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Religion gets a bad rap. I consider myself religious and a person of faith. I am incredibly thankful for all that religion has given me. It hasn’t always been this way. 607 more words

What's so Funny?

It is with greatest irony that I look at atheism these days. I spent months reading Dawkins and watching Hitchens and Harris in debates. This was something I felt was important for growing my faith. 1,456 more words

Religulous (documental)

Religulous es un juego de palabras entre religious (religión) ridiculous (ridículo); en inglés tienen una semejanza asombrosa. Este documental, producido y escrito por el humorista y presentador  157 more words


Bad Grief

Certainly there is some rage against the idea of God, but the idea that theists are stupid because they’re theists is a stupid idea. Anyone who cares to could find out in about five seconds that there have been many theists who were frighteningly intelligent. 349 more words


The tax man giveth....

For some reason, the religious right strongly backs Donald Trump. Whatever. Something something Israel something.  He’s preparing for the end of days or some such nonsense.   678 more words