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First Blasphemy Charge in Denmark for 46 years

Blasphemy – the action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things

A man in Denmark has been charged for blasphemy after burning a Qur’an on Facebook and posting the comment: “Consider your neighbour: it stinks when it burns” to a group called “YES TO FREEDOM – NO TO ISLAM” in December 2015. 175 more words

Free Range become Barn Eggs

We’re reported on this before but with Year 8 students currently starting a unit on creation, the environment and animal rights (Genesis), it is timely to see the story about… 138 more words

Notes on Blindness

My RE colleague, John Hull, was an Australian academic theologian living in the Birmingham who went blind in 1980, and died, aged 80, in 2015. Determined to make sense of his experience, he started an audio diary on an old-school cassette recorder. 757 more words


2017 #UULent

#UULent has been created as a way for Unitarian Universalists to engage in a shared spiritual practice alongside siblings in faith who are observing Lent. In some Christian traditions, in preparation for the celebration of Easter, the faithful make a personal sacrifice as a way of bringing them closer to G*d, and reminding them of the sacrifices that Jesus and his followers made. 228 more words

Religious Education

Bill's Life Lessons 101

 In my previous blogs I have taken to using short quotes as a bit of a punch line at the end of the piece. But this time I have decided to offer some of the pithy sayings I heard used over and over during my youth. 1,145 more words


Bank of England going to keep the new £5 note

A petition against the new £5 note  stated that tallow on the new polymer £5 notes which comes from animal fat was “unacceptable to millions of vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others in the UK”. 92 more words

Awareness, Mystery and Value - Somerset SACRE

The SACREs of the South West have pooled resources and shared a syllabus for many years. More recently, one officer has taken his bat home, concerned that there is a lack of coherence in the overall RE experience of pupils and not enough subject content In this, he is in line with the sort of reforms set forth by Michael Gove but very much out of kilter with most practitioners of RE. 452 more words

Religious Education