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The Mark of the King

The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this story! This is a story of love, heartache, triumph, failure, betrayal and facing the unknown. 334 more words


King Solomon, What Did She Desire? (Repost)

The Bible states  “and  king Solomon gave the Queen of Sheba everything she desired and asked.”  So what did she desire and ask? 867 more words

King Solomon

Ted Dekker Joins the Baker Book Group Family

I was a bit of a record nerd. I could tell you all the business stuff about who was signed to what label and who distributed that label on six continents. 642 more words


A Slice to the head

Grandpa wore a word word wardrobe dress; it was fancy, and it was so much like mine.

I think eventually I figured he wanted me to change my dress; to something I didn’t fancy so much. 1,133 more words

Book Review: Story of Sita (DNF)

Title: Story of Sita
Author: Nabeena Srikanth
Publisher: Inkstate- Leadstart Publishers
Pages: 326
ISBN: 978-9352019496
Source: Publisher

‘Story of Sita’ aims at presenting the Ramayana from Sita’s perspective. 547 more words

Book Review

Dingo: twenty minute racing fiction, just about that

It was a sporadic front; and I almost coveted.

No just joking about the 2nd part.

At that point one of my brothers and sum of my cousings and sum of my friends; entered jealousy training to drain covets to things of covert; and things that more than ben things: smelled good. 122 more words