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The Supreme Court, Religion and the Future of School Choice

John E. Taylor, West Virginia University

The Supreme Court recently decided that Trinity Lutheran Church should be eligible for a Missouri state grant covering the cost of recycled playground surfaces. 1,705 more words

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Are Open Borders Desirable and Viable?

| Philip Carl Salzman |

“Open borders” means that people may enter and leave at will with no control or obstruction. Open borders as a policy option for international borders is presently… 2,179 more words

What One Senate Hearing Taught Me About Discussing Islam in America

| by Zouhair Mazouz |

“Mrs. Hirsi Ali, do you still think Islam is a death cult?” shouted a man wearing what looked like a prayer cap. 839 more words

There's No Justification for Finsbury Park Terrorism

| by Stephen Knight |

When I first launched my Taking The Myth podcast as a companion piece to the regular interviews, the idea was to bring listeners a regular dose of skeptical discussion without an emphasis on religion. 703 more words

Your Identity is Not an Argument

| by Jonathan Gleadell |

Speaking as a Secular Humanist, I Don’t Really Care Who You’re Speaking As

Starting a sentence with this new qualification to an opinion, during everything from a formal debate to a casual conversation, is one of the more annoying trends in modern dialogue. 911 more words

Today’s Black Israelites

“Black Israelite” faith centers on the belief that African Americans are the direct biological descendants of ancient Israelites, God’s “chosen people.”[1] By adopting the Hebrew identity and its special religious status, followers of this movement connect themselves with a grand narrative of oppression, revolution, and triumph as well as at least partially reject the religion of White Christian colonizers. 2,812 more words