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Abandoned (A Fifty Word Story)

Old paint peeled from the walls. Abandoned oak pews slouched in disrepair, weighed down after generations of use. Dust coated everything fragile and temporal.

” 🎶 O for a thousand–🎶” 34 more words

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Unangelic (A Fifty Word Story)

“Everything’s normal. Blood pressure’s fine; your vision is uncannily good for your aging processes. You’re lucky!

However, your heart has two extra chambers; your pupils become slits under illumination; and…you have extra digits on your extremities. 27 more words

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Angel Wings (A Fifty Word Story)

Burning embers, not snow, buried the ground on Christmas Day. Rams horns stopped wailing dirges after their warnings went ignored and unheeded. Silent Night, truly. 33 more words

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The College Bonfire (A Fifty Word Story)

Fires stop my heart, mid-beat. My extremities turn frosty; I cease breathing; I can’t flee.

Enraged, gloating students jeer instead of laugh or smile. Their clothes alternate between contemporary and Colonial within seconds. 19 more words

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Behold, Armilius!

Belial copulated with the white marble statue of a stunning girl. A bald Middle Eastern child just materialized. A grayish tuft of hair sprouted from his head. 60 more words

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