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Racial Conflict

A white police officer shoots an unarmed black citizen in Tulsa, OK. The citizen’s life is suddenly over and the officer’s life is probably ruined. I’m sure the black man did not do anything intentionally that he thought would provoke deadly force against him. 461 more words

Political Compromise

John Kerry interacts with students at IIT-Delhi, speaks on terrorism, clean energy and South China Sea

India.com |  Aditya Sharma on August 31, 2016  |

Being a seasoned diplomat, Kerry steered clear of making a partisan statement on foreign soil; something certain Indian leaders could learn from him. 611 more words

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Surah 2:102-121: "Those to whom We have sent the Book study it as it should be studied..."

Much of the material we have covered so far in surah 2 is essentially apologetics against Judaism and Christianity, and this next section is no different. 1,946 more words

Jefferson Qur'an

Me, Myself and Christ: Immersion

I had not set foot in church in almost twenty years when I began looking for a community to provide a moral foundation for my sons. 852 more words


How religion can lead to violence - Gary Gutting

The path of modern tolerance has proved more difficult for Islam than for Christianity, and many Muslims still do not accept the ethical constraints that require religious tolerance, and a significant minority see violence against unbelievers as a divinely ordained duty.  1,222 more words


Dormis quote

Tolerance of other religions would have saved many a life and prevented many a war throughout history! – Dormis Aeternitas
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Trump Supporters Think I'm Unfair

WOW!! I must be doing something right! My critics think I was too hard on Donald Trump in one of my recent blog posts. 353 more words

Political Compromise