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Senate Bill 74

Repeals the Louisiana Science Education Act.

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Present law, the “Louisiana Science Education Act”, requires BESE, upon request of a local school board, to allow and assist teachers, principals, and other school administrators to create and foster an environment within public elementary and secondary schools that promotes critical thinking skills, logical analysis, and open and objective discussion of scientific theories being studied including evolution, the origins of life, global warming, and human cloning. 212 more words


The Spiral Dance

One of the formative books of my youth was The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley because of the story itself and the description of goddess worship and real fairy folk, and because it led me to another book. 386 more words

What to Believe

I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason to justify some of my insane thoughts, but in all honestly I know that it’s not true. 253 more words


Hassan Al-Banna' is Today's Religious Topic of the Day (04/01/15)

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows: 276 more words


Online Hatred and Protecting the Vulnerable Against Indoctrination

Why do we have to keep going over and over the same thing(s) again and again?

Free speech versus free bigotry. Shouldn’t it just be simple? 938 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

All Hung Up on Cézanne

“Cézanne picked up a box in the hall and took me to his motif. It was two kilometers away with a view over a valley at the foot of Sainte-Victoire, the craggy mountain which he never ceased to paint[…]. 726 more words


"Hidden Gifts?"

Each day we go about our business of going to work, taking care of the family, spending time with friends and just doing what needs to be done. 353 more words