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Adventures in Commercial Religiosity

“Can you emphasize his voyeuristic omniscience in a way that’s really unsettling? And while you’re doing that, if you can also make sure he the dead eyes of an insect, that’d be just super.”


Some Thoughts Re Religiosity

This is more of a blog post than my usual rant in that I woke up this morning wondering about something and I’m even a little hazy on what that is, but it concerns a meme I saw of a billboard that said, “Religion is like a Penis. 643 more words

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Meditations: The Ascetic Buddhist Path at Serene Kudumbigala Rock Monsatery

Courtesy of Chula Wickramasinghe, Hiran Cooray and Asoka Kuruppu

Here atop the Kudumbigala Rock experience first hand the ascetic’s tranquil way of life. Wrapped in an atmosphere of calm, Buddhist monks, who have renounced even the austere comforts of the village temple, lead an isolated existence absorbed in mediation, seeking the all elusive inner peace. 1,642 more words

Life Stories

Galkande Dhammananda Thero on Reconciliation via Mandela and South Africa

SEE  … LISTEN ….  https://www.facebook.com/slupfa/videos/10153180587736259/ …

Whatever Religion, Race or Community you come from,   I bow to this wonderful message…. says FARIS MARIKAR


Life Stories

"Jihad," "Martyrdom Operations" and Mohammed Atta's Injunctions in the "Last Night" before 9/11

See David Cook, “Suicide Attacks or Martyrdom Operations in Contemporary Jihad Literature,” Nova Religio 6 (2002), pp. 7-44… …….  AT http://www.ozlanka.com/commentary/jihad.htm

 Pic from pixshark.com… 2,939 more words

World Events & Processes

Sunday Sermon [Fundamentalism]

Hola Mi Gente…
It is a lovely day and I’ll be heading to the seashore to take in the rejuvenation of the seashore — eat some clams on the half shell. 1,069 more words