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More GOP politicians have been arrested for sexual misconduct in bathrooms than trans people | DeadState

As GOP lawmakers push their draconian anti-LGBT legislation across the South, the transgender community is now assuming the role of religious conservatives’ new favorite target. 16 more words


Finally, Bloodless

The sweet best
there is in me
that I strive to be
is a damnable horror
duplicitous and delusive
it once was I thought
a goodness – empathy… 229 more words


Houston's Gay Rights Measure Turned Back by Religious Conservatives

LGBT Americans are looking for more protections, and so are religious conservatives. The challenge, legal experts say, is to find a way out of all-or-nothing politics. 71 more words

Modern Church

The Real Donald Trump

Everyone knows that when Donald Trump speaks, human intelligence winces. Well, everyone but the large swaths of the American public who claim that he has the courage to say what’s on their mind. 1,452 more words

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"The Antithesis Of Religious Liberty": Why The GOP Has The First Amendment Upside Down

One entertaining aspect of recent dramatic Supreme Court rulings was learning that the court’s high-minded intellectuals can be just as thin skinned and spiteful as everybody else.  812 more words


To tell the truth (right-wing front edition)

The mission of the Institute for Family Studies is “strengthening marriage and family life, and advancing the well-being of children, through research and public education.” As of this morning, this includes not a single use of the words “gay,” “lesbian,” or “same-sex” anywhere on their website, … 210 more words

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John Stossel: The Left's Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than the Right's

Reason —The contemporary anti-science left

This year is the 10th anniversary of a book called The Republican War on Science. I could just as easily write a book called The Democratic War on Science. 106 more words