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Biblical Counseling --- Exposing the Darkness Disguised As Light

Excerpt from Got Questions.org:

“Secular psychology is based on the ideas that man is basically good and that the answer to his problems lies within himself.

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I've little to add to this wonderful post. It should be required reading (including its links) to all parents and expecting mothers:

Ring tailed roarer

A Ring Tailed Roarer (pictured above and below, standing second from the right) harangued an entire subway car on the 2 line for twenty minutes today. 229 more words


Because He is A Muslim.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’m not in the best of moods this morning, so pleasantries will have to wait till another letter.

I may not show this often and I ma… 885 more words

Kill the freak!

Why is it that people are so prone to hate others who are different? We are all unique in our own special ways and all of us have different likes, hobbies, needs and desires. 1,569 more words

Politics And Societal Issues

Je suis Charlie, nous sommes Charlie.

What is there to say? Two or three violent young males shouting “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) murder twelve people in Paris simply because some of the twelve have produced a few fairly predictable cartoons about a religion and some of its well-known religious figures, past and present. 302 more words

Community Cohesion

Leelah Alcorn

I’m sure by this point a significant portion of the online community will be aware of the recent suicide of a young transgender teen named Leelah Alcorn. 1,558 more words