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NASCAR is the latest to slam Indiana's religious bigotry law

DAYTONA BEACH — Usually, when we hear from NASCAR on a weekday, it’s to announce the latest penalties.

Today, though, wasn’t among those days.

Today, following in the footsteps of Apple and Microsoft, NASCAR condemned Indiana’s religious bigotry law in the strongest of terms. 228 more words


By Their Fruits and Religious Nuts

I learned a lot from being a Christian. Growing up, being part of the Church and learning what the Bible taught helped me form a lot of my own ethical ideas and beliefs. 598 more words


Lazy Monday Reads

Good Afternoon!

Well, it’s my turn to be so busy and exhausted that I’m late with the post! I also have to admit that I really didn’t want to look at the news much this weekend… 1,886 more words

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Scary Indiana, Scary Indiana...

For those morons who think Indiana’s religious nut law is “just like” 19 other states, let me educate you: there are federal protections against discrimination for race and sex, but not sexual orientation. 399 more words

Gay Marriage

My Futile Note to the Indiana Governor about SB101

In case Gov. Pence reads comments submitted on his website, he might read the following from lil’ ol’ me:

If you sign SB101, I can’t say you’re my governor. 384 more words

Gov. Pence's Violation Of Scripture

Scots-based UKIP election candidate quits amid claims of 'sectarian and racist filth'

A prominent Scots-based UKIP candidate has quit the party claiming it is riddled with religious bigotry and racism north of the border.

 Jonathan Stanley, who has contested elections in his home city of Edinburgh and was until recently the party’s head of policy in Scotland, said: “This sectarian and racist filth in Scotland needs cleaning up. 517 more words

Regional News

Biblical Counseling --- Exposing the Darkness Disguised As Light

Excerpt from Got Questions.org:

“Secular psychology is based on the ideas that man is basically good and that the answer to his problems lies within himself.

1,574 more words

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