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3 Signs You're a Big City Christian

Is there a difference in religious practices between big city Christians and our country cousins? Let’s take a look. A 2015 survey of more than 35,000 adults in the U.S. 283 more words


But Officer, It's the "Spirit" of the Law

Jesus Christ is the spirit of the Law; the letter of the Law is Satan.

Thirty years ago while visiting my brother in cambridge, Mass., I met the man next door, a socio/anthro/econo/lingo-ologist at MIT, working on a grant, searching for a common thread that ties all of life together—everything from the cosmos to world events to sugar ants. 1,365 more words


Love and Mercy.

The Pharisees were the successful people of their day. They were admired and respected because of their outward appearance, their religiosity. Jesus had many confrontations with them because he threatened them and their lifestyle. 332 more words


Why the "nones" leave religion: US and UK getting less religious

The Pew organization, which certainly has no bias that I can detect against religion, had reanalyzed some data from its 2014 U.S. “Religious landscape study,” asking people who said they were both “nones” (those not affiliated with a church) and also had formerly been raised as church members but later abandoned that membership. 1,122 more words