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A Standing Rock Story Part 2

“We have no sense of shared identity with our neighbors, and no sense of shared purpose. We have no notion that our well-being is tied up with that of the people we live next to or share a building with.

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Touching the Divine or Living by Chance

Many religions have been founded on the teachings of individuals viewed as holy beings. Buddha and Jesus reached a state of enlightenment so pure that they changed everyone they met. 862 more words

Spirituality & Religion

Religious experience as an argument for and against God's existence

When we talk about sensory experiences, we sometimes talk about how such experiences can give justification to a belief. For example, me seeing a cat with my eyes provides a reason/justification for me to believe that there is a cat in front of me.  209 more words

Snowball's chance in hell

Just a random musing:

Many people in the world have claimed to have had uncanny experiences (e.g. dreams which came true, visions of entities or events they could not have otherwise known, NDEs, OBEs). 163 more words


The Epistemological Argument (IV)

I thought I had written everything that I wanted to write about the epistemological argument with my last post. Then a friend of mine asked me a question about it, revealing an objection to the argument which I had neglected to answer. 896 more words


The Epistemological Argument (III)

My last two posts have been about what I call the epistemological argument for belief in God, also known as the argument from religious experience. So far, I have defended the claims that: 2,180 more words