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It’s Friday. “We” have safely (?) made it through another week.

Insert here much cheering, counting of blessings, and sighs of relief.

Not much has changed on the global stage. 107 more words

Cranky Anarchy

It’s not their religion, politics, or culture – it’s our abiding, fundamental distrust of others

More and more people are turning out to be rude, offensive, intolerant, and sometimes verbally violent in discussion forums and social networking sites across the Internet. 417 more words

A Festive Soliloquy

Festivals have ceased to make me happy since a couple of years. They don’t carry the same innocence and excitement any more. And since India is a nation that celebrates culture and life so vivaciously, it’s weird to feel this way about culture. 626 more words


Lessons in Religious Bigotry from Pakistan and America: Fatima Tassadiq

Guest Post by Fatima Tassadiq

The last few months have been quite intense for Muslims in the US. The Syrian refugee crisis gave us gems like ‘hey, these people have smart phones! 1,828 more words

Bad Ideas

Tuesday Open Thread: Carson & Trump Muslim comments spark backlash

Article VI: “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office…under the United States.”

If a Presidential candidate cannot follow the Constitution that one swears to uphold then that person is UNFIT for office of the Presidency. 279 more words

Current Events


Both reject, both disbelieve, both repudiate

Exhort, incite, instigate, intimidate

Challenge, provoke, propagandize

Mock, joust, maim, kill, eulogize

Irresistible force, immoveable object

Seismic shocks, cataclysmic change… 132 more words


The Kim Davis Process Tree

Kim Davis is the center of the religious freedom battle to practice as they see fit – no matter how much hate, bigotry, lawlessness or idiocy they may show. 51 more words