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St Albans - the screen of the martyrs

In the Anglican year, our visit still fell within the season of the Nativity and the figures depicting the birth of Jesus still stood before the altar in the nave. 533 more words


Another Religious Post or: Hell, Why Not?

As I get older I find it harder and harder to not be bigoted or prejudiced towards beliefs that I disagree with. I like to think of myself as an idealist rather than a racist or sexist because I find myself judging people on their ideas rather than their race or gender. 799 more words


Heba Macksoud v. the Victim-Industrial Complex

I am on the verge of saying that America has a Victim-Industrial Complex. Our society teaches  how to be a victim in the same focused and careful way special teams coaches teach punters how to fall down as if they had been hit by a defensive lineman. 1,499 more words

Political Psychology

Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays?

As most of us remember from Dr. Seuss’ famous Christmas tale of the heart challenged Grinch who couldn’t stand for others–the “Who” down in “Whoville” in particular–to celebrate the season recognized for the birth of Christ, an important lesson can be applied to the Christmas season today.  1,034 more words


brothers of the craven image

It’s Friday. “We” have safely (?) made it through another week.

Insert here much cheering, counting of blessings, and sighs of relief.

Not much has changed on the global stage. 107 more words

Cranky Anarchy

It’s not their religion, politics, or culture – it’s our abiding, fundamental distrust of others

More and more people are turning out to be rude, offensive, intolerant, and sometimes verbally violent in discussion forums and social networking sites across the Internet. 417 more words

A Festive Soliloquy

Festivals have ceased to make me happy since a couple of years. They don’t carry the same innocence and excitement any more. And since India is a nation that celebrates culture and life so vivaciously, it’s weird to feel this way about culture. 626 more words