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Colourful Diwali

Diwali is a Hindu festival and it’s being celebrated today, Thursday 19th October! The great thing about festivals is that they capture the imagination of everybody; you don’t have to be of that faith to enjoy the food, stories and celebration. 154 more words

Classes 1 & 2 October 4 & 11, 2017

I am sorry for the very late posting for these first two classes of the year. Life has been very busy.

We discussed Jesus’s baptism and the role of John the Baptist. 143 more words

Religious Education

The Care and Feeding of Black Children's Souls pt.4

As I’ve said before, some of my favorite people in Unitarian Universalism are religious educators. So I think about them when I read stories about children; children of color in particular. 307 more words


The Thirty Year War: My Life Reporting on Education – R. Garner

This book reminds me how a fulfilling and stimulating vocation was ruined by successive political interventions that made it turn into a nightmare, sucking all the joy out of it. 716 more words

Religious Education

What Every Muslim Should Know about their Deen

Prophet Muhammad (saws) said: “Seeking Knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.” (Related by Ibn ‘Adiyy, Al-Bayhaqi & Al-Tabarani)

Though this Hadith is known and memorised by most Muslims, the essence, the amount, and the kind of knowledge referred to in this Hadith remains misunderstood by many. 1,582 more words


Psychology of Moral Development: 2 (Essays on moral development) by Lawrence Kohlberg

Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development constitute an adaptation of a psychological theory originally conceived by the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. Kohlberg began work on this topic while a psychology graduate student at the University of Chicago in 1958, and expanded upon the theory throughout his life. 952 more words

Bible Resources that Everyone Can Use!

My name is Adam Puszczewicz-Cuddihy and I teach Religion and Music at both primary and second level.

As part of my MA in Religion and Education at St. 145 more words