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Theodore Drange

Theodore Drange is a Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at West Virginia University. He has a B.A. from Brooklyn College and a Ph.D. from Cornell University. 46 more words


Stop calling it a "culture war," call it what it actually is

So I saw another truly ridiculous piece of conservative outrage today, about the squawking, dishonestly named “One Million Moms” group (a proud owner of 3,000 Twitter followers) getting upset that gay people exist. 1,977 more words


The "Minimal Facts" approach is certainly named correctly, at least...

A couple of months ago, a Catholic apologist visited an atheist forum that I frequent- Atheist Forums– and quickly caused quite a stir with a number of threads arguing for the historicity of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. 1,844 more words


"Don't judge, we all have our sins,"... except if you're gay.

Earlier this year, Josh Duggar was embroiled in a scandal involving his past molestation of several underage girls, including some of his sisters. A procession of conservative christians came out of the woodwork to defend the man, including presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, with the main theme of their wheedling predophilia-apologia being that everybody sins, that Jesus forgives all sins, and so therefore nobody is in any position to judge Duggar period, so shut up. 1,654 more words


... Do Kim Davis advocates actually understand what's happening?

So Kim Davis has been released from prison, and boy howdy do the hooting bigots seem to think this is some kind of step forward for their cause. 1,640 more words


Further thoughts on a Kim Davis

So, maybe this is a controversial statement, but don’t you think that if you’re going to take a stand on an issue of religious belief that maybe, you know, the belief itself should be a part of your religion? 2,102 more words


Examining the chief argument of #freekimdavis

The arguments surrounding the Kim Davis issue have already been done to death, written about so exhaustively that, for the longest time, I could produce no new take on the issue that would be sufficiently interesting to justify my writing about it. 1,500 more words