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*Originally posted by my son Cliff the day after the U.S. Presidential Election

Still entrenched in the shock from last night’s election results, waves of nausea swirling in my gut, I stared blankly out the back door of our home. 666 more words


The SPLC and the Silencing of Moderate Islam

| by Ahnaf Kalam |

Last month the Southern Poverty Law Center released its ‘Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists’ with the aim of creating a comprehensive guide for journalists to ensure their sources on Islam don’t come from people who the SPLC has decided are problematic extremists. 1,037 more words

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Saudi Arabian Women: Living on a Chain

| by Malhar Mali |

The New York Times recently published a small piece highlighting the stories of Saudi women dealing with the country’s archaic male guardianship laws — custody laws which dictate that nearly every move a woman makes must be allowed by her male “guardian.” 1,956 more words

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Louis Smith and the Media Enforcement of Blasphemy Laws

| by AR Devine |

Did you hear there’s a film called ‘Life of Omar’ in production? It’s the Islamic equivalent of the Monty Python classic ‘Life of Brian’ in which a young Arab man alive at the same time as Mohammed is mistaken for a prophet and garners a loyal following that he can’t shake off. 1,127 more words

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In Defence of the Devil’s Advocate

| by Cian O’ Connor |

Peter Thiel has not done much for his public image over the past several months. Between orchestrating the destruction of a major media site and expressing vocal support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, culminating in a $1.25 million donation to the campaign in the midst of a misogyny scandal, Thiel has crystallized himself as the ultimate Silicon Valley supervillain. 1,527 more words

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Who Do I Believe About Islam?

| by Malhar Mali |

It seems every other day I wake up and read about an act of Islamic-inspired terrorism in the world — an explosion in Manhattan, two men storm into a church and slash the throat of a Catholic priest, bombs explode in crowded markets in the Middle east, a suicide attack in a major European city, airport — the list goes on. 1,764 more words

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