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Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is, once again, in the news. To be more precise, an entirely incorrect and corrupt view of religious freedom is in the news. 872 more words

Current Events

Hiding in the Herd

The term herd immunity has been used for almost 100 years, since about 1923.

Other terms relating to herd immunity, like ‘hiding in the herd’ and ‘free-riding’ have come into use more recently. 939 more words

Vaccine Education

This should be black and white, not grey: Your religion does not exempt you from the laws of the land

When did Freedom of Religion morph into thinking that religion concerns trump the laws of the land and society in which you live?

I live in the Midwest, of which there are numerous enclaves of Amish. 836 more words


Tetanus and Tetanus Shots

Tetanus is a vaccine-preventable disease that is caused by the Clostridium tetani bacteria.

Unlike most other infections though, tetanus isn’t contagious. Instead, spores of Clostridium tetani get into dirty wounds and then begin to grow into active bacteria. 1,010 more words

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Religious exemptions and a Measles outbreak in Gauteng

There has been an outbreak of Measles in Gauteng.
According to the front page of The Saturday Star dated April 6, the outbreak is centred around a family that refused vaccination for “religious reasons”. 178 more words


10 Reasons to Not Vaccinate Your Kids

Parents often have their reasons for why their kids aren’t vaccinated.

But whether they have a medical exemption, personal belief exemption, or a… 669 more words

Vaccine Myths

Christian Sharia Rises Again

Update 5/4/17:  Trump just signed the executive order, which allows churches to engage in partisan political activity without losing their tax-exempt status. This is a very significant step toward removing the barrier between church and state. 692 more words