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humourita...................................Neno(understanding and living victoriously)

God’s protection towards His people,preparing God’s people for end time living

psalms 18
Psalm 18     King      James      Version      (KJV)

I will love thee, O Lord, my strength. 1,225 more words


Thought about Faith

I am Orthodox – Christian – deep in my heart. I have grown within church’s embrace. So, I can differentiate naturally between wrong and right point of views, let me say right and wrong according to orthodox’s rules. 150 more words


Face Your Fears Day

Consider yesterday’s “Kick Butt Day” and today’s “Face Your Fears Day” as interrelated.  We generally need our butts kicked to overcome procrastination.  We tend to put off what we dislike or fear.  841 more words

Cultural Highlights

The Push

The trumpet was blown and

He screamed.

The bells rang and

The storm withered everything.

The stink of dust in my senses,

The feeling of attrition every part. 37 more words


12 Super Sunnahs We Should Seriously Begin to Follow

Quick question to refresh our minds: who was Prophet Muhammad ? As Muslims, we believe he was the last and final messenger of the Creator to mankind. 2,241 more words


Religion, Sexuality & Artistic Snobbery - Anime Articles on The Artifice

After having 3 articles published on The Artifice, I have had the pleasure of getting some of my articles a wider audience and further commentary. However, I feel that spending more time contributing to this website has given me less time to post on here. 116 more words

Just a note here as to why I wrote this article. Yesterday I received an email from Genie, my wife, which subject line asked the question poised in the article title, “Is Stephen Hawking Right About Hostile Aliens?” While I wondered why this seemed so important to her, I did not ask her because she had mentioned it before and I had somewhat dismissed it as a passing curiosity. 860 more words