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One foot

in front of other

moving forward…


to sanguinary

baptismal waters

baby step revolution

“No, you may not!”

Phone cameras capture


Assault weapon wielding… 25 more words


Fearless Leader

World leader lost

Got my finger


the button

I’ll push it


Bones in a bag

Two men with a bag full of human bones were arrested in Ogun State, Nigeria.

One of the men confessed that the bones were his sister’s (she died four years ago) and that they had been exhumed for ‘money ritual purpose’ (read about it… 154 more words

Popular Culture

Blind Faith and Stick Figure Jesus

Sketch courtesy http://www.handdrawnalbumcovers.com/blind-faith-blind-faith/

This is not a review or retrospective of the album released in 1969 by the band of the same name led by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. 538 more words


Responding to 'Clever' Christian Questions

Fear not Christians! The ever-so-helpful blog, creationstudyscience has made its very own list of questions that you can hit Atheists with when they challenge your faith… or when you just feel like being a judgemental d***. 3,243 more words


Science Disproves Noah's Ark

No matter if you are Christian or Atheist, you have to admit that Noah’s Ark is one of the more unlikely stories in the Bible due to the sheer impracticality of it. 1,117 more words


Religious and secular extremes in Pakistan, is moderation achievable?

Rizwan Mustafa*

Birmingham, August 21, 2016 (Alochonaa):  A  visit to Pakistan provided me with an opportunity to indulge in my academic interest. Whilst travelling through the country’s capital city, Islamabad I had the privilege to become acquainted with senior counter terrorism officials working in various governmental departments. 956 more words