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G-Poppers ... June 16th, 2017

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G-Pop welcomes all his children to the jungle called “today.”

It is possible to negotiate the experience as long as you avoid over-optimism or a nasty streak of pessimism. 445 more words


June Releases!

Join us for another month of sizzling hot releases that will make you want to read with one hand free!
Family Sleep Sex: Bedtime Bundle by Cate Aria – $2.99 (25% off with the coupon code CK79M) 291 more words

Taboo Erotica

A bit of fun with the Dark Lord!

This one was a homemade job created for a reluctant reader who was also a massive Star Wars fan! It caused another problem – he was no longer reluctant, but couldn’t read for laughing :-)


2017, May 23 - 2646 - pessimistic

ready for something (5)
but worried what could happen (7)
always on my guard (5)



The cost of the taxi ride from the office to West Bandra is never the same, dependant on a complex equation involving the time of year, the weather, the taxi driver and how generous you are feeling. 538 more words


Die Trying

When do you know it is safe to let your guard down and just be happy?

I think I’ve lost all possibility of shielding myself from pain. 454 more words