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Bad Grief

Certainly there is some rage against the idea of God, but the idea that theists are stupid because they’re theists is a stupid idea. Anyone who cares to could find out in about five seconds that there have been many theists who were frighteningly intelligent. 349 more words


The tax man giveth....

For some reason, the religious right strongly backs Donald Trump. Whatever. Something something Israel something.  He’s preparing for the end of days or some such nonsense.   678 more words



The 2008 documentary film Religulous is a work of the American comedian Bill Maher, who travelled to many religious destinations such as the Vatican, Jerusalem, and Salt Lake City to name a few. 20 more words

Mysterious Ways

If you are of a certain religious bent then the correct answer to the question of “Why did the religious extremist do a heinous act?” is that God made him (it’s almost always a “him”) do it. 39 more words

Culture Rot

MBTI: TMI? Or not enough?

As I take another look at these results, I think of the part in ‘Religulous‘ when Bill Maher talks about having been ideologically vulnerable in the past: 885 more words


Encomium 9/11 – George Merkouris

Encomium 9/11: George Merkouris

The loss was staggering, and so much has been saturating our lives since that day 2 years ago. I wanted to pay tribute to the only FDR graduate I personally knew who perished on that diabolical day. 943 more words