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Dying is for the weak

People are so neurotic that they propagate a mercy ration where you’re only eligible for Allaah’s Mercy if you try harder. These types of lies are the most damning and damaging beliefs circulating the planet right now. 96 more words


It's Not About Preventing Pregnancy, It's About Dogma

Trump to switch federal money from comprehensive sex-ed programs in favor of abstinence only education.


The man who can’t stay out of women’s changing rooms and his dick out of porn stars and hold on to a wife, will be championing abstinence only education that does not work. 208 more words

The Sanguine Say

 “Look how she bled on the altar floor. Covering the walls with menstrual flow.

Quite common for damsels of her age to bleed transitioning from young girls to maturity. 225 more words


Did Anyone Ask God?

Some religious people make all kinds of claims about God and what He endorses:  a certain cultural value or political view, a specific theology, and, increasingly frequently, a dismissive conclusion about people who don’t comply with those views. 838 more words

People Fighting for Old Lower Consciousness Beliefs – HighHeartLife

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People Fighting for Old Lower Consciousness Beliefs

August 15, 2017Denise

When I was around 8 or 9 years old, I got… 3,595 more words

Aldous Huxley (Quote)

God isn’t compatible with machinery and scientific medicine and universal happiness.
You must make your choice. Our civilization has chosen machinery and medicine and happiness.
~Aldous Huxley


Religious Misinterpretation of Spiritual Reality

In Through the Mists – Chapter 13, Two Illustrations, Following a visit  to a family, who regularly engaged spirit communication and physical interactions with spirits, Cushna explains to Aphraar how religious beliefs can prevent spirit communication, a natural part of life. 1,017 more words