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For tomorrow; always for tomorrow!

The real doctor says I’m irrecovaarld by sick; I can’t get better;

they do have me strong mes; but I won’t recover. The librarians keep stealing my mes. 195 more words

Tracie Peterson's "Treasured Grace"

Title: Treasured Grace

Author: Tracie Peterson

Publisher: Bethan House Publishers

Copyright: February 28, 2017


Format: E-Book, 320 Pages, $9.02 , $15.31 , $8.53 , $19.59 , $9.27 , $15.61 , $9.99 , $8.63 , $10.99 , $23.95… 963 more words


Aim: I’m ret. Racist ICs of stalk plummrs; time to steam hymn.

Aim: I’m ret. Racist ICs of stalk plummrs; time to steam hymn.

put mo nannies

he ‘s not a he

And I hate him so much… 183 more words

Tosh: Horrors in the Public Bathroom; Gable Mommy. Gale Avi and Noe Mommy, too. Bathroom, Daddy.

date: 31217

dedicated to: I love you, Avi.

Part One. In-defatigable mommy. 

Mommy wants to touch your tush.

Mommy will come for you in a minute. 228 more words

get-to fiction; Ri’ Bou-t : I’m so Blonde!

Date: 21917 get-to fiction; Ri’ Bou-t : I’m so Blonde! cited: Legally Blonde(s) the movies

Part Non Suicidality Modeled.  The Par Vat-i

Those things in the bathroom make a woman’s beauty curdle; I swear they had ten years in v-v… 388 more words

Dead Sea Blues

You ever been to the island in the middle of the Dead Sea?  It is not immediately apparent as you stare through the hazy atmosphere, the dry, lifeless shoreline and the mirrored surface of the water conspiring to bend the rules of reality. 1,109 more words


Anvil Soul by David O'Sullivan

It’s a new year and that means new and exciting challenges to undertake. This year, one of the things I want to add to my skill set is writing book reviews. 530 more words