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Al-Nusra Commander: "The Americans Stand on Our Side"

US weapons are being delivered to Jabhat Al-Nusra by governments that Washington supports, a militant commander told the German media, adding that American instructors were in Syria to teach how to use the new equipment. 256 more words

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Reasons to Love the Bible's Book of Psalms, Reason 3, The House of the Lord

“O Lord, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells,” Psalm 26:8. Going to the house of the Lord is never a burden in the book of Psalms, it is a joy. 689 more words

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(Credit: Denys Bilytskyi/Alamy)

It’s a Big Universe!  Have you ever been camping, or doing something (anything) outdoors far enough away from the city lights to see just how bright the stars can shine in the night sky?  85 more words


Random Jottings on Facebook – 8

The problem with water is: It is not a solution. It is not a substance. It is a compound.

No wonder the problem is compounding! 204 more words


Reasons to Love the Bible's Book of Psalms, Reason 2, Forever

There is no other book in the Bible that refers to eternity more than the Bible’s book of Psalms. Believe me, I counted them. I found at least 118 references to eternity, forever, and everlasting in the Psalter. 239 more words

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“I live my life with love in my heart for all creation.”

This mantra brought me out of near depression as I recited it at least 108 times every single day, using my mala beads as guide. 270 more words