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“….Behold, now is the acceptable time;  behold, now is the day of salvation.”                II  Corinthians 6:2

Most of us are prone to put off and postpone the unpleasant as long as we can.   292 more words


Sometimes the fear of

Saying something wrong

Stops you from saying

Anything at all

The story of a reluctant heart.

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my blogging beginnings. I have often thought of blogging because journaling is supposed to be good to do. But do I have anything to say anyone will want to read? 43 more words

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Getting out of bed this morning was even harder than usual. I had no desire whatsoever to go to work. It didn’t help that Loved One doesn’t work on Mondays and stayed tucked up in our nice warm bed. 299 more words

Random Thoughts

FASS Y1S1 2018/2019

University will be starting soon. Somewhat odd that I am wondering how I should be feeling about it, because feelings are usually almost intuitive to any human? 168 more words


A Writer’s Reservation

Who do I write to?
What do I write and why should I bother?
It’s not like it’s really all that important.
I should title it to God. 75 more words



I believe in God. Sometimes I wonder if I am a reluctant believer however I think the better phrase is involuntary believer. Despite my doubts, or the contradictions, or the lack of evidence, I find it hard to get up and say there is no God. 28 more words