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DAVID BROOKS: Religious Liberty and Equality

New York Times: Over the past few decades the United States has engaged in a great struggle to balance civil rights and religious liberty.

On the one hand, there is a growing consensus that straight, gay and lesbian people deserve full equality with each other. 152 more words


Sacred Bridges - 2015

It is the time of the year (during the time of the important Jewish and Christian holidays) when I present my  program Sacred Bridges. The focus of this program however is on spiritual music from multiple religious traditions and not just the two. 286 more words

Classical Discoveries

Religious Freedom

The United States Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion.  The Religious Freedom and Restoration Act of 1993, which passed Congress with nearly unanimous bipartisan support before being signed into law by President Clinton, endorses this constitutional guarantee.  289 more words

Human Behavior

Refrain From Tail Bonks as a Spiritual Practice

In snowboarding terms, tail bonks occur when snowboarders intentionally hit and bounce off objects, either natural or manmade, with the tail of the snowboard. Spiritually speaking, a ‘tail bonk’ is intentionally upsetting a religious fundamentalist, mainstream religious literalbot,* or people who consider themselves to be more spiritual than religious by inserting a controversial, maliciously judgmental, and/or hurtful comment at the end of a conversation about religious or spiritual beliefs as a seemingly spontaneous after thought. 470 more words


Kite wars

At 5h00, Mimi has already taken away the mosquito tent that covers her bed, a double bamboo carpet and a Minnie Mouse pillow that barely fits under her neck. 375 more words


Those Arrogant, Obnoxious Christians!

Today we will address a common objection to Christianity. It goes something like this: “So, you think your religion (Christianity) is the true religion, that Jesus Christ is the only way to God? 764 more words


None but ourselves can free our minds

Reading about Aisha, a devout muslim university student in a fictional novel Boko Haram  was exciting because it just shows exactly what is going on in our society today.   125 more words