 more words