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Addition to Blog Post, "Religion, Oil, and the Middle East

Here’s a paragraph I’ve added to my blog post, “Religion, Oil, and the Middle East” that further develops my point concerning the overriding significance of oil in US Middle East policy: 188 more words

Naomi Klein

Sabbatical day eighty seven - Epiphany moment

Today I realised my severe unease at the theological views held by Keswick Ministries, which now differ greatly to mine. Please read my previous post from today to understand more. 847 more words

When will Religious Leaders renounce the existence of gods?

With the continued escalation of violence by religious extremists, and a rise in fundamentalism, both in the Abrahamic religions and the conservative Christian groups (especially in the U.S.A.). 435 more words

I'm back

After taking a few months off – a much needed sabbatical, I am back. I deleted all of my prior articles in order to start from scratch. 75 more words

Prejudiced Pastor's Pizza Prank 'Persecution'

Oh, you nasty, nasty American LGBT+ people, persecuting a poor Christian pastor for nothing more than his attempts to spread God’s love.

Aye! Right!

Regular readers of mine shall recall how I reported on the Orlando shootings, including the homophobic comments of Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, when he stated… 397 more words


Hell, Heaven, Potentates, Priests and Politicians and the Business of Religion--Coping with Uncertainty

July 28, 2016

Hell, Heaven, Potentates, Priests and Politicians and the Business of Religion–Coping with Uncertainty

by  Dr. Lim Teck Ghee

[R]eligion has an “autoimmune disease”, a critical flaw … that leads to its misuse…. 1,182 more words


July 27, 2016

Religion is the attempt of man to become righteous by morality and ordinances. – E.W. Bullinger