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My imaginary friend revisited

I just wrapped up my long discussion with tildeb, which I genuinely enjoyed but felt it was time to throw in the towel — I felt we just could not take the discussion to the next level.  862 more words


Catching up to the fourteenth century

Only the most jaded cynics dismiss all religious experience as neurosis. Most view the history of the human race and get it: Sure, there are charlatans, but they’re piggy-backing on something valid and real.  506 more words

AJ Ayer & The Verification Principle

AJ Ayer is a familiar name to most A-Level philosophy students. He played a  key role in the philosophical revolution that was taking place in the early part of the 20th Century which changed the landscape of Western philosophy and impacted upon just about all modern philosophy which followed – most notably Epistemology (what is truth and knowledge?), Religious Language (what do we mean, if anything, when we make statements about God?), and Existentialism (what is the meaning of life?). 855 more words

On hallucination

When I was about twelve or thirteen—and there is no way I can relate this without sounding like the kid from The Sixth Sense—I started seeing dead people. 859 more words

A To Z Blogging

Biblical Nuggets: General Revelation

General Revelation: Term used for the knowledge about God that he makes possible through the natural world, including general religious experiences of awe and dependence. Defenders of general revelation have usually claimed that it is sufficient only to give us knowledge of the existence of a powerful Creator, though some have argued that the goodness of God can also be seen in the natural order. 77 more words


Separating My Philosophy From My God


The above link is to a video of John Piper describing how knowing God on the PhD level in theology can be harmful to our faith in Him.   700 more words