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Eurocentrism, Remainers, and the British Left

| by Geoffrey Hicking |

The British Left and the Remainers are succumbing to an obsession. Whether it be Paul Mason’s assertion that the government must focus all its efforts on repairing and rectifying Britain’s “diplomatic and cultural ties” with Europe  1,468 more words

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Tomáš Halík: Questions Without Answers

| by Joe Allen |

No body can be all-inclusive, and that includes the body of Christ. This was made apparent to me during a recent talk given by Czech philosopher-priest Tomáš Halík at Boston University. 1,419 more words

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Happy Easter

Have I ever complained on here about how Christmas is a much bigger holiday than Easter? I don’t understand why we celebrate Jesus’ birth with such gusto, but only commemorate his resurrection with chocolate bunnies and ham. 85 more words


Holy Week?

As Easter morning, the most holy time for the Christian church approaches, it strikes me as ironic that the U.S., arguably the most Christian nation on earth with a Christian president elected by Christians, dropped somewhere between $60 million and $400 million of bombs and missiles on two different countries this week (depending on whose numbers you use). 63 more words

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'Brady Bunch': Maureen McCormick shares Easter-themed flashback Friday photo

Here’s a story of an Easter themed Brady.

Brady Bunch actress Maureen McCormick gave fans a Brady-fueled flashback Friday with a Twitter post. The 1972 photo shows the Brady children holding baskets full of colorful Easter eggs. 216 more words


Another Dead Blasphemer

| by Malhar Mali |

Yesterday a man lost his life in Pakistan because of what he wrote on a social network. Mashal Khan, who identified as “The Humanist” on Facebook, was… 979 more words

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