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Creating A World That Works for Everyone

On the spiritual journey, we are frequently presented with paradox. Paradox occurs when two seemingly opposite statements are both true. One such paradox is that each person is divinely given everything they need, and each person plays an essential role in everyone else getting their needs met. 626 more words

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Good Intentions

I don’t like to use the terms dreams, wishes, hopes, wants or desires because they are all terms in which it is acceptable to “let go” 772 more words

Inner Awareness

Living with Nothing to Prove

Louise Hay said in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, “The innermost belief for everyone I have worked with is always ‘I’m not good enough.’” Given the large number of people she has worked with, it could benefit us all to pay attention to how that core hidden belief might be operating in us. 557 more words

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Guaranteed Success with Your Vision (for your life)

I offer this post in the form of a one-minute video inspiration.


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Being A Mystic in the Modern World

A mystic is one who accesses divine wisdom without a process of reasoning or using external means. A mystic perceives spiritual truths within their own heart and consciousness. 480 more words

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