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Pastoral Shaming

That moment when the senior pastor was publicly dishonest. No, it wasn’t that the other pastor on our staff “just so happened to be leaving us this week.” He was actually forced to resign a month earlier behind closed doors. 735 more words

"My Father is working straight through, even on the Sabbath. So am I." ~~Jesus

Jesus rattles the religious leaders. He does it all the time. It is intentional. No, I didn’t mean to do that kind of world with our Master. 135 more words

God Thoughts

The Grail Message | The Antichrist

Men! When the hour comes in which, according to the Divine Will, the purification and winnowing must take place on earth, then watch for the predicted and partly supernatural signs in the sky! 316 more words


The Impotent Church - Why Contemporary Christianity is Powerless

The Impotent Church

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Why is contemporary Christianity so powerless today?

On close inspection of the New Testament we see that Jesus had numerous encounters with the religious leaders of the day. 1,397 more words

False Gospel

Religious Leaders Urge Bloomington Drop Charges Against MOA Protesters

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - More than 100 religious leaders are urging Bloomington’s city attorney to end the “aggressive prosecution” of the leaders of the group “Black Lives Matter.” 224 more words


Shocked and Offended by Comparison of Christianity to Extremism

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday:

I replied politely that perhaps if he were to consider more objectively the “God and Guns” movement that’s sweeping the nation, he would better understand the attitudes the president is alluding to. 248 more words

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