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Why So Many Americans Strongly Support Israel

A new poll from Bloomberg Politics contains a finding that, if you really think about it, is quite remarkable:

Almost half of all Americans want to support Israel… 264 more words


Moral Crusade, Part 3

The Absolute Moralist feels it is his duty to decide what is right and wrong for you. . . . In the most extreme cases, he may even feel morally obliged to kill you in order to save you from your misguided lack of belief. 2,046 more words


The Saker Interviews Sheikh Imran Hosein

If you don’t care to watch the full interview, at least do yourself a favour and watch Sheikh Hosein’s response to question 3, starting at… 28 more words

War & Terror


We’ve all been there – both as the sayer and as the receiver. You are stressed out over something and someone says “Relax”. How does that make you feel? 150 more words

Knowledge Management

President Assad Interview with Charlie Rose


“…The West does not accept partners. It only wants satellite states. The United States does not even accept partners in the West. It wants Europe to follow the United States. 473 more words

War & Terror

Moral Crusade, Part 2

It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so. 720 more words