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Day 18: Do You Believe in God?

Day 18
November 25, 2017

Dear Me,

Do I believe in God? Of course I do! My family is not a Roman Catholic. There are four of us in the family and we have two different religions. 262 more words

Ask Yourself


Christian belief has it that there are two basic resurrections, the “Judgment seat of Christ”, and the “Great white throne”.

These are taken from the book of Revelation.   1,062 more words


Piety Energizes the Will - Part 1 of 2

In the previous post, Father Guibert suggested that an effective way to move the human will to action is to awaken and enkindle certain feelings in the soul. 356 more words


Revelation 2:8-11

I am not adding devotional content during the Thanksgiving weekend, but here is the daily reading for Saturday, November 25:

Reading the Word

Revelation 2:8-11:

140 more words

The Core - Peter V. Brett

Deer Reeder,

Hard back edition, front cover on left and inside cover on right

God, it has been a long time since I have written one of these. 1,018 more words

Book Review

Mary's Prayer of Adoration

Mary devoted herself absolutely to the Eucharistic glory of Jesus. She knew that the desire of the Eternal Father was, to have the Eucharist known, loved, and served by all men; that the hunger of the Heart of Jesus was, to communicate to men all His gifts of grace and glory; that the mission of the Holy Spirit was, to extend and perfect in hearts the reign of Jesus Christ; and that the Church had been founded only to give Jesus to the world. 457 more words


Prince of Pieces

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Sam Miserendino interviewed by Jeff Daugherty

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With the “coming back” of dead Jesus to take revenge, the author does not actually rebuke the notion of “eating one’s own god and drinking his blood” but rather present it in a more ‘moral context’ according to the author’s own scheme of punishing his own background and establishment! 17 more words