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Increase in Possessions

It’s a big deal people! Get the help you need today. They are in need of exorcist due to the increase of demon possession and people meddling in Satanism. 20 more words

The Brooks-Sumner Affair

Neal Pollard

In 1856, Charles Sumner, a Massachusetts Senator, delivered an excoriating speech full of vicious name-calling and personal insults—especially against Senators Douglas and Butler—for their defense and advocation of slavery and especially the violence in Kansas in response to the actions of John Brown and his followers. 423 more words

I know your works that you have a name that you live, and are dead

by Mike Ratliff

1 Καὶ τῷ ἀγγέλῳ τῆς ἐν Σάρδεσιν ἐκκλησίας γράψον·
Τάδε λέγει ὁ ἔχων τὰ ἑπτὰ πνεύματα τοῦ θεοῦ καὶ τοὺς ἑπτὰ ἀστέρας· οἶδά σου τὰ ἔργα ὅτι ὄνομα ἔχεις ὅτι ζῇς, καὶ νεκρὸς εἶ. 

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The Religion of Christianity

“With the FUTURE OF EVANGELICALISM UP FOR GRABS, these young progressive leaders are looking to transform it into what they imagine as the best version of itself. 559 more words

Jesus Christ

Hopeful not Helpless

We have a sick little one. Hand-foot-mouth. I’ve decided this virus is also a form of torture (possibly one Satan uses in Hell)… not just for Griffin, but for this Mama’s heart as well. 697 more words

What Will God's Eulogy be for Me?

As I have stated before, I went to a “LOT” of funerals this summer.   The age range for these people were from 16-80.  Two of them suicides, some expected, some so unexpected, some from just the body aging, and other’s from disease.  516 more words


In Saudi Arabia: Can It Really Change?

The kingdom includes perhaps the largest and fastest-growing Christian community in the Middle East. Though Christians are forbidden from worshiping publicly, congregations at weekly prayer meetings on foreign compounds can be several hundred strong. 38 more words