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Do CA Employers Have to Give Time Off for Religious Holidays?

The short answer is probably. No California law requires private employers to provide employees paid or unpaid time off for secular or national holidays (although many do), but when it comes to religious holidays, there’s a different legal landscape. 359 more words

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17 Year Old Pakistani Christian Boy Beaten to Death by Muslim Students in School Classroom

A Christian boy, who was doing well in his studies despite being from a poor home was beaten to death by his muslim classmates inside his school in Pakistan’s Punjab Province. 116 more words


Haiku #209

Scrambling the eggs

Fish rot on the dock today

Nothing left but hate


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Guide to Handling Workplace Discrimination

Every week, I encounter new potential clients who have fallen victim to workplace discrimination.  Among other topics, unlawful conduct includes Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination… 256 more words

Kashmir : A comforting Viewpoint

Vikas Variahwa and the Muslim Hindu relations in Kashmir
I met Mr Vikas Variahwa (VV – name tweaked slightly) at the recent French National day celebrations in the open but tented lawn in their Embassy . 1,258 more words

No religious discrimination where school has optional clause in creed

A recent interesting decision in the State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia deals with the question whether it is “religious discrimination” for a school to ask students to recite a fortnightly “school creed” containing an optional line mentioning God. 1,535 more words

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TX HB 3859: Codifying Religious Discrimination?

Two days ago Texas passed HB 3859, “relating to protection of the rights of conscience for child welfare services providers.” This bill is being panned as “patently discriminatory” bu the Human Rights Campaign and otehr civil rights groups. 704 more words

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