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Can I Get a Witness???

By Joseph Diop

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Did you know?? Do you realize?? Has it dawned on you yet?? Sin begins where the will of God ends, and “My will” takes over. 1,054 more words

Christian Dynamics

It's a Balancing Act

So as we move forward through February and applying Step 2 to our every day lives, we have to ask ourselves: how on earth do we balancing our acceptance of a higher power as the ultimate entity in saving us from ourselves, and living our everyday, normal lives? 728 more words

The Problem With Refugees

We are a nation of immigrants; it’s a fact: go back far enough every single one of us—European, African, Asian, even First Nations and Inuit—can trace their origins to somewhere other than Canada. 1,216 more words

Anti-Semitism in the White House?


  • An anti-Semite is a person who is a person who is hostile to or prejudiced against Jewish people.
  • According to the ADL, …
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Your Policies And Politics

Prayer of the Faithful

Prayer of the Faithful

Dear Jesus…

Thank you for your wonderful teaching on what it takes to gain eternal life.
When you told the Rich Young Ruler of your time… 332 more words

Rayn Roberts


Another week of me thinking I was going to write one thing and God changing my mind last minute.  This week I read an article about religion in America and how “Mormons register a high level of… 837 more words


One line devotion: God plus one

If one is under-prepared, one may sharpen one’s skills, or rely on the Lord, or both.

If one has the Lord on one’s side, God plus one or God and you is a majority.