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I was going through Amazon Prime’s new movies section last night.  As I did, I came across this film:

That’s Religulous (a portmanteau of religious  1,691 more words


Religion gets a bad rap. I consider myself religious and a person of faith. I am incredibly thankful for all that religion has given me. It hasn’t always been this way. 607 more words

What's so Funny?

It is with greatest irony that I look at atheism these days. I spent months reading Dawkins and watching Hitchens and Harris in debates. This was something I felt was important for growing my faith. 1,456 more words

Religulous (documental)

Religulous es un juego de palabras entre religious (religión) ridiculous (ridículo); en inglés tienen una semejanza asombrosa. Este documental, producido y escrito por el humorista y presentador  157 more words