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There will always be more plausible explanations for religious experience than God. Discuss.

Recently I posted a set of questions which I thought could possibly come up in the examinations. I wanted to focus on the religious experience one. 359 more words

A2 Level

The Social Construction of Religion Experience

After I left the Zen Center in 2010 I found a couple of articles by the scholar of Buddhist Studies, Robert Sharf, that raised a lot of questions for me about the Zen Buddhism that I knew. 997 more words

My imaginary friend revisited

I just wrapped up my long discussion with tildeb, which I genuinely enjoyed but felt it was time to throw in the towel — I felt we just could not take the discussion to the next level.  862 more words


Catching up to the fourteenth century

Only the most jaded cynics dismiss all religious experience as neurosis. Most view the history of the human race and get it: Sure, there are charlatans, but they’re piggy-backing on something valid and real.  506 more words