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Busting Ghostbusters

As a rule, I’m not the target audience for remakes.  The Magnificent Seven?  Saw it already.   Ben Hur?  Saw it already.  Ghostbusters?  Saw it already and don’t need to see it again.  895 more words

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What's with all these lame TV show reboots?

There’s a lot of TV show reboots coming to the small screen with shows like “24: Legacy”, “Lethal Weapon”, “MacGyver”, “Training Day”, etc. I’m sure there’s plenty more coming your way too. 264 more words


Remakes: Are They Worth the Rebirth of a Story or the Destruction of it?

As one can learn with going through a film class of any sort that analyzes differences among the decades of films, you are bound to find remakes or rebelling of similar stories. 496 more words

The Nutty Professor (1996)

Hugely Entertaining

When I first saw this remake, I never knew about the Jerry Lewis movie from the 60’s.
but after I saw this I did some research on that and I saw that the 2 have similarities although this one takes it way higher.

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