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Denmark 2016: will Emilie Esther enter DMGP?

HORSENS, DENMARK – In March the 16-year old Emilie Esther won the hearts of the Danes when she won the Danish X-Factor. Now she could be one of the participants in Melodi Grand Prix 2016, the Danish national final for Eurovision. 185 more words


Home brew i-cup system

A DIY eye dream mask hack idea for use with a web cam, cycle lights and LED sensors.

Basically there are numerous ideas and hacks out there in the public domain for eye masks which attempt to promote lucid dreaming mainly on… 136 more words


Innovative Gadgets We Love

The advent of crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have really changed the landscape for many creative artists and musicians, but another group has benefitted greatly as well. 451 more words


Now You Can Control Your Own Dreams...

Did you ever wish that you could dream whenever you want? Did you ever wish that you could dream about whatever you want? If so, you’re in luck. 295 more words

Cool Tech

I Have a Whole Lot of Dreaming to Do

Duncan McCloud Frazier and Steve McGuigan of Bitbanger Labs.

Two weeks ago I had to write a PR proposal for a potential new client. It was rather detailed because there were many different angles to this product. 474 more words


La maschera per controllare i sogni

Nata con un progetto su Kickstarter, Remee è la prima mascherina a led che consente di raggiungere lo stato di ‘sogno lucido’: non si tratta solo di un espediente cinematografico alla Inception, ma di un fenomeno possibile che si basa sul fatto di rendersi conto di stare sognando, qualcosa di simile a quel che accade nelle fasi di dormiveglia o quando ci si rende conto che un sogno sta per finire. 166 more words