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The case for a new Alan Wake game.

So, it appears that there is a pretty steady rumble around Remedy Games and their development of Quantum Break, the basic storyline and all I have seen so far are pretty awesome looking and the scope of the game is said to be fairly ambitious and the gameplay reveal earlier this year is pretty awesome. 683 more words


Quantum Break an Xbox One seller?

As I’ve said before, I own way to many Sony products and lack in mostly everything else. Unless an iPhone is considered a gaming console… Which I don’t really count for my own gaming needs. 635 more words

Xbox One

New Mediums: Blurring the Lines between Television & Games

Is Quantum Break the next step in the Evolution of Gaming?

When Sam Lake took the stage at the Xbox One Reveal in May we were teased with an idea that would revolutionize the way we play games forever. 734 more words


Quantum Break

At the Xbox ONE reveal event a Remedy Games new IP called Quantum Break was shown. The teaser commences in a live action scene with a creepy child named Patton asking a (what I would speculate to be a very tense federal officer) women if where they are going is safe. 306 more words



American Nightmare is an entirely different animal than its predecessor Alan Wake. The game has switched settings to a fictional town in Arizona called Night Springs which is modeled in the vein of The Twilight Zone. 2,284 more words