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Know your reloads!

QVDs are –without any doubts– one of the best parts in QlikView. They are small, super-fast and allow us to use data more efficiently. Most of the developers out there already have some sort of template for loading information from multiple sources and storing them in QVDs, but last week I found that metadata about each reload, table and data source could be useful. 394 more words

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Review: Re:load Pro

About a year ago, over at Arachnid Labs sent a tip in about Re:load Pro, his digital constant current load design. was running a crowdfunding campaign, which always makes me think twice about posting. 839 more words

Hackaday Columns

One-point & two-point linear perspective

The air is filled with an infinite number of lines, straight and radiating, interceding and weaving together ever coinciding; and they represent for every object the true form of its reason.

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The Basis of Everything

The mental state when making drawing is most commonly one of total absorption, a withdrawing and removal of attention from anything other than the drawing; the sense of draw meaning to extract.

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Album Rank: Metallica

The past few days I’ve been on a huge Metallica kick. So I thought it would only be fitting that I do an album rank of Metallica’s albums. 38 more words

Album Rank

Line, Tone, and Repetition

As skill expands, the capacity to sustain repetition increases. In music that is so-called Isaac Stern rule, the great violinist declaring the better your technique, the longer you can rehearse without becoming bored.

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