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Personal Experimentation With Line

After looking at and responding to the work of some artists, I have used what I have learned and adapted it more to fit my own stylistic preferences.This is my first experimental drawing using coloured fineliners. 471 more words


Experimentation With Line-Egon Schiele

To help me experiment with different line techniques and go out of my comfort zone, I looked at the work of Egon Schiele and how he uses a continuous line technique. 193 more words


Experimentation With Line-Vincent Van Gogh

To further improve my experiments with using line, I looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and how he uses lines, dots and other marks to show form, texture and motion. 270 more words


Experimentation With Line-Henry Moore

To help improve my line experiments, I looked at the work of Henry Moore and how he uses different line techniques in his work. I produced a drawing emulating Henry Moore’s use of line to create form and shadows. 239 more words


HTC says it remains committed to Vive and its own smartphones after $1.1B deal with Google

(Source: techcrunch.com)

The $1.1 billion cooperation deal announced today between HTC and Google ended months of speculation, but prompted new questions. Chief among them is how exactly will the agreement affect HTC, which has… 532 more words


Egon Schiele

To help improve my experimentation with line techniques I have decided to look at the work of Egon Schiele.Egon Schiele is an artist of the Expressionism movement with a signature graphic style with a strong focus on distorting figures and going against the conventional norms of beauty… 180 more words