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The 2008 documentary film Religulous is a work of the American comedian Bill Maher, who travelled to many religious destinations such as the Vatican, Jerusalem, and Salt Lake City to name a few. 20 more words

Fact Food

Mysterious Ways

If you are of a certain religious bent then the correct answer to the question of “Why did the religious extremist do a heinous act?” is that God made him (it’s almost always a “him”) do it. 39 more words

Culture Rot

MBTI: TMI? Or not enough?

As I take another look at these results, I think of the part in ‘Religulous‘ when Bill Maher talks about having been ideologically vulnerable in the past: 885 more words


Encomium 9/11 – George Merkouris

Encomium 9/11: George Merkouris

The loss was staggering, and so much has been saturating our lives since that day 2 years ago. I wanted to pay tribute to the only FDR graduate I personally knew who perished on that diabolical day. 943 more words