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Christ's Death for Our Sins - His Humanity Displayed His Divinity

Why would the son of God be born as a mere flesh-and-blood human?  Why would he be permitted to be subjected to doubt and indignities, to torture and death? 951 more words


Loving Your Neighbor - Love Works No Ill to His Neighbor, Therefore Love is the Fulfillment of the Law

The great commandment to love your neighbor as yourself should be understood in the light of the above discussion of virtue and the concept of… 1,356 more words


Virtue - The Good and the Misguided

If we are to pursue virtue, we need to have some idea of what it looks like. A man may believe himself to be virtuous, while another person thinks him to be a monster. 1,689 more words


Search Engines as a Tool to Assist in the Teaching and Learning Proces

Alykhan Dhanani was teaching secondary school students in the Ismaili Religious Centre in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania when he conducted his action research project in 2015. His study  explored whether search engines as a tool can assist the teaching and learning process or not.   1,064 more words


Class #23, April 27, 2016 The Finish Line

Last night was the last class of the 2015-16 CCD year. (Last September seems like last century.) We had pizza and fruit punch, and Monsignor Costigan visited. 50 more words

Religious Education

Start planning a holiday in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is not a country that attracts huge numbers of tourists, unless they are heading to Makkah on the Hajj pilgrimage. Well the country is planning to change that by i… 172 more words

Religious Education

Difficult Concepts Made Simple 8 - Baptism


Baptism of infants (adult baptism will be discussed further below) is unusual among the vehicles of grace in that it does not involve action… 1,031 more words