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The film remakes: a view on the past

Andrea Balart ( @andreaabc18)

Recycling the past is the ultimate new trend. People wear clothes from old times such as wide leg pants or choker necklaces and collect all kind of antiquities as polaroid cameras, typewriters and vinyl disks. 744 more words

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973) (2003)

For my inaugural Original vs. Remake post I’ve chosen an original film that is benchmark for the horror genre, instantly making any comparison to remakes unfair and pointless. 816 more words


New “Tomb Raider” trailer has Lara Croft struggling for Survival

Based on the best-selling series of video games, the movie follows the rebellious Lara Croft as she travels to a fabled tomb on a mythical island to uncover the mystery behind her father’s disappearance. 522 more words

The Mummy (2017)

2017 #82
Alex Kurtzman | 110 mins | cinema | 2.39:1 | USA, Japan & China / English & Ancient Egyptian | 15 / PG-13…
830 more words


Murder on the Orient Express film review

While my viewing experiences of late has me in full blown debate mode, I finally decided to view Murder on the Orient Express (2017) on Wednesday in theaters. 779 more words


On Remakes and Off Tangent

I have to confess that my first reaction to reading the recent news about OCN remaking Life on Mars was a horrified “NO WAY!!” Let’s be real here, Korea’s track record with remakes is pretty awful. 283 more words


5 films that have the potential to be remade in Tamizh

Our ‘Kollywood’ has found inspiration from various other movie realms on more than one occasion, with some directors openly admitting to having inspired from other language movies and sometimes it would be explicit to the audience themselves that the scenes were taken from some other movie. 651 more words