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Quote of the Day, 7/3/2015

To encourage false beliefs and to protect them by discouraging, if not prohibiting, honest discussion and free inquiry may well be inexpedient in the extreme. Those who assume that some beliefs, even if false, are necessary to preserve morality have a peculiar notion of morality and imply that dishonesty and rigorous discrimination against honesty are moral.

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Quote of the Day, 6/27/15

This quote has special meaning for me; it captures perfectly the rank idiocy of a man I once knew, and a man that he knew and (wrongly) respected as a serious thinker. 103 more words

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A New Commitment: Quote of the Day, 6/21/15

In an attempt to force myself to write more, I will be embarking on a new project, beginning now. Once a day, I will offer short excerpts—and possibly, occasionally, some commentary—from whatever it is that I am reading at the time, or from things I have read that strike me as important. 590 more words

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On Spinoza, Walter Kaufmann, and God

Here’s an interesting little quote from Spinoza’s Ethics (Samuel Shirley translation), in the scholium to proposition 47 of part II:

That men do not have as clear a knowledge of God as they do of common notions arises from the fact that they are unable to imagine God as they do bodies, and that they have connected the word “God” with the images of things which they commonly see […].

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Philosophical Meanderings

Bukowski in Eden

Nothing but a bell-tolling dread, dear. It’s nothing important.
Ah, my lovely wife, always apprehensive when Rapture comes.
Jean, my dear, I say, if it weren’t for the Bone Kingdom, my pension wouldn’t allow us to submerge in each other’s horrid thoughts about the sub-recesses of suicide. 316 more words


I have a problem with people referring to modern polytheist practices built from past dead folk spiritualities as “reconstructionism”. I cannot say with any certainty that that term is accurate. 666 more words


2015: Year of the Liberal or Terrorist Sympathizer?

2015 has just begun and already the ugly face of religious extremism has unmasked itself. Excluding the continual massacres in the Middle East, three new attacks (one in France and two in Nigeria) have already gained infamy, all of which are tragic and disturbing events. 428 more words