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MILLENNIALS & Though less religious than older Americans, they are just as spiritual #PewResearch #ORGANIXbook

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: A cultural predilection of older generations is to judge younger generations as less religiously interested. Yet if you look at the research, Millennials are just as spiritual as older Americans, though they are less attracted to our churches. 346 more words



Religiosity is a sociological term that refers to the numerous aspects of religious activity and dedication.

There are at least three components to religious behavior: knowing (cognition in the mind), feeling (affects the spirit), and doing (behavior of the body). 35 more words


Are religious children more nasty than non-religious children?

A recent study by Decety et al. (2015) found a negative relationship between (Christian or Muslim) religiosity and altruism. I came across the study via an… 1,174 more words


Children! Drop Those Crucifixes at the Door! We’re Becoming Atheists!

I was going to write an entire rant on this but this guy did a pretty good and snarky job just like I like it! 105 more words


Is religion turning perfectly normal children into selfish, punitive misanthropes? Seems like it.

The main argument that religious people have against atheism or agnosticism is that without a guiding deity and a set of behaving rules, how can one trust a non-religious person to behave morally? 532 more words


The new Pew survey: religiosity in America continues to decrease, "nones" are biggest group among Democrats

This time I won’t digest the whole thing for you, as the title of the newly released Pew Survey, called “U.S. Public Becoming Less Religious,” tells the tale (full pdf… 418 more words


TMS decreases religiosity and ethnocentrism

Rituals are anxiolytic; we developed them because they decrease anxiety. So it makes sense that when we feel the most stressed we turn to soothing ritualistic behaviors. 300 more words