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Jesus Statue

This was in the entrance of a local house near our town. I don’t recall whose house it was but I was drawn to this statue in it’s oldest and subtle morbidity. 19 more words




Tubularsock knows you may not believe this but Tubularsock has had to take on a new part-time-job in order to PROTECT the Satanists from slander at its highest or is that lowest, hmmm, order ……. 180 more words

2016 Presidential Election

Tennessee legislature repeals religious defense for parents who hurt their children by withholding medical care

We have two pieces of good news today from the American South—both from Tennessee. One refers to the subject of reports in The Tennesseean and the… 983 more words


Meditation, Fighters, Warriors, and Khalsa-Warriors

This is an introduction to the next essay… which I promise will be both deep and shocking.

What is a warrior?

According to popular news, media and entertainment programmes, warriors are armed forces personnel who sit in helicopter gun-ships and shoot-to-kill at distant crowds that pose zero personal threat to them. 448 more words


He's a Regifter!

Jesus is that one person who took a narrative of religiosity and reformed it into a relationship…He then regifted that gift given to Adam and Eve in the garden. 41 more words



Hola mi Gente,

In the wake more terrorist attacks in Brussels, the din calling for more blood and vengeance is hard to countenance.

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