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Les Miserables

Based on the book by Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, Les Misérables has been running as a musical on the London stage since 1985. It is without doubt one of the world’s most popular stage productions, and has toured the far corners of the globe with its powerful, haunting music and deeply human, bitter-sweet story. 899 more words

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Questions to consider when watching the film:

  1. How did you react to the film’s visuals, especially the effects which were used to create the battles, plagues, and the ancient setting?
  2. 572 more words

After (Once/Now/Then/After) by Morris Gleitzman

The third book in the trilogy jumped so much time that it is good to see that this book fills in some of the missing years. 261 more words

Religious Education

Now (Once/Now/Then/After) by Morris Gleitzman

The abrupt jump in time from the previous book is disorientating. Now we have mobile phones, before we were in World War 2. However, I can see quite vividly, in my mind’s eye, the places that the author describes. 373 more words

Religious Education

Films with faith!

Although teachers wouldn’t like to admit it we do use DVDs in our classes at times!! It may sound like we’re dodging making lesson plans but many of our topics lend themselves to films. 235 more words


Then (Once/Now/Then/After) by Morris Gleitzman

This sequel picks up immediately from where ‘Once’ finished. Felix and Zelda jump off a train on its way to a Nazi death camp; their friend Chaya is killed in the process and the children bury her, leaving little 6 year-old Zelda with her short legs and wearing only slippers, less strength to keep up with Felix as he drags her up the hill and into the woods beyond, before a Nazi train, carrying Jews to camps, comes with machine guns on the roof and soldiers who would shoot at them. 1,274 more words

Religious Education

Exploring Faith

“‘Hear O Israel: The Lord  our God, the Lord is one.’  This is one thing Jews can agree on, and it’s a belief shared by all the Abrahamic faiths.” 333 more words

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