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Prosperity Gospel

I was cooking dinner just now, and it dawned on me that one of the predominant features of the Ovinite cult described in my novel is that it should subscribe to a “prosperity gospel”-inspired theology, of the type espoused by the likes of Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen and other crooks of that ilk. 358 more words

When religion fails you

So young and naive was I when mother would drag my little body to the house of God, sometimes I would cry till my nose ran through endless catarrh. 400 more words


The 'Abrahamic Religions' Moral Panic

Just saw something come up in my Facebook feed called ‘Anti-Abrahamic philosophy.’

I always find it odd that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are regarded as on some very different level from, say, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism (leaving aside problematic disputes on whether the latter two are ‘religions.’) 168 more words

Bukowski in Eden

Nothing but a bell-tolling dread, dear. It’s nothing important.
Ah, my lovely wife, always apprehensive when Rapture comes.
Jean, my dear, I say, if it weren’t for the Bone Kingdom, my pension wouldn’t allow us to submerge in each other’s horrid thoughts about the sub-recesses of suicide. 316 more words


I have a problem with people referring to modern polytheist practices built from past dead folk spiritualities as “reconstructionism”. I cannot say with any certainty that that term is accurate. 666 more words


2015: Year of the Liberal or Terrorist Sympathizer?

2015 has just begun and already the ugly face of religious extremism has unmasked itself. Excluding the continual massacres in the Middle East, three new attacks (one in France and two in Nigeria) have already gained infamy, all of which are tragic and disturbing events. 428 more words


A Brief Overview of the Difference Between Karma and Grace and Why They are Incompatible

“Karma is a bitch.” Is probably one of the most frequent phrases I hear from Christians.

Karma is the Buddhist ideal that everything you put into the universe, or take out, will be the ultimate factor in the way the universe treats you. 341 more words