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Mind Your Own Business

There’s a great level of peace that comes with minding your own business. This is because folks who go within, and do not seek to meddle in the affairs of others, nor seek control over others, have minds wholly undisturbed by the turbulent ripples that are an invariable result of the strenuous mental effort that it takes to make sure that everyone walks the same self-righteous path as yourself. 1,137 more words


Consider my stone on the ground

My nephew is gay. In response to many of the hateful remarks made against the LGBT community he crafted a most elegant response.  It contained many of the common statements such as marriage equality does not harm Christians. 460 more words


Gluten Free Dogma, And Others

In his new book, “The Gluten Lie”, philosophy professor Alan Levinovitz analyzes why fad diets and crazes concerning food are so prevalent in history. This morning over at Salon.com I found a very thought-provoking review of it. 743 more words


Of Lorenzburg, Neo-enlightenment and Constitutional Monarchy.

HSH Prince Freï is an advocate of the classical ideals of the Enlightenment:

  • The right to free thought and free speech.
  • Everyone’s right to freedom, health, education, creativity, meaningful work, play, love and adventure.
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Freedom To Speak

Art Journal | Op Ed

 January, 2015

Philip Guston, during an audio interview ( circa 1960s)  described his move away from lyrical abstraction towards politically charged paintings. 1,208 more words

Art Journal Magazine

The Myth of Peaceful Religion

Violence may be on the downswing in historical terms, but we’re often reminded that it ain’t gone. The murder of a dozen Parisian newspaper people by Islamic terrorists is only the most recent instance of religious murder. 771 more words

The World


To begin with, I should let you know a bit about me. I am in my mid twenties, I have an MSc and would consider my self to be very fortunate with the safe, comfortable life I have, in a relatively open yet conservative country. 309 more words