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On this day as I write this, Alabama made us smile. I never thought I could say that, but it happened. 341 more words

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Honey Lovers Unite!

We love honey at The Food Channel and the fact it’s National “I Love Honey Day” gives us the perfect reason to extoll its virtues (and provide some delicious recipes, below). 113 more words

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Fear and Loathing from the Back Pew — Hell is Hot Pt.2

This is the continued fictionalized story of one man’s life-long struggle with organized religion and his combative relationship with an egotistical, arrogant and often bigoted deity, who may or may not be all in his head. 4,150 more words


The right not to be murdered by religious fanatics

Although forty-plus years an Australian, Canadian born and North American to the last so spent the first part of my life next to the US. And while one of those extremely nice Canadians, I have an enormous admiration for the US and its way of life. 482 more words

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The Lizard

I’m talking to a lizard

Who dont know what she is

She thinks that she’s a wizard

Because of her relatives

The Earth is flat she says to me… 117 more words

The Preacherman--part 3

Part 1 here

Part of me was curious as to what the “some things” were, but a bigger part didn’t want to go sit in that chair, didn’t want to know “some things”. 2,550 more words

Short Fiction

The Preacherman--part 2

Part 1 here

I didn’t know what I expected, though what came through that door surely weren’t it.

A gal edged sort of sideways through the opening, and it was her. 2,783 more words

Short Fiction