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Battlefield Chronicles: Philippine-American War

By LtCol Mike Christy Together We Served “Dispatches”

After its defeat in the Spanish-American War of 1898, the Treaty of Paris (1898) transferred Philippine sovereignty from Spain to the United States, ending centuries of Spanish control over the politics and economy of its longstanding former colony. 1,365 more words

Amazing Military Stories

March 28, 1898: The Maine and Spain

On March 28, 1898, the United States Naval Court of Inquiry found that the American battleship Maine, which had been blown up in February while on an observation visit, was destroyed by a submerged mine. 210 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Remembering (and Collecting) the USS Maine!

In the decades following the American Civil War, the United states was busy dealing with the reconstruction of the South, expansion into the Western states and territories, adding new stars to the blue canton of the national ensign (i.e. 1,435 more words

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Rememeber the Maine

50ml Rye Whiskey

20ml Sweet Vermouth

10ml Cherry brandy

2 dashes Absinthe

The first publication of this cocktail was in 1939 in the book The Gentleman’s Companion, … 61 more words