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Introduction to the Λήναια 2019

Through these four coming days, we have selected four texts by play writers from different regions of the world. We propose meditation on each of them. 89 more words


Time to Invite Your Neighborhood Klingon to Come to Church With You

Not only is the Bible the top-selling and most-shoplifted book in history, it also exists in the most languages. With the entire Bible existing in 670 languages, the New Testament in 1,521 languages, and portions of the Bible existing in another 1,121… 475 more words


When you're on the grift in Provo with bananas and some kitchen staples

DD and friend bought this bread to support a women’s center; I don’t think anything feels more redemptive than knowing how holy this shitty bread is.  #marketing #BananasForJesus



Jesus really lived and He started a religion. If you want to know which is the true religion, you can study to find out. God made the world and chose Abraham to be the father of a people set apart, a holy people prepared for the coming of the Savior. 52 more words


Royal Secrets (12 parts)

“Royal Secrets” is a fascinating chronicle of human nature in power – its vices and virtues, strengths and failings. It is also an original and exciting guide to the huge sweep of European history out of whose bloody struggles for power the great European traditions of democracy, justice and chivalry painfully emerged. 658 more words



In our Mary Garden this morning, all’s covered with light snow.

Mother and Child share the blanket covering trees and plants and ground.

Somewhere a car horn; someone’s stuck in traffic. 12 more words


Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?

Here is the true token of a soul absolutely perfect, — when one has succeeded in leaving behind his own will to such a degree as no longer to seek, to aim, or to desire to do, what he would will, but only what God wills. 183 more words