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"Come and Talk With Me"

“You’re not doing it right.”

Okay, those are not the exact words. Most controlling people are slightly less direct, but that is the essence of the message they feel compelled to convey. 1,152 more words


Oxytocin & Spirituality

Guest: Dr. Patty Van Cappellen, Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Behavioral Research Center; Social Science Research Institute, Duke University
Topics: Effects of oxytocin on spirituality, sources of religiosity and spirituality, impact of religion/spirituality on behaviors, thoughts and health… 45 more words


The Rapture

Hola Everybody,
Seems like the rapture is upon us proving that conservatives were right all along. Now, don’t you feel like an idiot for not purchasing this… 918 more words

But Officer, It's the "Spirit" of the Law

Jesus Christ is the spirit of the Law; the letter of the Law is Satan.

Thirty years ago while visiting my brother in cambridge, Mass., I met the man next door, a socio/anthro/econo/lingo-ologist at MIT, working on a grant, searching for a common thread that ties all of life together—everything from the cosmos to world events to sugar ants. 1,365 more words


Love and Mercy.

The Pharisees were the successful people of their day. They were admired and respected because of their outward appearance, their religiosity. Jesus had many confrontations with them because he threatened them and their lifestyle. 332 more words