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Book Review: Wild Goose Chase

“Wild Goose Chase – Reclaiming the Adventure of Pursuing God” by Mark Batterson.  Multnomah Books



Religion gets a bad rap. I consider myself religious and a person of faith. I am incredibly thankful for all that religion has given me. It hasn’t always been this way. 607 more words

Derek Prince And Deliverance

Derek Prince, in this video, is preaching on playing church, and religious spirits, and a lying spirit manifests in the meeting. People! This was real then and it is even more real today, as we move towards the end of the age. 167 more words

Abuse in the name of 'christianity'

There’s a story making the rounds on facebook.  I haven’t fully fact checked because whether it happened or not isn’t the point of this blog.  The story is told by a dad who supposedly took his daughter to Chick-fil-A (CFA). 674 more words


que sera, sera

I just spent around four hours going through more than 150 comments in a discussion thread in which a colleague and his current and former students, over a period of three days, have done their best to malign the character, academic credentials, professional judgement and intellectual integrity of one of the giants of theoretical computer science and of science education of Pakistan. 445 more words


Bible Study

I was sitting at my little bistro table, eating some dinner – double-decker peanut butter sandwich and potato chips – and absently studying a snow globe in the middle of the table. 1,097 more words