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High recognitions . . . When the hour of detachment comes,

“A person may still look very young. When the hour of detachment comes,
the spirit abandons the material vessel. Only human beings with dead or… 61 more words


Samurai Jesus

In a world so broken,

Where justice is so often absent,

Take words from Christ,

Become like a little child,

And then more wisdom

From the “Hagakure”, 28 more words


By Request, 'And Can It Be'

There’s nothing that says I can’t post two hymns in a day, is there? Besides, I want to encourage hymn requests.

So Joshua asked for this one, Charles Wesley’s 18th-century hymn,  13 more words


Are you practicing idolatry, unknowingly?

The devil trys to get ppl to yield, and submit to lust (evil desires), and influence a person to put their desires above the word of God. 346 more words

Sunday 08.19.18 (learning to fast)

This Sunday we’ll transition from prayer to fasting in our “The Art of Prayer and Fasting” sermon series; we’ll take a look at various scripture passages and see what they teach us about fasting. 180 more words


My Reaction to "In Faith and In Doubt: How Religious Believers and Nonbelievers Can Create Strong Marriages and Loving Families"

I picked up Dale McGowan’s book hoping for strategies that would help a mixed-belief marriage work. I have very mixed feelings about it.  This is not a full review, just my thoughts (I skipped a chapter, more on that later). 1,452 more words