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Can We Survive Trump??

I have not written on my blog in recent months. I was so demoralized by the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election I just needed time to reflect. 1,345 more words

Political Compromise

It's about Religious Acceptance, it's no longer about Religious Tolerance

There is a question in today’s society that has got quite a grip over people’s psyche – rational and not so rational alike – whether religion is basically good or basically evil. 1,066 more words


True Religious Freedom

Religion can be constructive or destructive, it represents contradictory understanding to different people who term themselves religious. As a human race we search for meaning in things around us and have a myriad of questions concerning existence itself and because answers are not found we cling to religion in hopes of finding solace and easing the numerous unanswerable questions within and around us. 511 more words

Obstacles to Peaceful Coexistence in Abrahamic Religions

[1]. Paper presented by Dr. Abdolrahim Gavahi on the occasion of Dialogue between Islam and Christianity, Spain, Dec 19-20, 2008.

“Say O People of the Book! 1,913 more words

English Papers

Iftar at the Pejawar Mutt - R. Jagannathan

Should Hinduism unilaterally accept the validity of all religions, or offer it only on a reciprocal basis? – R. Jagannathan

Some Hindu groups have protested against the… 622 more words