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Besieged by Murderously Intolerant Christians!

Sam Harris’s Letter to a Christian Nation was published shortly after The End of Faith, which is his more well-known work. I want to get to criticizing that book too, but I thought I would start my critique of Harris’s work by focussing on his most explicit attack on Christianity, which is the “Letter.” 741 more words


Tyrants Disappearing—A Hanukkah Meditation

Hanukkah (חֲנֻכָּה [ḥanukāh]) is a Hebrew word that means “dedication.” It is used in the Bible for the dedication of holy objects, such as the altar (cf., e.g., Num. 2,314 more words


A Woman Was Murdered. How Can You Help Save the Others?

Sister Lucy with K-1 class

You know the feeling of wonder when you meet someone whose heart is bigger than you can imagine? That was my feeling when I met Sister Lucy. 955 more words

Global Awareness

Opinion > What if India and Pakistan were one country like Nigeria?

Published November 13, 2018

Azuka Onwuka

While watching last week’s three-day violent protests in Pakistan over the acquittal of a Christian lady, Aasiya Noreen (commonly known as Asia Bibi), by the Supreme Court over accusation of blasphemy against Islam, some things were going through my mind. 152 more words


Remember remember the 5th of November

Yesterday, my son was learning all about Bonfire Night at school. He happily came home and told me all about Guy Fawkes wanting to blow up the Houses of Parliament and how he was particularly keen to see King James killed and replaced. 643 more words

Our Condolences on the Pittsburgh Massacre

A mourner kneels outside the Pittsburgh Synagogue where 11 innocent lives were ruthlessly taken in a act of gross religious intolerance

I have today written to the Merseyside Jewish Representative Council to express our regrets at the massacre of Jewish Americans on Saturday in Pittsburgh. 765 more words

Liverpool City Council


“We will never truly prosper or experience lasting harmony, until we refrain from preaching the gospel of our own moral values and our personal preferences by forcing it upon others.”

Anthon St. Maarten