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Modernity and historical interpretation

Gene Callahan has an excellent post on how modernity creates problems for correct historical interpretation. Another good example of this is Gibbon’s commentary on Christianity in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, … 93 more words

Church History

The Other Side

The Other Side

I got close enough to the image
to see the street lamp and tree

And graveyard beyond it


What Is Spirituality And Its Meaning

By john johanson

Spirituality can be termed as a process of self metamorphosis either in a manner confirming with conventional religious paradigm or aligned with personal experience and psychological development dissociated from any religious context. 465 more words


John Hick's Pluralism: An Appraisal

After Alvin Plantinga, John Hick is the biggest influence on my own philosophy. Whilst I strongly disagree with him on several points Hick is often challenging and always interesting. 1,671 more words

Religious Experience

What Colour Do You See? Wittgenstein & The Dress

Do you see cream & gold, or blue & black? The philosophical question over subjective perception, and the different ways in which we see and experience reality, has been given a celebrity boost in the last few days . 546 more words

The ACLU and Religious Freedom, Part 4

What is the ideal balance between faith and reason? Do people have a right to choose faith over reason, at least in matters of faith? The U.S. 3,122 more words
Religious Freedom