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Tuesday Open Thread: Carson & Trump Muslim comments spark backlash

Article VI: “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office…under the United States.”

If a Presidential candidate cannot follow the Constitution that one swears to uphold then that person is UNFIT for office of the Presidency. 279 more words

Current Events


Both reject, both disbelieve, both repudiate

Exhort, incite, instigate, intimidate

Challenge, provoke, propagandize

Mock, joust, maim, kill, eulogize

Irresistible force, immoveable object

Seismic shocks, cataclysmic change… 132 more words


The Kim Davis Process Tree

Kim Davis is the center of the religious freedom battle to practice as they see fit – no matter how much hate, bigotry, lawlessness or idiocy they may show. 51 more words


A Quick Note: No Cosmological Solicitation, Please

If you read my previous post, you’ll notice that I feel a degree of anger toward some parts of the atheist community.  I don’t feel that way toward all atheists, or even most atheists.  191 more words


Truth Alone Prevails

Wow, going by the hate barrage I’m subjected to and almost being deemed as a fanatic on facebook for voicing my dissent against capital punishment, I would say- We have such a long journey to make towards being a civil society. 544 more words


...wonders why it took so long?

Finally, America no longer sees “gay marriage”; there’s just “marriage”.  Well it took long enough!

Although though it may on the face of it not seem that great an achievement, I feel this step is right up there with the Emancipation Proclamation (1863), the Civil Right acts in the 1950s/60s, Women being able to vote (1920s), Africa’s end of apartheid (1990s). 192 more words


Next? Aurora, Colorado. Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The Washington Navy Yard. The college town of Isla Vista, California.

Naturally, we respond by trying to pinpoint the cause: bad parenting, mental illness, guns, video games, the media, heavy metal music, or just plain evil. Once some ‘other’ is identified as an offending agent, we set up a kind of quarantine so that it can be banished from society and no longer threaten. 242 more words

American Exceptionalism