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Holy Weak!

I never had thought about these things. I was a Catholic, but I wasn’t a Catholic. I was born into a family that wanted to say they were Catholic and that is about it. 524 more words


Jacob Have I Loved: A Young Pilot's Story by Katherine Paterson

Louise is the elder twin, brought up in a protestant island. Her sister, Caroline, gets all the attention and is the favourite so Louise becomes a tomboy and plays with Call, an ugly boy with no other friends. 298 more words

Religious Education

Tarka The Otter by H Williamson

This book tells the life story of Tarka the Otter, who is born in the Devon countryside and faces the struggles that all otters must endure as they grow up, mate, and grow old. 258 more words

Religious Education

Heartease by Peter Dickinson

End of trilogy of events: after ‘the changes’ in which England has reverted to feudalism and fear of machines. An American spy is hidden by children and teaches them about civilisation amidst a web of defensive fear. 83 more words

Religious Education

A Sound of Chariots — M. Hunter.

Bridle’s father dies at the age of nine. Her Scottish protestant mother hides a lot of grief from her and her religious upbrining is quite oppressive and it is not until adolescence that she is able to come to terms with the death by writing and so exposing her wounds in order to heal them. 30 more words

Religious Education


Drawn2bCreative – Various printables – some free, some not – I look forward to using them when I have the opportunity to.

Perhaps Children Need Religious Initiation, Not Religious Education (3/28/15)

Most religious education programs for children, both in churches and in religious schools, follow an academic model. This makes Faith seem like just another academic subject. 172 more words