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La croix du Reculet

On my penultimate day in Geneva, I finally made it up the mountains crowning the city. Le Reculet, now known (since a 2004 survey revealed a neighbour to be a couple of metres higher) as the second highest of the Jura range, offers especially spectacular views from the top. 491 more words


the primitive as reaction, pt. 2

Wittgenstein read William James’ The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study of Human Nature. James sets out to investigate, psychologically and philosophically, the varieties of religious experience, in order to, arrive at what is and how religious human life functions. 275 more words

Cara Wall Scheffler: What anthropology can tell us about the origins of religious behaviour

Homo neanderthalensis By Tim Evanson [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

by Yunus Emre. freeimages

Before I report back on Mark Harris’s second Faraday course lecture, which was on the Bible and human origins*, I want to think about the science behind this subject. 763 more words


Systems stink

When disillusionment with government, church, medicine and education sets in, just say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you”, to God for the reality check. I have weeded out many people who really needed me for their own purposes or who usurped the voice of God from speaking into my life. 266 more words


Minute made theocracy
Fear and misogyny
Hate the birth opening for the harsh light eviction
Warm place addiction
Fatal instinct attraction
Find love but hostile… 100 more words


An Intro to Me - An Invitation to You

I titled this blog “Beyond Religiosity” because religiosity defines my experience of Christianity and I’m past it. I can’t be certain of that as certainty is one of those things I put behind me. 825 more words

Why I don't pay "tithe" anymore

Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for keeping part instead of the whole law. (Matthew 23:23). That is what tithe-collecting pastors do today.  If we insist our congregants must pay tithes, we must also insist that they keep the rest of the law.  1,122 more words