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The Death of Dogma

“In truth, there are only two kinds of people; those who accept dogma and know it, and those who accept dogma and don’t know it.”—G.K. Chesterton…

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Faith & Doubt

A Child for No Seasons

How long will we be able to start a story, one that we tell or write, with, “I was having a drink with a friend when …”? 1,187 more words

Climate Change

The Religious Mindset – Gateway to a New Dark Age

By Zen Gardner

There couldn’t be a more pertinent backdrop to this article than the soci0-religious marriage taking place on the world stage right now. The Jesuit Pope endorsing these global social engineering programs disguised as caring for an ailing planet is a perfect example of mass manipulation using religious mindsets and attachments is a clear demonstration of what is being perpetrated on mind-numbed humanity. 1,847 more words

Awakening And Consciousness

Compassion in such Short Supply

I started writing this post more than a week before Pope Francis visited the United States.  I did not have the Pope in mind at the time.  926 more words

Social Issues

Christians, does this woman embarrass you?

I would like to ask you to take a close look at this meme, but don’t focus on the words. Focus on the face of Kim Davis. 831 more words


Marriage licenses are a heaven and hell decision, but the root of all evil is not.

Like many, I ‘ve been following the saga of Kentucky deputy clerk Kim Davis as she battles into martyrdom for her stand against gay marriage. Today after appearing before a US District judge, Davis was in court and reprimanded to jail until such time as she agreed to perform her appointed duties. 610 more words


Commentary on the Christian Hypocrisy of Josh Duggar

I despise a hypocrite. Of all the alleged sins, I would rank hypocrisy at the top of my list. If you have followed my blog then you are probably aware that I hold a particular disdain for televangelists. 773 more words