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One Sister’s Vocation Story Begins at Holy Family

Holy Family hosted a  Vocation Talk for the children preparing for Confirmation- as you can imagine, there are many of our students who have never even seen a habited sister, much less know what their vocation is about. 

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Religious Ed

In space and time grace happens

The first class of Religious Education (SCORE) draws the entire community together as children, parents, and catechists gather in the school cafeteria, with heightened energy, excitement, and  for some, a little anxiety. 352 more words


Get Ready...Go Out

As we are about to start a new year it’s important that all teachers

recognize some important things about their students


they have grown from last year, regardless of what grade they are in and whether or not they have you for the first, second, third time or beyond…they are growing…that means new worries, new concerns, new joys, new experiences… 298 more words


Religious education classes for all students will begin on Sunday, September 13. You may register your child prior to that date online, at the parish center August 26 and September 12 from 6:00pm until 7:00pm, or in person the first day of class. 39 more words

Religious Ed


Religious ed ends today, so we are having a party! And I bought my 7th grade class Baltimore Catechism No.2s, which are simple and concise but I could not be more delighted with them for this class. 102 more words


Quotes from 7th Grade Religious Ed

I’ve had a busy few days. . . Wednesday was the last class for 7th grade religious ed. I wrote the topics we covered this year on the board along with the highlights of each. 817 more words


No Religous Education Classes Easter Sunday

No classes for K-5 on April 5th
Happy Easter to all our families!

Next classes K-5: April 26th, 10-11:30am
Next Classes for Grades 6-11: April 12th, 10-11:30am

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