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Coach God Lays Down the Law -- a short story

Okay, people, listen up! It’s early in the season, and I want to set out the rules. Follow them, and we’ll get along just fine and we’ll be a great team— HEY, YOU TWO IN THE CORNER!! 381 more words

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Who Am I?

Design: RK Bellur / RwB

The Mahabharata has made me ask those questions and that is what the text means to me. There is an obvious counter- question. 53 more words


Eysis, Spieses a Davises

The 2015 Davis phenomena has given us a lot to think about. On the one hand we have Huckabee who implored to put himself  in jail instead of Davis and on the other hand we have the right wing cavalcade making statements that “God’s Law supersedes the Supreme Court Laws” ( 554 more words

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Blurred Lines - From Superstition to Pseudoscience

Growing up in India we had usual plethora of Gods stacked up in the “God corner”. In addition, there were the other usual suspects – a sealed pot of water from the Ganges, various dried herbs and a ton of other knick knacks – collections from various temple visits. 622 more words

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Of God men/women (part 1)

As you may have already read in the news Commander Selvam is “accused” of separating money from his flock (link). It is important to note that he is innocent till proven guilty. 798 more words

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How to Be a Stoic -- a short story

What stands in the way becomes the way. — Marcus Aurelius

The wind pushed a cloud of dust ahead of the advancing army. The first platoons rounded the corner of Main Street. 308 more words


Words of Wisdom... with a Satanic Twist

A statue of Satan under construction to be placed on the front lawn of the statehouse in Oklahoma City. Standing seven feet tall, the design features Satan in the form of Baphomet. 516 more words

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