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An interview

Today’s comic is co-authored by Google’s DeepDreaman A.I. neural network.

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April 30 - Encountering Jesus

Psalm 67; Proverbs 2:9-15; Luke 19:1-10

“Birds of a feather flock together.” We all know that cliche. We all know that it’s usually used to warn our children about the kinds of kids they are hanging out with. 456 more words

Devotional Thoughts

On Certainty

I recently read a fantastic book by Peter Enns called The Sin of Certainty. I will not lie, as skeptical as I was in reading this book, I was impressed and greatly satisfied with the result. 810 more words

Specification For RST4a Religious Experience

Topic III Religious Experience

  • Ideas about what might in general terms be regarded as a religious experience and what the term might mean. The relationship between definitions of God/gods/Ultimate Reality and any idea of religious experience.
  • 145 more words
Religious Experience

Techniques Of Consciousness Change And The Religious Experience

The decision to allow a number of grams of psilocybin to accompany you off into the forest, the subsequent collision with your internal circus in a four hour technicolor consciousness change, is an voluntary act which we would all recognise as chemical. 1,230 more words

Another View of the Current Arguments

“And then, one Thursday, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change…”

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Being Uncomfortable

As I said before, 2016 is a year of work, but I was silly to think that it only meant spiritual issues would be worked out. 677 more words