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Riaz Hassan's Survey of Islamophobia in Australia

Meredith Booth, in The Australian, 20 January 2016, with headline ” One in 10 Australians are “highly Islamophobic” and have a fear or dread of Muslims, a University of South Australia study has found” 416 more words

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Remote Incitement Terror and Sameh Bayda's Arrest in Australia

Dan Box & Mark Schliebs in The Australian, 27 January 2016, where the title is “Terror Documents on Teens’ Phone”

Sameh Bayda last used the ­encrypted messaging service Telegram at 5.12am on Wednesday, January 13. 775 more words

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Love instead of offense 

    We can’t expect everyone to follow truth so we have to represent the Kingdom of heaven in love and lay down offense.


Religious countries are more unhappy

Six days ago, I wrote about some data (presented by the Telegraph and Christian Today) showing the degree of religiosity among various countries in the world—the proportion of inhabitants who agreed that “religion was very important in their lives.” A subjective look at the rankings suggested that the most religious countries were also the least well off. 673 more words


Unbelief hurts

Unbelief is the worst thing we could do according to Jesus, He actually left towns who saw miracles but remained skeptical. This tragedy keeps Holy Spirit bound and unable to prove that Daddy gives blessing and doesn’t take it away. 40 more words


A Post-Christmas Parable

The white lights are gone. Packed away. They didn’t even twinkle. They weren’t supposed to twinkle. They were simple white lights backed up by a dark green pine tree. 980 more words