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TEMPTING: Spicy Garlic Flower (Scapes) Relish

On our homestead, we plant our cherished garlic in fall and patiently wait for the pigtail harvest in late spring.

Garlic scapes or pigtails are the undeveloped flower that draw energy away from the bulb. 242 more words

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Grilled Firecracker Potato Salad

A few years ago, I went through a phase of liking spicy flavors. I still do, but this recipe was something I had been playing around with spices for a bit trying to think outside the box. 194 more words


Watermelon & Buffalo-Mozarella Salad

Hot days, warm night, the summer can take a lot of effort to stay cool in! Ice cold watermelon, grilled sweet peaches and creamy buffalo mozarella will hopefully relieve you of some heat and will make you look forward to the evening! 330 more words


... Le Chat ... Orange .......

… meets … more Orange … and some Black …..

… painting on show at Nether Edge Farmers Market, sunday 18th June (see Upcoming Events for details) … hoping it will raise funds for homeless street cats in Montenegro …



Relishes are the those magical additions to any dish that take it up notches higher. I love having a good relish / chutney with almost anything I eat! 331 more words

Spring Vegetable Caponata

This is a top-notch relish without the price tag because all the vegetables are now in season.  Caponata is an Italian condiment with infinite variations, so I thought I’d give it a local tweak with vegetables in season here.   283 more words


Spicy Grilled Salsa

Here is the salsa we served with the previous recipe, Herbed Meat Kebabs. This dish is also from Einat Admony’s book, Balaboosta. We recommend actually putting the salsa with the kebab meat in a pita pocket, but you can serve it on the side if you prefer. 192 more words