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A new Cardinal Fratelli book is out!

The fifth book of “The Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli series.” A cardinal’s life is full of duties, documents, appointments and ceremonies, this young Fratelli knows well, and after a series of comical mishaps gets him to realize he’s being overworked, he decides upon a lovely vacation in Pisa to the south. 82 more words


Cardinal Fratelli’s Comments on Visiting an Average Catholic Parish.

Our friend, Cardinal Fratelli recently traveled to the US. Taking the time to wander downtown incognito, ie. not wearing clericals, he visited an average Catholic parish for Mass.   342 more words


Progressive Catholics Say the Darndest Things…

During a few conversations with fellow Catholics, some of whom are in my own parish, I noticed that some of them say the stupidest things. Their quotes are banal, their insights full of liberal tripe and their knowledge of the faith dismal. 409 more words


A reminder

This is just a reminder folks, for anyone who didn’t see it before, that my first book, “The Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli” is now available in paperback. 71 more words


A Vacation for Cardinal Fratelli, chapter 2

Chapter 2.

A Ceremony.

Morning began nicely for Cardinal Fratelli. He rose, dressed, said morning- prayer, celebrated Mass and ate a hearty breakfast.  Right after finishing his eggs and pastry smeared with pepper jelly, he met with a priest from a neighboring parish, Father Adreo and they discussed opening on orphanage in Lucca. 1,100 more words