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Venngage: Importance of Religion by State

By Alheli Garcia

This infographic provides a visual representation of statistics regarding the importance of religion in the United States. The collected data is based on interviews conducted as a part of… 24 more words

Religion, Gender, and Sexuality (in the US)

Featured Image Credit: Huffington Post.

By Paul A. Djupe, Denison University

Battles over same-sex marriage dominated the 2000s and the nation has been waging bathroom wars as a vehicle for expanding transgender rights. 837 more words

Fake News, Religion and the Church

In an article entitled “the Religious Origin of Fake News and Alternative Facts,” a finding is presented that suggests that Fundamentalists and Charismatic Christians are more susceptible to deception than others, indicating  that it’s because of yet another factor called “truthiness.” Truthiness is defined as being  a gut reaction to facts: 868 more words


Prayerless Praying

Praying under compulsion is a superficial performance of religiosity. When one turns prayer into an automated habit of detached verbiage, prayerless praying occurs.
It is no different than a conversation to oneself, or rehearsing a speech without an audience – or presenting a rehearsed speech without consideration of its impact on the audience. 323 more words

Research Blog #4

“Religion, infidelity, and divorce: Reexamining the effect of religious behavior on divorce among long-married couples”

In Shannon Davis and Joshua Tuttle’s journal article, “Religion, infidelity, and divorce: Reexamining the effect of religious behavior on divorce among long-married couples,” they claim to address the common mistakes of typical infidelity and divorce studies. 168 more words


Another week of me thinking I was going to write one thing and God changing my mind last minute.  This week I read an article about religion in America and how “Mormons register a high level of… 837 more words


New data on the religiosity of U.S. states and its correlation with accepting evolution

Back in 2013 I put up a post showing a negative correlation between the religiosity of American states and their acceptance of evolution, a relationship that also holds among European countries (see original post for figures). 834 more words