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The refreshing experience that is Quantum Break

Remedy Games has created a special little gem with Xbox/PC exclusive Quantum Break and it has become a very notable gaming experience for me for a variety of reasons. 759 more words

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Quantum Break - Review

Ever since Remedy Games, aka Remedy Entertainment, showed their project off to the masses, there has been a huge buzz around this game. With you being able to manipulate time, just about everyone immediately got intrigued and wanted to know more about Quantum Break. 1,391 more words

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Quantum Break as a storytelling device on the fritz

Television has, in the last quarter-century, become a medium with incredible potential for impactful storytelling. Importantly, it’s also become one of the most widely successful. Video games were a lot quicker on the draw; it’s taken them only 40-odd years of existence to begin communicating meaningful, resonant stories to their audience. 986 more words


Quantum Break. Xbox One version comes with free PC game included.

Quantum Break from Remedy games and Microsoft Studios has been on the horizon since the reveal at last years E3. Now, with the release date coming ever closer, details have been released regarding the new Xbox One Bundle, the pre order goodies for Xbox One and a brand new trailer called ‘The Cemetery’ which we’ll go into in more detail later in this article. 464 more words


#EGX 2015

Hello Payners :)

So I thought id update you on our trip to EGX in Sunny Birmingham….

Well it was basically Gamers and Fan madness for the entire day! 81 more words


Second Title Teaser Trailer

We hope you enjoy this darker teaser trailer :)