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My First Vision* - Thoughts about being a writer and what I see ahead (with and/or without my spiritual eyes).

  1. Writing is hard. Duh. I need more time. And caffeine. And vitamin D or honestly I might just sleep myself into oblivion. Or my heart might explode.
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Who is Wise?

Today I was reminded of a famous saying: “If someone teaches you just one word of Holiness, you owe him a lifetime of respect”. I use the word Holiness because this very quote is used in both Judaism and Islam, and although what constitutes “Holiness” may differ, the concept remains the same no matter how you are. 166 more words


History or History?

When we are born, we are little sponges. 

We grow up trusting our parents input on life expecting their opinions are truthful for the way things are suppose to be. 797 more words


The Issue Every Human Must Understand Part II

Uphold Yehowah’s Sovereignty!


“You are worthy, Yehowah our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things.”— 2,090 more words


Mending Mental Mayhem - Abuse and Disability

I have long been a believer that our mind is the most important part of our health. In some ways, the brain is a slave to our mind. 3,966 more words

Is he?

Just heard a good one on a video.  In the beginning of the bible before he made anyone to hear him, god is talking to someone.    15 more words


The Word: The God Of Large And Small

Another theology column that I originally wrote for Sci-Phi Journal.

In his short story, “The Theologian’s Nightmare,” (Fact and Fiction 1961) the philosopher, astronomer and atheist Bertrand Russell presents the absurd tale of Dr. 1,102 more words