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​U.S. to relocate embassy to Jerusalem within a year

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said that the U.S. will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem within a year.

The prime minister’s timeline drastically differs from that offered earlier by White House officials, who said the move would take at least three to four years due to stringent security measures and other requirements. 195 more words


One Year Later: My Millennial Life Premiere

So, it’s been a little over a year since My Millennial Life premiered. And, a lot has changed.

In the documentary, you see as I talk about how much I dislike my current job and how unhappy I was with being 25 and still living at home. 381 more words


Buy for Cheap at Nashville Liquidators

Looking for deep discounts on furniture, appliances, linens, clothes, laptops, electronics, baby formula, birdseed, gadgets or toys? Try shopping these stores where you never know what you’ll find. 294 more words


Who Do I Call When I Need Help in Nashville?

If power lines snap, someone dumps a sofa in your yard, or goats get in your trees, you need to know who to call for residential services in Nashville. 360 more words

Getting Started In Nashville

Zip Codes, Area Codes and Other Nashville Fast Facts

Welcome, newcomers–here’s a cheat sheet on Nashville basics just to get you started.

Zip codes. All zip codes in the Greater Nashville area begin with… 261 more words


How to Get Electricity, Gas, Cable and other Basic Services in Nashville

So you’re moving to town and need to set up utilities…and Internet…and phone service, and learn how our garbage and recycling system works. Here’s your handy dandy guide to a bunch of the phone numbers and websites you need to get planted in Nashville.  380 more words


Driving Legally in Nashville

You need three things–a driver’s license, auto tags and insurance–to drive legally in Nashville.

Although we’re courting implementation of mass transit, we still love our cars so you should get a driver’s license and proper auto tags to drive legally. 516 more words