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No, You're Not More Likely to Be Killed by a Right-Wing Extremist than an Islamic Terrorist

| by Damion Daniels |

On 22nd May, 2017, a 22 year old jihadist named Salman Ramadan Abedi wandered into the Manchester Arena during a concert populated primarily by young teens and their parents, and detonated a suicide bomb, killing 22 people including an 8 year old girl, and injuring approximately 120 others. 2,884 more words

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Post-Truth by Rev. Dustin Bartlett


by Rev. Dustin Bartlett

“That’s where the truth comes from, ladies and gentlemen – the gut.  Did you know that you have more nerve endings in your stomach than in your head?  644 more words

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After Manchester: Our Conversation About Islam Must Pave the Way for Politicians

| by Jonathan Gleadell |

The Twitter outpourings on the evening of the Manchester attack included those sickened by people making jokes and infuriated by the associations made with a religious doctrine before all the facts had come in. 1,548 more words

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It's not what you think

Chris Cornell died early Thursday morning. His band Soundgarden played a show on Wednesday night at the Fox Theater in Detroit. Two hours after the show ended, he was gone. 1,616 more words


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Re-blogging this thoughtful and poignant essay. It is also incredibly sad. One phrase was especially haunting, "...it’s really about depression and cynicism. Those two go hand-in-hand, along with their nasty little sister, anxiety. When the three of them get going, they just eat hope as quickly as it can be summoned."

Sokal Affair 2.0: Penis Envy: Addressing Its Critics

| by Helen Pluckrose |

“The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct” written by Jamie Lindsay and Peter Boyle is a peer-reviewed paper published by the online journal… 1,907 more words

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This Is Your Brain on Ideology

| by Barry Purcell |

PATHOLOGY: What is “ideology” and why is it bad?

Like “postmodernism” or “feminism,” an ideology can have as many meanings as there are people using the term. 2,076 more words

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Mumbo Jumbo Has Conquered the World

| by Malhar Mali |

Post-truth, post-fact, post-reality. You don’t need a lengthy introduction on the state of the world. You just need to take a look around: A man who wavers between imbecile and potential despot sits in the highest office of the land; the far-Left in the academy enjoys titillating itself with concepts of postmodernity; the GOP engages in a demagogic post-truthiness, while its black sheep of a relation (first name “alt”) is busy sending the mainstream media into tizzies by co-opting “OK” signs as white supremacist on… 1,421 more words

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