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I wanted to re-post this since it provides great insight into the concept of time which I think ties in nicely with some of my own thoughts on the subject. 88 more words


Darkness of Skin

Sharing poem written by my son Cliff

The increased darkness of skin
akin to sin
We can judge a man
Beat a man
Kill a man… 131 more words


Quid pro quo

So, let me get this straight. We see smartphone videos of cops, who, guided by racial profiling, fear and ineptitude, turn confrontations over suspected misdemeanors into bloody conflicts, resulting in the deaths of Black civilians. 244 more words

The Holy Capitalist Church

Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr., fundamentalist Christian pastor and president of Liberty University, speaking with Steve Inskeep on NPR Morning Edition 7.21.`6 July 21, 2016, about Donald Trump, whom Falwell has endorsed for President: 2,559 more words

Earth – A place we call home- Black Life Matters

A commentary regarding  

Slavery – Segregation – Abolition …

Think of the rivers of blood spilled by slave holders who became financial emperors

 White lives and Black lives – 730 more words
Social Justice

Stick Figure Jesus

Five year old on her knees

eyes closed to her world

hands clasped, or cupping air

in prayer

to the God of Man

Five year old at her desk… 115 more words


End of The Watch

We are not strangers – We are brothers…

“Remembering that we are all one, we pray today for our sisters and brothers in Dallas. And in every place on earth where there is pain. 155 more words

Social Justice