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It's Official: The Oakland Raiders Are Moving to Las Vegas

Oakland tried an 11th-hour attempt to keep the team in its city, but a lack of taxpayer financing doomed those chances.  

The NFL is coming to Las Vegas. 254 more words

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This feeling creeps into my insides or is it localized in the pit of my stomach? If I could take a stab at describing it, I would use adjectives like warm, heart palpitations, fluttering, woozy, butterflies. 153 more words

Azalea Time

It’s been a beautiful spring so far and these azaleas just prove it.  Meanwhile our neighbors to the north are enjoying snow.   We are blessed here in the lowcountry! 6 more words


Croydon named country's most in demand location for office space

In 2016, Croydon was the most in demand location for office space in the country.

The borough topped CoStar 50’s 2016 Occupier Index, scoring eight points more than second place Uxbridge and 12 points more than Central London, which was in tenth place. 335 more words


The Tropical Troubadours of Florida

The Tropical Troubadours of Florida

By Kelly Dean

I enjoy seeing people making their living performing as “one-man-bands” in the restaurants and clubs of Florida. They are almost ubiquitous; except sometimes, all-week performances are reserved for snowbird season and weekends-only when it’s out of season. 204 more words


Are you an expat or an immigrant?

Are you living abroad?

How do you call yourself- an expat or an immigrant? Maybe even a foreign national?

Do others (people or government of the country you reside) portrait you in the same way as you call yourself? 998 more words

Mixed Issues:)

Worry Story...

It has been 3 years since we left for Nairobi. Thanks to Facebook, we are well updated of our life events these days! So I am going to back track a little today. 566 more words