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You Are Not Your Emotions

By Gregory Toole

Our emotions can be so intense that it is sometimes difficult to see them as anything other than who we are, or to realize that, in our interconnectedness with others, some of our emotions are a pulse on what’s taking place in the collective consciousness. 492 more words


Being Consciously Conscious

by Gregory Toole

The name of this article comes from a talk I gave nearly 20 years ago in the formative stages of my spiritual teaching practice. 582 more words


Can we ever be lost in consciousness?


The question that comes up today is: Can we ever be lost in consciousness?


It’s an interesting question and it sort of takes me to the concept of consciousness being light-plane energy …that multi-interdimensional plane of light-energy, light energy grids, and those grids also while multidimensional also collapse down into pure light energy with no dimensionality at some point, into the oneness… And if we feel lost in consciousness, it’s that we don’t have the inter-connectivity of those grids of light-plane energy, and that is why at times we feel lost. 1,054 more words



May 27, 2015

Hi Everyone,

A friend has re entered a deep state of depression. She is almost lifeless, unable to leave her bed. I was shocked to see her in such condition. 816 more words


Creating A World That Works for Everyone

by Gregory Toole

On the spiritual journey, we are frequently presented with paradox. Paradox occurs when two seemingly opposite statements are both true. One such paradox is that each person is divinely given everything they need, and each person plays an essential role in everyone else getting their needs met. 626 more words


Good Intentions

I don’t like to use the terms dreams, wishes, hopes, wants or desires because they are all terms in which it is acceptable to “let go” 772 more words

Inner Awareness