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Lightning Storm

Last night I watched a fantastic Incubus show right underneath a glorious and terrifying lightning storm. I drove 300 miles to Phoenix from San Diego yesterday morning, through the desert, along the steel wall that separates Baja California and Sonora from the United States. 539 more words

Spiritual Writing

Compassion for an Invalid

John 5:1-9 (5:6) – August 13, 2017

“Compassion for an Invalid”

Have you ever heard of a really whacky, old-time law that is still on the books? 1,430 more words

The Rocks Will Cry Out

Luke 19:40 says” But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!”

Question: Are you going to let the rocks cry out or are you going to cry out? 276 more words


'Submit to your husbands': Women told to endure domestic violence in the name of God...(linked article)

After I wrote my last blog about how the church as a whole, support domestic violence through its mis-teachings and silence, someone shared this report with me. 95 more words

“Let her alone. She’s anticipating and honoring the day of my burial." ~Jesus

Breaking news! Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead so the religious leaders decide to kill Lazarus. Talk about not getting it.

OK, back to the real story. 299 more words

God Thoughts

Weekend Update 7/8/2017: Scandals and Schadenfreude

Yesterday’s round-up of news links (which covered two weeks because I’d been swamped at work then went on a short trip to deal with some family things) ended with a video of Tim Minchin singing his song, “Come Home, Cardinal Pell.” Which is a good song, but I failed to include a link in the news section about how the named Vatican official has finally been charged with sex abuse related crimes and ordered to return to Australia to face the charges. 710 more words


“Why do your disciples play fast and loose with the rules?” ~Religious scholars to Jesus

It is sad but religious people are consumed with “the rules”. Jesus knew it very well. He encountered it all the time.

Question to myself. Am I consumed about the rules and who is or isn’t following them? 56 more words

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