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President Obama, 10,000 Syrians, ISIS terrorists to America?

President Obama, 10,000 Syrians, ISIS terrorists to America?

Stop this country from bringing all refugees to the USA, look what has happened to Europe? Secure America Now! 107 more words

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How to Move: by a chronic overthinker

Step 1: Panic. No really, panic. As you psychotically pursue every possible thought track to exhaustion (if I do this, and then this, and then that happens, which means this, and then…), you are moving through crucial thoughts, even though it is in panic. 534 more words

How to move a UCS Blade from one chassis to another

I’ve been in this situation a few times now, where I need to move a physical production UCS blade from one chassis to another.  It can make you nervous, worried that your server won’t come back up properly after the relocation.   329 more words


State to step up homeless outreach, enforcement at Kakaako, Kewalo parks

The plan to clear out the Kakaako Makai homeless encampment is not working as well as the state hoped.

Nearly half of the homeless population has moved to surroundings areas. 571 more words


Rain Rain Go AWAY!

Today is one of those days that I wish I followed my first mind and moved to Arizona. I hate the rain. And it has been raining non-stop all daggone day. 372 more words


How To Relocate To A New Area Smoothly

How To Relocate To A New Area Smoothly – Although moving to a new town or even across town can be exciting, it can also be very overwhelming. 454 more words


5 Ways to Maximize Your Living Space

The single most important aspect to designing a room is maximizing the room’s potential through functionality, visual appeal, and individuality while saving money. Living spaces – both large and small, old and new – can be tweaked to be efficient, healthy, and stylish, and… 562 more words