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Is It Hunting Season on Cockroaches, Yet?

I remember sitting in her kitchen. She was a nice lady. Well, certainly nice to me, and that was all that mattered at that moment because this woman represented the protection that I had been craving since I took my first breath. 13 more words


Lost in the Deep Woods of Religiosity

Amid a thick wood stood a big tent. Inside was a stage with many chairs, upon which sat a number of prim and proper looking people. 709 more words


Is religion good even if it's not true?: A deceptive piece in the Daily Beast

Reader Saul called my attention to a Daily Beast article called “Can you be good without God?” (subtitle: “New research raises questions about whether people can be truly good or truly bad without religion”) by Brandon Withrow, who teaches religious studies at the University of Findlay. 1,551 more words


Art, My Religiosity?

It seems strange to say that I am being drawn to art so strongly. When I think of my journey into art I can honestly say that it began when I found a friends post on facebook. 1,347 more words


Open thread: The fetishization of suffering

by Grania

Jerry wrote a post years ago on Mother Teresa that has proved to be the most popular post ever on this website (even more popular than… 405 more words

Open Thread

Continental divide with U.S. widens

We used to think we were becoming more like our American cousins. In 2002 58 per cent of Canadians thought we were; now it’s only 27 per cent… 514 more words


Materialism and the Church

It is truly not particularly difficult to see that what people have since centuries believed to be a certain religiosity, is, in fact, something quite superficial, and in reality not concerned with the supersensible worlds at all. 161 more words