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When your mind doesn't let you sleep, you blog

Sometimes blogging is the only thing I can do to get my anxious and energetic mind to calm down. When I wake up, feeling rested at 4AM, something doesn’t feel right. 78 more words

Rem (Re:Zero) cosplay photos

So I have been wanting to do a cosplay of my waifu Rem and I finally have! But they are kinda only tester photos as I plan to later make her weapon as well as take some photos with a Ram cosplayer I know. 117 more words


And so it begins...

Had I written this a month ago, it would read very differently. You would read about someone living with depression and insomnia since childhood, then suffering chronic pain since her mid-20s who was reluctant to accept the many diagnoses intended to explain it all. 565 more words


My Hobbies!

Hi guys, have you guys ever wonder what my hobby is? Well today i’m going to tell my hobbies to you.

My first hobby is playing games, I like playing First Person Shooter (FPS) games like overwatch, call of duty, killing floor 2, etc… 41 more words


Get That Money Up: How to Build Your Credit Fast

If you have no credit, or bad credit, it’s time to level the score. There are only five categories that affect your rating: payment history (35%), usage ratio (30%), length of credit history (15%), credit mix (10%) and new credit (10%). 567 more words

The Well

And finally, 1984's 10 great alternative albums

It had to happen eventually. I mean, it was inevitable that I would run out of years from which to compile a list of ten great alternative albums. 1,137 more words