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Houston's Gay Rights Measure Turned Back by Religious Conservatives

LGBT Americans are looking for more protections, and so are religious conservatives. The challenge, legal experts say, is to find a way out of all-or-nothing politics. 71 more words

Modern Church


In the
pews they sit on Sabbath
sing praises to the Lord

Lay their
tithes and offerings
within the
offering plate as it… 91 more words


The Real Donald Trump

Everyone knows that when Donald Trump speaks, human intelligence winces. Well, everyone but the large swaths of the American public who claim that he has the courage to say what’s on their mind. 1,452 more words

News & Commentary

The Servants of Mammon

Religious conservatives
claim to follow the Father Above
who dwells up in Heaven
yet worship at the shrine of the false
god known as mammon… 61 more words


Easily Deceived

There is a
reason that so many southern voters
are the foot
soldiers for conservative politicians
who end up

Voting corrupt
politicians into political office… 51 more words


America’s Future

Upon the back
of the beast the whore rides majestically
the cup filled
with the wine of her fornication held up
for all to see… 66 more words


Serving Mammon

With their lips
they speak of heaven – sing
praises to the
Father Above whom they
claim to follow

Yet their hearts
are centered upon their earthly treasures… 95 more words