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12. The Heart of Religion - A Reflection on Religious Dogmas

A dogma is any non-evidenced, non-verified (many times non-verifiable) idea that is believed to be truth. It’s important to talk about dogmas because it’s a large part of every religion, it’s practically what makes them religions.  713 more words

The Independent Sovereignties of America

Reality and Hope

Are we still the United States of America?

Have we ever been?

Sovereignty:  1) the quality or state of being sovereign, or of having supreme power or authority.    579 more words


Belief and Dogma in the Age of Disenchantment!

Are we living in a disenchanted world where secularists invite us to eat from a tasting plate of feel-free delights? Others tell us to peck around scraps left at the jagged edges of reality and some offer us the discomfort of darkness… and to only seek answers in the clear light of reason. 1,745 more words


Unplug from the Matrix

When I saw the movie, “The Matrix” I thought it was a fantastic study in science fiction, a metaphor, for the trance that has overtaken humanity, but now many years later I know better. 822 more words

Speaking My Truth



Speaking My Truth

Posted: 20 May 2016 02:10 PM PDT

Between age seven and puberty,

God looked human for me

and I took religious stories and symbols literally. 172 more words


We Desperately Need a National Reboot

The US was founded on an imperfect belief in equality. We have lost much of what we had of that belief, and are overdue for better treatment of everyone, and major changes elsewhere as well. 958 more words

Political Trends

Immaculate Conception – A Dark Side Deception

Julian writes excellent articles, this one is no exception…~TS

By Julian Rose | Waking Times

…leading to the rise of the Crypto Male

One of the things that might have given sex a bad name here on planet Earth, was the supposed arrival of highly realized beings whose conception (we are informed) did not come about via an act of conjugation between a man and a woman. 3,075 more words

Awakening And Consciousness