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Boat Remains


Near the end of the runway half covered in small plants lies the remains of a timber boat. There are many interesting things to discover on Lady Elliot Island apart from the wildlife.


Journal - March 2nd

Animating these shots took a bit longer than I thought, since I’m still getting used to how the fox should move, jump and run.

For the close up of the attack, I was debating on either having it in slow-motion or just at the normal speed. 76 more words

Time Based

Remembering Thomas: Pillow complete

At long last, I have completed the final resting place for Thomas.

Previously I had reported that the inner cover was finished.  I also mentioned the difficulty I had in completing this housing for Thomas’s remains.  253 more words


Korean War veteran's remains finally return home to Colorado for burial

DENVER — A Korean War veteran’s remains are finally coming home to Colorado for burial decades after his death in a prisoner of war camp. 39 more words


Journal - Feb 23rd

Continuing from last week, I have the rabbit wandering through the forest looking for the acorn.

After traveling deeper through the trees, the rabbit spots the acorn and hops/walks up to it. 66 more words

Time Based


A time when your senses knew,
Could see, smell and feel;
Was a time when the wind blew,
And existence was ideal.

But then, a time when you lose it all; 19 more words