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Cultural Change or Cultural Acceptance – Which Is More Important?

10am I’m reading about the big buzz created around the recently published NY Times article “In India, Fashion Has Become A Nationalist Cause”. It amazes me to see how people can easily weave in politics and religion into anything and everything that has the potential to cause national uproar. 482 more words

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Indian History Part 59 The Lodi Dynasty Section IV: Sikandar Lodi: An Appraisal

Singapore, 20 October 2017


Sikandar Lodi ruled with distinction and was undoubtedly the greatest of the Lodi kings. He extended the boundaries of the Sultanate in all directions and retrieved the still sagging prestige of the Sultanate. 2,825 more words

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This Is Christianity?

A few weeks ago, I stood looking bigotry in the eye and wondering how someone comes to think and behave that way. What makes it possible for someone who has feelings and some kind of sense of self-worth to treat others as though they are scum who should be eliminated from the earth? 756 more words


Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is, once again, in the news. To be more precise, an entirely incorrect and corrupt view of religious freedom is in the news. 872 more words

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Haiku #209

Scrambling the eggs

Fish rot on the dock today

Nothing left but hate


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And why shouldn't I be "prejudiced" against Christians?

I don’t agree with what Dawkins retweeted. This website with its platitudes did not make me see a reason to become more accepting when dealing with irrational bigots. 428 more words