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Min's Journey

Recently, over on my other social media feeds, Min underwent a strange little spiritual journey…

And so it ended – with Min’s spiritual state remaining, for the time being, undecided. 32 more words

Quickfire Genetic Engineering Videos

Need a quick peek at informative videos about genetic engineering? Here are some easy videos for Unit 8 Section 1.

Gene Editing

Horizon – Playing God… 37 more words

Religious Education

Religion in Scots Law and Education

It’s an old truism, that he who pays the piper calls the tune. Therefore it is no surprise that a £40,000 report, Religion in Scots Law, 987 more words

The Church In Scotland

Efforts to protect conscientious objectors' graffiti from WWI

Richmond Castle in Yorkshire was the ‘prison’ where conscientious objectors in WWI were sent and where they left their mark. They included Quakers, Methodists who wrote hymns on the wall, Socialists who added the words and music of The Red Flag, and a lace maker who contributed a delicate pattern for a flowery border. 71 more words

Religious Education

India's Dying River

It can be difficult when you learn a lot of subject specific keywords at school, perhaps you do a homework using them, even a lesson or two more when you need to know them, and last of all an assessment to check you’ve remembered them, and then two months later you have completely forgotten what they were and what they meant. 99 more words

Religious Education

‘Religious Education is here to stay’

David Aldridge in his article: The case for Humanism in Religious Education, (Journal of Beliefs & Values, (2015) 36:1, 92-103, DOI: 10.1080/13617672.2015.1014650) makes a strong case for inclusion of Humanism in RE curriculum. 1,430 more words