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Answering Tips for the “Are You Willing to Relocate?” Question

“Are you willing to relocate?” question can be a deal-breaker for your interview. Have you ever thought of what to answer to this question? If you directly answer no, do you know if you can still get the job or do you really need to make a major life change in order to get the job you want? 504 more words

Career Advancement

How to 'Re:Locate' the right way

Whether it’s relocating or consolidating your items with your significant other, picking and choosing what should stay and go can add unwanted stress. I spoke with… 667 more words

Interior Design

The Cost of Relocating

(We got another snowstorm!)

In a short eight days I’ll be loading up my dads trailer and making the journey back to my hometown.  It doesn’t seem real as I glance at the boxes in my living room and sit contemplating what else I can go ahead and pack up.  370 more words



Weird, still weird in Maine: not enough houses where people want them (intown Portland, pretty much, or a second home on water); and too many, faaaaaar too many, in much of the remaining acreage of this post-industrial landscape. 206 more words

Netanyahu asks European Jews relocate to Israel

From the News, Feb 2015

“Israel is your home. We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe,” Netanyahu said in a statement, repeating a similar call made after attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris last month that killed 17 people, including four Jews. 162 more words

World At WAR

The Relocation Patrol

For two weeks we really tried to cohabitate with the wildlife in the bathroom. We said good morning to them, and then generally ignored them and let them live in peace. 306 more words

Investor talks

Investor 1 ‘I invest only in Education’

Investor 2 ‘Am diversified’

Investor 3 ‘Enterprise technology’

Investor 4 ‘Research’

Investor BIGB is listening to all and question ‘Manufacturing -? 260 more words