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Critic of Sweden's migrant policy gets death threats after being “doxed” by liberal media

In an interview on Hungarian TV, a Swedish-born woman details the reasons she and many like her make the decision to leave the country rather than suffer daily abuse at the hands of migrants while the state fails to protect its citizens. 168 more words




that I’ve read in the past (and the good ol’ Mac’s onboard dictionary, boom boom!) a ‘black hole’ is something from which nothing can escape. 429 more words


Whose providence have we inherited?

Working in the College, which is situated right in the grounds of Lews Castle, I have always been aware of the legacy left by Lord Leverhulme to this island. 901 more words

Angel Time & San Juan Capistrano

So I am a HUGE Anne Rice fan, the writer of Interview with a VampireI have lost count of how many books of hers I’ve read. 564 more words


Thou shalt not...

tRump is really showing up the hypocrisy of the religious fundamentalists. They are completely willing to overlook his philandering, not to mention all the other top ten rules he likes to break. 58 more words


"I don't know" An answer to a question or a conversation stopper

It was 1980-something, I was 12-years-old. We live in Simsbury, Connecticut—a very heterosexual, WASPY town in New England. My parents always told me to never tell your religion to anybody, not even to talk about the subject of religion. 673 more words

Changing the future

Do you believe we can affect the future?

If regret over the past leads us to prayer in the present, then the future will be changed.

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