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Miracles (A Fifty Words Story)

Two Orthodox Rabbis stared gape mouthed at the television before them. Childlike voices sang from the overhead speakers, perfectly unified. One Rabbi asked the other: 153 more words


Mercy of Depravity: Chapter 1

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The bacon sizzled. The eggs bubbled. He screamed as his finger grazed the side of frying pan. 895 more words


Climbing Backward: Chapter 1


The endless drone of the heart monitor chased me down the endless corridor until it faded into the darkness. A light and soothing “whoosh” sound filled my ears as I catapulted through space, surprisingly unconcerned with my circumstances. 2,417 more words


Father's Daughter (A One Hundred Fifty Words Zombie Story)

Steeples, church bells and hymn books draw even the most wayward of sheep through the front door from time to time. Father’s Daughter sat on the cushioned pew, head bowed and feeling very alone. 152 more words


The Grave (A One Hundred Fifty Words Zombie Story)

Seventh Street Bridge was an inhospitable place for all the garbage underneath it. The ‘guardian angel’ who cast the wing-like shadow on the ground said there was an automatic weapon. 182 more words


Alvin Akuamoah's The Third Called Emmanuel

Foreword: This is a work of fiction.

Shepherd of the Lost

In the beginning, the first three men brought to the baby the third star of the east, a symbol of the babys birth, not as the first child of the sun but the third, because everything to his birth and everything that would be to his death in the 30th year was the number 3. 868 more words