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To fail to admit that our society is in shambles is of the highest level of denial and blindness.

Denial: one of the utmost promoter of change and provoker of instability is the pressure pressing on individuals singularly, the society they form through their natural relation within themselves and the earth that supports their material needs. 967 more words


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Neuroscience and Religion: A Possible Link

When people ask me if I’m religious, I tend to answer, “More religious than the average Colby student”. This is because I have a tough time defining just how religious I am without the use of relativity. 714 more words


A need to better understand why more education doesn't lead to less religiosity among American Christians

A new Pew report looks at the relationship between education and religiosity:

On one hand, among U.S. adults overall, higher levels of education are linked with lower levels of religious commitment by some measures, such as belief in God, how often people pray and how important they say religion is to them.

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What To Consider Before Joining A Local Church

Looking back, I was always angry when my sisters and brother asked me money for assistance. I was angry of the pictures of lack and the reality of poverty. 1,146 more words

Jesus Christ

The Deliverance Preparation Program: I NEED YOUR MOUTH TO SPEAK!

The Lord said that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Just as the mouth speaks what is in the heart, so too does the mouth speak through an email or on the telephone. 456 more words

False Conversion