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Was Jesus a Conservative?

Contrary to the myths propagated by the propagandists of the Christian Conservative Political Movement. Dedicated to using the power of the state to enforce their own religious beliefs upon the rest of the nation; by manipulating public opinion in order to have their political candidates elected into political office. 355 more words


Religious Conservatives

They claim
to love and serve the Father Above
yet help the
rich to steal from the poor, destitute
and needy

Because they
themselves have been blessed… 46 more words


"The Antithesis Of Religious Liberty": Why The GOP Has The First Amendment Upside Down

One entertaining aspect of recent dramatic Supreme Court rulings was learning that the court’s high-minded intellectuals can be just as thin skinned and spiteful as everybody else.  812 more words


To tell the truth (right-wing front edition)

The mission of the Institute for Family Studies is “strengthening marriage and family life, and advancing the well-being of children, through research and public education.” As of this morning, this includes not a single use of the words “gay,” “lesbian,” or “same-sex” anywhere on their website, … 210 more words

In The News

John Stossel: The Left's Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than the Right's

Reason —The contemporary anti-science left

This year is the 10th anniversary of a book called The Republican War on Science. I could just as easily write a book called The Democratic War on Science. 106 more words


Pat Robertson making even less sense than usual

Via Wonkette, Right Wing Watch gives you Pat Robertson:

The non-video version is that some lady named Jane wrote to Pat and asked him “what she should say to a coworker who asked her, ‘Why did God allow my baby to die?'” And Pat knew just what to say to this grieving mother: “look, lady, maybe your kid was the next Hitler.” No, really: 279 more words

Bad Guys

"Mike Huckabee Is Prepared To Blow Up Republicans' Big Ruse": Pulling Back The Curtain On The Party’s Double Dealing

By the time the sixth or seventh candidate enters a Republican presidential primary, it’s usually tough to identify a unique quality that distinguishes him from those who came before. 847 more words

GOP Presidential Candidates