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“How Can I Experience God As Real?” (The Highfield Letters #1)

Over the years I’ve received many letters asking my opinion on various issues or requesting my help with a troublesome concern. I take these inquiries as occasions not only to do something good for others but also to think about an issue of interest. 903 more words

“I kept that promise.”


It’s hard to describe what happened to me at the altar during the prayers of the church, yesterday. Typical Lutheran congregations don’t have a shared vocabulary for discussing personal spiritual experiences. 690 more words


Holy Grounds

Kyle took a sip of coffee, then admired the cup before setting it down. The spectacle made Nate roll his eyes.

“Have you ever considered the immeasurable wonders of coffee?” asked Kyle. 254 more words


Challenges to Religious Experience

Physiological Challenges 

  • One example against religious experiences is the suggestion that they have a physiological cause
  • For example, did Paul have epilepsy? This would explain the appearance of a bright light…
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Are Religious Experiences Veridical?

The issue for many philosophers & theists is – are religious experiences veridical? Are they what they claim to be – a revelation from God – or are they caused by some other factor or force? 479 more words


William James

William James’ Argument from Religious Experience

  • William James conducted investigations into many different religious experiences in order to ascertain what qualities they possessed, what similarities & differences ran through them…
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