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Can we force people to accept Islam?


Islam and Muslims frequently come in the press and are imparted with heavy criticism for religious freedom issues. Often examples are cited that in Muslim lands, people of other faiths are not freely allowed to profess or proclaim their beliefs and the notion that Islam is to be spread by the sword was in the past and is still popularized by its critics to scare those outside the faith. 3,013 more words


Young Iraqi Christians, Muslims, and Yazidis are the seeds of dialogue in a Land broken by the Islamic State

ERBIL: In order to overcome the murderous madness of the Islamic State, which has covered with blood a land already brutalised by years of wars and violence, it is necessary to start with “a plan of dialogue and outreach at the local level”, involving first of all children and young people, the new generations, “who will be tasked with building life together” beyond their respective religions. 290 more words

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Seeds of hope!!!

Muslim World League, University of London host ‘Tolerance in Islam’ conference

Arab News | Published — Thursday 18 May 2017

LONDON: Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, secretary-general of the Muslim World League (MWL), told participants at the League’s “Tolerance in Islam” conference that moderation underlines the texts of Shariah and the Prophet’s teachings, and that those moderate values are incompatible with extremism and inciting violence. 387 more words

The Muslim Times

Ahraristan not Pakistan

It is quite a popular thing to trample on religious liberty of the citizens of Pakistan provided it is done in the name of Islam…
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Being UU: Part 1 – What is Unitarian Universalism and What Does It Mean to Me?

“Unitarian Universalism is a diverse and non-creedal faith, affirming and promoting the inherent worth and dignity of all people.”

That’s the elevator pitch we give at our church every Sunday, but ask any UU what it is, and they’ll probably have something a little different to say. 834 more words


I am Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu & Atheist

People often ask me, what my religion is. My answer to them is, I am a Christian to the Christian, a Jew to the Jew, a Muslim to the Muslim, a Hindu to the Hindu and an Atheist to the Atheist. 937 more words